dear seniors, kindly define me section 33(a) (B) (C) under id act 1947 paramjeet singh
10th April 2012 From India, Dehra Dun

Dear Friend,

The brief definitions of the SEc. 33(a)(b)(c) of the ID Act 1947 are as follows:

The Sec. 33A - It is a special provision for adjudication as to whether conditions of service etc., changed during the pendency proceedings. Whnever the employer contravenes the provisions of the Sec. 33 of the ID Act during the pendency of the proceedings - before any concilliation officer, board or arbitator, labour court/tribunal - aggrieved workman can raise the dispute for contravention, in writing.

The Sec. 33B - It is the power of the Govt. to transfer certain proceedings from one labour court/tribunal to another.

Sec. 33(c) - It is recovery of amount due to the employee from the Employer. If any court orders for payment under settlement, or an award or under the provisions of Chapter VA or VB, the workmen, or his agent, or his legal heir , make an application to the appropriate Govt. for the recovery of the money due to him/her. Such application should be made within one year from the date on which the money become due to the workman from the employer.

Hope this clarifies your question.



Sr. Manager -HR
18th April 2012 From India, Bangalore
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