Keeping in mind the chain of discussion, i think the way out can be:-

- Try to involve IT department too to prevent her if you wanna avoid departmental clashes

- Modify the policy and put some penalty clause if anyone is find online during non-allowed periods.

- Tell her to understand the basic professional attitude where we shouldn't share company property with our relatives. HRs are face and a live example of the company. We have to follow "walk the walk, talk the talk". But still if she doesn't have maturity to adopt the policies. you can try to screw her happiness against her KRAs. you give her high work/report pressure, consequently, she will has to choose either the work or social cites.

- Try to find out other cases too and present a report to management of misusing the facility. You can approach to block such sites and place few PCs in fun zone to use the recreational sites.

Above all i think you should not escalate the Issue to your super-boss as you yourself should sort-out such smaller issues and prove yourself your managerial/leadership skills.



From India, New Delhi
Dear NK Please speak to your network adimin department,as a HR you can right a mail to Network administration to block these type of websites. regards, Vijay K
From India, Madras
Dear Sargi,
After going through the entire matter, I can make the following comments:
1) If that employee is herself using the social networking sites during office hours, you can take the help from IT Department to trace the history of the websites she has browsed. With that proof in your favor, you, being her senior, can anytime issue her a warning letter.
2) The excuse that she is giving of her family members using her account and later on poking you directly clearly shows that she herself is using the social networking sites during office hours.
3) The best possible solution, according to me, would be blocking such sites for the entire day and for all the staff. In this case, proper tracking would be required as many people these days are aware of the proxy settings and can unofficially use these sites.

From India, Mumbai
Hi NK,
As you describe the situation,the lady was using the social networking regularly in office hours,saying that she is not using the same,its better to inform IT department to check whether she is using in your networking,so that problem is solved.if its in your location,you should take disciplinary action through her unless she is not bothering you,and it is needed to accept the company rules and reugulations.

From Qatar
Dear NK,
How far is her branch from your place?
Did you ever thought of visiting her branch to catch her red handed?
You need to believe in "TAKING ACTION THAT MUST BE LOGICAL" rather just complaining or thinking and thinking without taking appropriate logical action
Also consider the options submitted by other members that could help you to solve this problem once for all.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Give her only the looks, strong, aggressive yet calm. and do never speak a word for a week regarding it, and pretend like you are taking internal steps to take serious action against her, let me remind you no word, no sound, not even with others regarding the same. go to her when using just stare and come back...
then observe the next week , gradually ........

From India, Bangalore
Hi Dinesh,

First of all I'd introduce my self that I am also associate with an MNC and have been working since a long but I haven't seen such advice or assistance to a suffering one and also like to share that I don't know whether you designated into which level of employee or HR but one thing I knew that while I was going thru your notes in which you suggested NK for his problem with a poor and unprofessional employee that you must be from India.

Look Mr. Dinesh & NK,

At first be calm and silent when you are facing any problem whether it is personal or professional because it helps to think a lot with positive aspects and helps you to take a strong decision against the situation in which you are suffering.

As you are in the same panel and the girl reports you then simply fix a meeting with the girl by sending her a meeting request mail with keeping cc to another senior management/leader mentioning that she is violating the company rules and ethics as per company norms.

Before you send this mail you first enquire all about the policy of the company i.e. PIP, CAP, Termination, ethics, Behavioural, using internet while logged in etc that the copy & paste the link of the policies given in the company sites.

In the meeting you ask her to stop all this and not to give any silly excuses like blood relation or she isn't aware that who uses her system and if also she doesn't follow then give her a PIP with cc to senior management mantioning all this issue and TAT should be 30 days or as per company norms and she breaches in between these days then issue her a CAP 1 or you can terminate her by following the company policy.

You are the HR and the boss of the employee, you do have rights to do such things against the negativity then why you need to take help as a monster like Mr. Dines advised.

NOTE: Do one thing as you are HR then why don't you present an idea about the scenario infront of your leaders to prevent such instance.

From India, New Delhi
Why are you blaming the employee? You can block all social networking sites. Many organisations have done it and employees can noy access any of the social networking sites
From India, Chennai
Questions to ponder;
What is the org policy for use of social networking sites. Formalise it,inform everyone and make it clear that logs of all PC will be subject to scrutiny by IT department from time to time. Company owns all pcs,work time is paid for by the company and the company has got every right to expect no time wasting during working hours which impacts production
Consequences of violation: graded policy
Person needs to be counseled by immediate supervisor and recorded in employees counseling register.
Take a soft but positive approach in dealings. Only in case of continuing infractions should the matter be escalated further.
Remember all other employees will be watching how the matter is dealt with and approach has to be firm but which upholds company rules.

From India, Pune
Dear NK,
If you have some one whom you can trust at the office where the said girl is working , you can ask that person to check the history where all the browsing is shown once you get it as most of them dont remove them. you can easily inform her that these were taken from her system cos the logging name will be showed accordingly for which all site she has browsed.
Just a small suggestion. Do try it out if possile.

From India, Bangalore

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