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When some body join any organisation, this has to be faced, hope she might be your next good friend....
However, in profession, do not compromise on things which you are master, argue to the core, it looks like your boss is not so knowledge oriented man.
Argue to the core if you feel that you are right and she is really silly, atleast you don't win, both your boss and his sect will think twice before commenting on any thing.
In life we need may 2 choices at every aspect of life so choose the one which will make you feel better at the end of the day
Hope you got your solution

Dear Seniors
Actually I require to make presentation on FREE Health Check Up Camp for Cranes Organised by our Company and also the presentation should be based on my company growth and who all are supported for the same.
Please help me in making presentation by showing some examples of automobile indusrtry presentation.
Mandip Bedi

دوسروں کو نقصان پہنچائے بغیر، ان کو بدنام کیے بغیر، ان سے حسد کیے بغیر، ان سے الجھے بغیر ان سے آگے نکل جانے کا ہنر سیکھئے ....


کلاس روم میں سناٹا طاری تھا۔ طلبا کی نظریں کبھی استاد کی طرف اٹھتیں اور کبھی بلیک بورڈ کی طرف۔ استاد کے سوال کا جواب کسی کے پاس نہیں تھا۔ سوال تھا ہی ایسا۔ استاد نے کمرے میں داخل ہوتے ہی بغیر ایک لفظ کہے بلیک بورڈ پر ایک لمبی لکیر کھینچ دی۔ پھر اپنا رخ طلبا کی طرف کرتے ہوئے پوچھا، ’’تم میں سے کون ہے جو اس لکیر کو چھوئے بغیر اسے چھوٹا کر دے ؟‘‘۔

’’یہ ناممکن ہے ۔‘‘، کلاس کے سب سے ذہین طالبعلم نے آخر کار اس خاموشی کو توڑ تے ہوئے جواب دیا۔ ’’لکیر کو چھوٹا کرنے کے لیے اسے مٹانا پڑ ے گا اور آپ اس لکیر کو چھونے سے بھی منع کر رہے ہیں ۔‘‘

باقی طلبا نے بھی گردن ہلا کر اس کی تائید کر دی۔ استاد نے گہری نظروں سے طلبا کو دیکھا اور کچھ کہے بغیر بلیک بورڈ پر پچھلی لکیر کے متوازی مگر اس سے بڑ ی ایک اور لکیر کھینچ دی۔ جس کے بعد سب نے دیکھ لیا کہ استاد نے پچھلی لکیر کو چھوئے بغیر اسے چھوٹا کر دیا تھا۔

طلبا نے آج اپنی زندگی کا سب سے بڑ ا سبق سیکھا تھا۔ دوسروں کو نقصان پہنچائے بغیر، ان کو بدنام کیے بغیر، ان سے حسد کیے بغیر، ان سے الجھے بغیر ان سے آگے نکل جانے کا ہنر چند منٹ میں انہوں نے سیکھ لیا تھا۔


Nice Suggestion (Cite Contribution) & Sankatacharya .
Every one is having his/her own way of working, how can we stand them wrong.
No doubt if she has been working in the organization for past 15 years so , definitely bosses will have more faith in her .
I believe if you want to make your position among the bosses first show you value her experience, try to learn her way of working , then only you can beat her .
15 years ago people were not as so professional as today , so for sure its very difficult for her to accept changes. You will have to take her in confidence and make her understand the benefits of the policies.
I think slowly -2 this way u can bring the changes.

Dear Prakash
For experienced persons it is common, they will dominate others. My suggestion in this connection, is to bear upon with such people and observe their professionalism. Maintain strict confidence, show your ability to do things better, keep patience, behave properly, keep up time management, punctuality, attendance, promptness in dealing official business, bear in mind the official targets, its implementation in the prescribed time frame, loyalty, soundness, so that the officials in your surroundings, will definitely support you and like you. Develop yourself professionally, and show your qualities and skills in your professional dealings, to show that you have more qualities and skills with you which could not acquire on account of experience.

i am feeling that you are having ego problem that how a girl who is just deploma holder can supersede a MBA. First problem is that she is a woman. Second she is a diploma holder. But you are ignoring her experience and loyalty. Experience is more important part to deal with the situation. It will take lot of time you to prove. So first prove yourself and than compete. She is working for last fifteen years thats mean she is an asstets to the company. Even she is doing sily mistake as per you but she must be doing lot of good job.
Dear Friend
You need to introspect
1. You seem to be having a strong gender bias. You must accept irrespective of the gender people can perform
2. You seem to be having a strong bias towards qualification The fact that she is in the organisation for 15 years is an indication that she is contributing
3.How do you presume that the decisions taken by the management on her advice are silly? Do you really the know the circumstances under which these decisions are taken
4. If the boss believes she is loyal there must be some truth in it
Unless you eliminate the biased opinions based on gender and qualification you can not grow. Look at the content and not the container. You seem to have been infulenced by the container
Best wishes

Dear hrtechindia,

I am presenting my views on your query. I hope it helps you in overcoming the problem and leading a happy life.

"How to face co-worker domination due to her 15 years experience in the same office under same boss?"

Why do you want to 'Face' her ? Why can't you try to workaround and work with her ?

" She is a female without much knowledge about management but she makes the boss to nod the head for her silly, useless decisions."

Please post your educational and professional data and your intellectual largess that gives you the license to decide about other's knowledge of management. Define management for me in your own words.

"After all she is basically a diploma holder but she screws up with all the MBA, BE and BTech inside the office just because she is working there for 15 long years. And the boss believes she is the only loyal worker."

This shows a bit of intellectual arrogance. I guess you are a bit more qualified than a Diploma. My dear friend, knowledge and education are two different things. Just being more educated does not give you an upper hand in being able to appreciate a situation.

This reminds me of the story I had read around 14 years ago: 'The Enchanted Pool'. When all the brothers of Yudhisthira had died after drinking water of the pool, Yudhisthir was asked by Yaksha a question to save one of his dead brothers:

Question: How does one get wisdom ?

Answer: Not by studying any Shastra does one get wisdom. It is by association with men in wisdom that one gets wisdom.

So, instead of boasting about your better education level, try to learn from people. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey was all about. That will help you in a long way and after 20-30 years you will feel that this was the best decision you ever made.

How to get rid of her? Suggestions and advices are most welcome.

I feel that this option should be left on the boss. Do your best and leave the rest. If you try to do this to her, tomorrow you may find yourself in her shoes too.

This reminds me of another story I had read around 10-12 years back. There were a lot of frogs in a well that used to live happily. One day, there was a bit of discontent in the mind of a frog and he decided to get rid of his enemies. So, he invited a large snake from a hole nearby the well. The snake used to eat frogs everyday. Soon, all the frogs were dead and the snake turned to eat that frog and his family. The frog died repenting his action.




Practically the lady in the organization is a very old employee and understanding the bosses perspective she has been working since a long time in the organization which needs to be respected.
At the same time you need to sit and discuss matters with the lady about what was her reason to give such an opinion.
Whenever you are in a meeting you can place your point agreeing to the lady's point. Showing that the point she placed was good but it can be further modified in your way.

Dear Prakash,
Someone or the like this exists in every organisation. As some have mentioned there maybe a communication gap/a perception problem. But if you feel that is not the case and she is deliberately doing so to pamper her ego then the best thing is to avoid this. One should never mix their work with personal rifts. Such people exist everywhere and continue to be like this. Some fool like this doesn't deserve your attention, AT ALL!
All the very best,and have some patience... Besides if your company has 360degree appraisals then you can always mention it then!

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