Pls help me with the sample agreement for canteen contractor, we are manufacturing company and need to start canteen facility, we have reach manpower force of 250. We need to have agreement or contract with the canteen contractor to start with the canteen, i need a format to clarify my self what are the point or clauses to be covered in the contract
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dear sir plz help me for canteen agreement.. we have a canteen in our site and i have no idia about the canteen agreement ... that why i am facing a problem .
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Dear Nisarmansoori, Please find the Canteen agreement and same can be used as a reference document, according to your requirement. Regards Eswar
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Date :


Dear ,

Sub: Industrial Canteen Contract.

With reference to your application dated 20 Mar 2015 and the subsequent discussions you had with us, for providing Canteen services to the Gujarat Intrux Limited (Annexure-A) we are pleased to inform you that for running our industrial canteen is awarded to you on the following terms and conditions .

You shall ensure timely preparation and supply of food and other edible items in hygienic conditions both inside the canteen premises and at the specified shop floor centers. Any delay in supplying the food and other items in shop floor resulting in loss of production to the company will be charged against you for such loss in production as may be decided by the company.

1. You shall organize to prepare and supply the Food and other edible items as per requirement and details specified at Annexure A ,B & C. The catering of food items shall be at canteen dining hall as well as at specified places in shop floor. The prices of coupons against which the food items are to be served by you is also specified at Annexure -C. Items prepared in the canteen shall undergo quality and quantity check. In case food or other items are found to sub-standard either in quality and /or in quantity as may be found by the Factory Manager/ HR Manager or else any designated person of the company, it /they shall summarily be rejected. In such case you should undertake to prepare alternative suitable edible items and serve immediately.

2. The company shall provide you basic infrastructure and other items deemed necessary for the preparation of food items. If any items/ materials provided by the company are found missing / damaged, other than subject to normal to wear and tear the cost of such item shall be deducted from your bills.

3. You shall carry out the work satisfactorily by following all the instructions of the Factory/ HR Manager and you shall be responsible for all the persons engaged by you, for all the statutory and legal requirements arising out of the contract.

4. You shall undertake to engage manpower in sufficient number as per the requirement.

5. You shall engage only able persons who are physically fit to work after getting them medically examined by Medical Officer, and you will get them medically examined by the Doctor from time to time to ensure that they are medically fit. The cost of such medical examination shall be borne by company.

6. You shall undertake that the persons engaged by you do not resort to any stoppage of work or willful go-slow or Disobedience of orders of the superiors or cause any disruption of work, vandalism, indiscipline nuisance etc.

7. In case of any absenteeism/ stoppage of work etc on the part of workmen you shall immediately re-organize and provide services of canteen to the company employees.

8. You are liable to forego the contract in case of –

a. Any non-performance of the contract on your part.
b. Violation of your contractual obligations.
c. Go-slow in or non-satisfactory performance in carrying out the contractual work.
d. Stoppage of work.
e. Lack of control over your workers resulting in disruption in work, indiscipline, and non-performance of the contract and the like reasons.
f. Disobedience of the instructions of the officers of the company.

9. You shall also be responsible for keeping the premises of the canteen in a clean, sanitary and hygienic condition at all times.

10. The furniture and other equipments provided by company for the efficient running of the canteen shall be maintained properly and cleanly for which required detergents shall be used by the contractor himself. The electricity charges for running of canteen services shall be borne by the company.

11. You are solely responsible for discharging all statutory obligations arising out of this contract including insurance, health and such other benefits as are mandatory under labour enactments including due payments to the persons engaged by you. You shall also be responsible for safety of your workers. It is clearly understood and agreed that there shall not be any Master and Servant relationship between the company and you and or the persons engaged by you.

12. You shall be responsible for the industrial canteen activity only as specified in this contract and no other canteen related business is allowed to be carried out in the premises of the company.

13. This contract can be terminated by either party by giving one month notice in writing to the other without assigning any reason. However, the Company can terminated this contract forthwith without any notice if you violate any of the terms of this contract or if your job is not found to be satisfactory by the company whose decision in this respect will be binding on you.

14. This contract is valid for the period from 01 Par 2015 to 31 Mar 2016. Thereafter the contract can be renewed subject to your performance being found satisfactory in all respects by the Company.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

For Gujarat Intrux Limited

Authorized Signatory

I accept the above said terms and conditions of the contract for running the Industrial Canteen.

Annexure – A:

Timings of Tea , Breakfast & Snacks

8: 30 AM to 09:00 AM
3:30 PM to 04:00 PM
6:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Lunch will have to be served at 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm at Canteen dinning only.

Dinner will be served between 8.00 pm to 08.30 pm at Canteen dinning only.

Annexure – B

Quantity of food items to be served for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner.


Idli Nos. 2 each with chatni/ Sambhar
Wada Nos. 2 each with chatni/Sambhar
Puri Nos. 4 with cholee
Upama Grams 100
Bataka Poha Grams 100
Tea /Coffee Ml 100

Lunch & Dinner:

Vegetable curry and Katol curry
Butter Milk (Limited)
Salad (Seasonal)
Papad (Limited)

Evening Snacks:

Samosa Nos. 2
Gota Grams 100
Dabeli Nos. 01
Vada pav Nos. 01
Kachori Nos. 02
Bread Pakoda Nos. 02
Gatiya Grams 100
Khaman Grams 100
Onion Pakoda Grams 100
Alu Vada Nos. 02

Tea/Coffee Ml 100

Note: Twice liquid sweet and seasonal fruits in a week with limited quantity, during lunch.
S.No. Menu Description of items to be served Rate per item Place where the items are to be served

1. Meals Rice
One Vegetable curry and katol
Salad ( Seasonal)
Papad ( Limited)
Butter Milk ( Limited) Rs.43 Canteen dining hall
2. Tea 100 ml. Rs. 05 Canteen & shop floor venues
3 Breakfast/Snacks Idli Nos. 2 each with chatni / Sambhar
Wada Nos. 2 each with chatni /Sambhar
Puri Nos. 4 with chole
Upama Grams 100
Bataka Poha Grams 100
Samosa Nos. 2
Gota Grams 100
Dabeli Nos. 01
Vada pav Nos. 01
Kachori Nos. 02
Bread Pakoda Nos. 02
Gatiya Grams 100
Khaman Grams 100
Onion Pakoda Grams 100
Alu Vada Nos. 02
Rs.10 Canteen dining hall
Note: Twice liquid sweet and seasonal fruit in limited qty in a week, during lunch
Annexure -C

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I am convinced by your demands.can I know the procedure how to start the canteen and provide u with a healthy and nutritous food.
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Dear Sir,
i want to know whats type of document required for contractor to setup of new canteen at manufacturing plant. Because i have to open new canteen by contractor. Please send details of document required for the same.
Siva .
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