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Hi all,

Just want to get some opinion from you, not sure if you have faced this situation before. If you do, pls share.

I am in HR, and I am the only one in HR. Basically, I do everything in HR, right up from recruitment to development and retention.

So far, I have had helped a few of my colleagues. They have achieved what they wanted. And I'm glad I could be of any help. After all, that's the reason I love my profession.

Somehow, I have one colleague, that disagrees with my approach. Obviously, she is the 'blue-eyed girl' of our CEO. She thinks she's got the world backing her and she does not need any help from anyone, other than the CEO himself. She is my age, but I have more working experience than her. Despite my experience, she thinks I know nothing. She thinks that HR is useless, that HR is something the company could live with or without, and that the company is wasting money paying me to be here! And whenever I need her help, she would make it such a big fuss and telling the whole world that she shouldn't be helping me at all! No, no, not helping me, it is to help her department people so that I could pay them. She doesn't even want to help her own team! And claimed that helping others is not her responsibility!!

Right now she doesn't talk to me.

Is it wrong for a HR personnel to approach people and offer help to make the place a better place to work in? Is it wrong that we are here to improve the workplace? How do you guys handle such a person?

Thanks & regards,


Dear Ashley,
One thing I want to get clarified, which dept is the person you are talking about is working for, is your job linked with her job, What kind of help are you seeking for in her, if it is the matter of improving the work place is that, only she is available to help you, other wise if the issue is so serious that it will effect your work, try to sit with her one day & get clarified abt what is bothering her.
I feel these are very delicate issues to talk about, but still from your side maintain your standard & dont let yourself down.

Hi Srilatha,

Thanks for your feedback.

She is from another dept, which is called by us as Project. They're the dept which handling the company's projects. She is just a project coordinator. It is the thinking of she's got the CEO to back her up which makes her think that she is important and untouchable.

I had tried talking to her in the past, to no avail. She is a very stubborn person, she thinks that she is always right and reasonable. Being this is her first job, and the CEO's favourite, she is becoming arrogant and showing no respect to others, even to the senior managers. People start thinking why she and I could act so different while both of us are of the same age and same birth month!

It is not all the time I need her help. Without her help, I could still find my way of getting things done. That's what made me valuable. I just don't like the thought of somebody out there being incooperative, while I am trying hard here to improve the company.

Thanks for your encouragement. Just wondering how many people out there are in the same situation like mine.



Dear Friend,

I very well understand your situation as iam going thru the same ....well, here it is the Project Manager, always blocks my way by not updating any plans and has least idea about resource planning for the coming projects when the project is on hand then tries to hurry me for the senior proifles,never cooperates. The problem is he is the pet to our CEO, I think this is the usual tendancy in the companies who ignore HR's and thinks that this dept is useless, but my friend this has no long way, HR is a focal point in the organisation, one has to come back to us for any updates or follow up, make your CEO realise your importance, as you said you are the only HR in your org, let him realise the roels and responsibilities you carry out.... come up with skill matrix, include behavioural competency, and take the charge to grade them accordingly, let this be transparent... come up with time sheets, hourly based and prepare the work hour reports, and her efficiency would any how reflect.......... I have done such, and a lot of chang is seen.........try this I have many more like this would let you knwo soon.......

Bye take care, ALL THE BEST... we all are learning, one has to face this Phase to overcome such issues.


Dear Ashley,

It is a common problem everywhere. Project people feels that without their role company may not survive, production people feels withtout them, company can't run etc... and everybody feels HR department as a useless and HR is ment for doing service to these people. But I can tell you one thing that HR is just like Thumb in your hand. Without thumb we can not do anything. Same is the case with HR. If you do not provide facilities the other departments can not work.

When it comes to your case, why she behaves like that? Do you have any personal problem with her. Have you ever misbehaved with her? Have you ever made false comments against her? Just recollect all these things. Try to sit with her once and discuss with her. Have some understanding and try to work closely.

If there is no mistake from your side, you can always take this matter to your CEO and discuss with him also.

One thing you remember that the World is so Wide and the opportunities are plenty. If you really don't like to work in such environment always you can look out for an option.

It is my opinion only, always YOU ARE THE BEST JUDGE to decide what to do.

All the best.

Best Regards,

Narendra. (Will be launched shortly)

Hi Narendra,

Well said with the hand without the thumb. :)

When you talked about personal problems, I guess she is envious or maybe jealous of me. Because I have become the centre of attention the moment I joined this company. She is my age, yet I got all the attention the minute I stepped in. She used to get the attention from the people around, and now the situation changed. She might feel threatened. Eventhough we're not in the same dept, it's a small company, people are very close here. Guess she feels that I snapped all her friends here. Anyway, that is just my guess.

She has a stubborn head. When she thinks it's right, not even the whole world could make her change her mind. Yet, her reasons and excuses are so naive. Sometimes I just treat her like a child which hasn't grown up.

We are of the same age, but I'm more mature than her. That is because I used to work in an MNC for 2 and a half years, that experience had definitely made me a better person in dealing with people and works. When I was working for 2 years, she was still in the college studying.

I like this company, and I know I can go further in this company. It's just that I need to find some other way to deal with this type of situation and person. Hoping that maybe I could find some answer here.


You are mentioning that both are in same age. What is your age???
Best Regards,
Narendra. (Will be launched shortly)

Dear Ashley and others,
I read all the above statements above. Respect and appreciate all of them... my two cents...
Age is no bar to (mis)judge anyone. I don't think that is the reason here at all. Its all about EGO and Personality.
Also, for a fact that a new comer has become the 'apple of the eye' in the fruit basket!!
I believe, "People have expectations from you, because you can."
Just ignore the negatives around you and focus on what you can are capable of. If not her, if not in this company, everywhere, there will be a negative force always blocking your way. Ignore and move on.
If you have faith in your work and attitude and if you are NOT doing anything wrong, no wrong will be done to you.
Just BE!

Hi K,
Thank you so much for the encouragements. They did lift my mood up.
That is so so true! And people are expecting more since I can.
Yes, life goes on eventhough there are negatives around us. And I will move on since I did no wrong to others.
I love that one: "apple of the eye"!! Nice. :D
And Narendra, I am 27. So is my colleague mentioned.
Thank you guys.

Dear Ashley,
There is one say "Khuda Meherban to Gadha pehalvan".
This situation almost seen many cos.
I suggest, you dont give importance to her. Dont ask anything if you need any guidance. Work on your HR assignments. Dont even help others colleague in different dept. Else, some people said you are interferring.
If somebody not listening, put the things in writing by mail or memo. Keep record. They will automatically respond you.
Mainitain good atmosphere in office. If somebody try to distrub, demonstrate Aggrssive behavior.(sometimes this behavior help)

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