I recently finished my tenure in the U.S Army as a human resource specialist. I am trying to transition into the corporate and seem to be running into roadblocks. I have been in the HR field for about 7 years so I have a rather vast knowledge of the HR generalist. What I am asking of you is possibly some bearing on who, what, and where I should be looking or talking to. Also I may possibly use some input on how I could boost the influence of my résumé. I have not had especially many responses to my résumé. I believe that my lack of response is not so much associated to my skills or know-how as it is to my lack corporate exposure and my unfamiliarity with the vocabulary to support the subject matter. If there is any information that you could provide to me I would be very appreciative. Thank you.
From United States, Schaumburg
You may perhaps want to lay stress in your CV upon generic skill-sets and achivements in your old role.
Also, perhaps to use the covering letter to show the recruiter as to how exactly your army background would add great value in the new role you seek.
Finally, on a completely different plane - you may want to seek the services of resume writers, career coaches and submissions specialists to strengthen your search.
Leveraging the old-boy network within the armed forces retirees who are now in responsible positions may also help.
Rahul Bhimjiani, INDIA

From India, New Delhi

Yes, I agree completely, you need to seriously sit down & rewrite your resumes properly, there must be something in your resume which may be turning off prospective employers.
One more thing you can probably do is ask some of your friends to read your resume & see what they find interesting & what seems like a drag. Keeps it to the point & crisp & highlight your biggest achievements.
You may also consider reading through <link no longer exists - removed> of the forum for some resume writing tips.
Best Regards,
CiteHR Team Member
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From India, Gurgaon
For resume writing tips, you may want to check Net Temps Crossroads articles at http://www.net-temps.com/careerdev/c...ds/archive.htm.
You say that you resume is not getting responses. Depending on the actual numbers, this may be normal. Unfortunately for jobseekers in the U.S., there are still a lot more people looking for work than open positions. It is not uncommon to send out 100 resumes and only received a handful of automated replies and perhaps 1 phone interview.
Basic job seeking stragtegies:
- network. This is supposed to be the most effective route. Join SHRM, join local groups, contact old military buddies, etc. The URL above should also lead you to articles on how to network.
- keep applying to jobs as you have been doing. It is a numbers game - the more you send, the greater the chance of getting a position

From United States, Hayward
Lack of interview call is definately because of the wrong resume. You need to take some professional help in rewriteing your resume.
Also you statrt reading some latest journals and HR books to get updated about latest in HR

From India, Chennai

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