is employee development and human resource development are same
From India, Bangalore
Most amusing. That's one reason I keep coming back. I find such inquiries entertaining and yet pitiful.
You are constantly being suggested to that there is something you need to know. Why don't you simply use your common sense. We all have that in equal measure.
Think. Please!

From India, Ghaziabad

Hi Venijen,

There is no good difference between employee development and human resource development.

Employee development is the traditional term where as human resource development is the developed or advanced term.

It is simple, I suggest you to go through the history of labour, you understand it better. The meaning of employment is hiring an individual for the work to be done and paying them for the work done by them. so employee is the individual who work and take the wages or salary.

previously, the individuals used to be treated like the machines, just considering as workers/labourers, they were being exploited, no emotional response was given to them.... do you observe any such environment today, no! right? the employees or workers are no more treated like machines... it is because now we consider them as human RESOURCE, ASSETS of organization... because we believe they are the RESOURCES, they possess skills, expertise, knowledge we request them to pool it in the organization, it no more just a manual/physical work, but the mind too.......

so hence, we have considered HUMAN RESOURCE is more apt than Employees/workers

Hope now you are able to understand that employee development (traditional term) and human resource (advanced term) development has no good difference between them.........

But, yes, when it comes to the development of INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEE we tend to call it EMPLOYEE Development, or development of individual employees, after all just one can not form the whole Human resource......... so, I can say only there lies the difference........

Still any confusions, be open to ask questions, one or the other surely clear your confusion rather just being rude........

wish you good luck........



From India, Bangalore

Learning & Teaching Fellow (Retired)
It is this type of do-gooders that create a dependency culture. I have tried to encourage bloggers to learn by searching rather than giving answers on a plate.
From United Kingdom

Oh, great!! Keep up............

but that is what you think and want to do, opinions always differ, that is your style of encouragement, but my style of encouragement is not showing the stars, but to give the ladder.......... if you have considered it a lift, I am not responsible for your assumptions... you seem to have created literature without learning alphabet from any one!!...

All are not like you, foundation is always necessary, you need to know, his question implies that he is new to HR stuffs, or may be from different back ground, your encouragement in your own imagination make no sense, come out and understand the position of such people who ask such questions!! basics...!! but, yes, once after the foundation being laid and he fails to do his work then no point, interest must come from within, these days no one need to teach any one to open google, understand why he is asked the question first, think beyond your capacity, all are not experts in all.........

well, I really appreciate your way of thinking :-), though not completely accepted.....

Good day too....



From India, Bangalore

Jack of all trades
I recently had a chat with my new recruits in the HRD
when asked question about few things they were so proud to answer i got the answer from Cite Hr Seniors and that helped them to do research later they were true.
so lot of dogooders help to increase the quest for knowledge..... they give foundation for searching answers
lets not criticise or comment on people who help instead encourage them to do better
P.S. offence to no one

From India, Madras

Asst. Manager HR in a Construction MNC
Hats Up U BSSV Sir.......... Positive words will encourage the new comers to ask question......... We should not hesitate to ask to seniors......... Thanks U Regards Santosh
From India, Calcutta
Dear Sir, Employee development is a part of human resource development just like Body and soul.This has a wide explanation to understand categorically and feel the effect.
From India, Delhi
human resource management
Hi All,
It's better for all of us to give positive feedback to Venijen. You are not encouraging him, but you're demotivating him.
Venijen, try google by searching the definition of employee dev and HR DEV. Then, compere the definition, You'll get a clear explanation of what you want to know.

From Niger

Hearty thanks...
I respect everyone's viewpoint, but we must never argue upon opinions but the facts ...... So let us just drop the issues which include dogooders, demotivation, comparisons....... I believe I am a learner here, not a commenter, so I respect all who help me to learn rather encourage me to comment on others' efforts for their replies/viewpoints........
Have a nice time.......

From India, Bangalore

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