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Dear All,
This is Navdeep from xxxxx. We are dealing into software development. There is an issue came up in our organisation.
I was conducting session of one of our female employee and in the session she told me the senior male person who is giving her trainings she is not comfortable with him. he was calling her in the past month everyday but she was ignoring him. How can i solve this problem because he is not disturbing her right now but she is not comfortable with him whenever he is giving trainings
and the other problem is how can i represent this problem in fromt of my seniors as one of our senior is very agressive.
Please help me asap.
3rd April 2012 From India, Chandigarh
First of all this kind of behavior is unacceptable at any level. You should be strong enough to report this incident to your senior management.
First take a hand written statement from the female employee regarding the issue. Then ask her to give a written complaint on that person. Now invite the person involved to a meeting and explain the situation and ask him to give a written statement about the complaint.
Now present your findings to the top management and let them take a serious action. If they ask you for your opinion on the incident say that You want to press the maximum penalty in this case. Tell them that if we punish one person no one will ever dare to do such a thing in the future and it will send a strong message among others.
Don't have a second thought be strong.
3rd April 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Hello Navdeep,
Did you check with the female employee the ACTUAL reason for his discomfort?
That becomes the key for your response--unless you know what's troubling her, there's no way you can handle the senior(s), especially when one of them is aggressive.
I have also seen cases when an individual may mistake the behavioral pattern of others--seeing ill-intent where none existed [it may not be a Right/Wrong issue--just a mismatch of viewpoints]. Just ensure that there are genuine grounds for her to feel the way she does--before you think of taking up the matter forward for a solution.
All the Best.
3rd April 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ramnaresh
thanx for your suggestion but what if that girl is not ready to give written statement because she thinks she dont want to create an issue and she dont want to be a part of any issue. how can i proceed further. and our project manager want me to do something against this issue.
and if i am not taking any action against that employee in future he will do this again with her or with any other girl Senior manager can say why didnt you took any action against him at that time.
3rd April 2012 From India, Chandigarh
Dear tajsateesh, She is not feeling comfortable with him whenever he is giving trainings to her she said she can concentrate on anything. thanx navdeep
3rd April 2012 From India, Chandigarh
Dear Navdeep, How can you take any action without evidence and investigating the reasons, likeTS has suggested? Even police do not act when people do not give a complaint in writing.
3rd April 2012 From United Kingdom
Hello Navdeep,
I think you aren't coming out clearly with the actual issue/problem.
Can you pl explain this statement of your's--"if i am not taking any action against that employee in future he will do this again with her or with any other girl"--in your response to Ramnaresh? Do "WHAT" again?
Pl note that this is a Forum where the identities of the organization(s) or individual(s) needn't be revealed--in fact most threads don't & no one insists too--since the focus will always HAVE TO BE [AND IS] on the facts of the case/situation.
So unless you explain the situation clearly & fully/completely, I am not sure whatever response(s) you get would resolve your problem--the Worst-case-scenario being a half-baked solution, which is more dangerous than 'no solution'.
3rd April 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ts
ok i will keep in mind your all points from nowonwards & thanx for telling me.
Do what means if i am not conducting any session & giving her any show cause or letter of explanation it can get worst because that female staff is not ready to give written complaint.
3rd April 2012 From India, Chandigarh
Dear Sargi,
It is unfortunate that this matter has emerged in your organisation and it is essential that one deals with such a situation with tact.
In situations like this, be it male or female, it is not appropriate to take things in writing. Employees may feel that this is a breech of trust or may even feel that it will be used against them later.
The fact that this 'discomfort'has been mentioned means that it needs to be investigated. You dont need to attack the manager in question, but you have to subtly observe the behavior, and gather facts around other situations, if they exist.
If you can address the situation, you can help the organisation. And if you do some research and find out that it is wrong, it will allay the fears of the female employee, and help to retain her with the organisation.
3rd April 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Sargi,
I completely agree with Annika's view. To add on the same; try to read their body language and their past rapport in he organization [Both the parties]
Also check with other female colleagues as what do they think about the [male] trainer?
Observe the trainer when he is around that female employee! Gather the facts and your observation and share with your senior and retain the genuine one.
Also you can suggest a [high level ]training session on behavior for all the employees, even the trainers.
By doing this you are retaining the genuine employee and also correcting the other one whose approach/behavior is not ethical.
Hope my suggestion is of some help.
3rd April 2012 From United Kingdom, Preston
You have explained as under:-

"I was conducting session of one of our female employee and in the session she told me the senior male person who is giving her trainings she is not comfortable with him. he was calling her in the past month everyday but she was ignoring him. How can i solve this problem because he is not disturbing her right now but she is not comfortable with him whenever he is giving trainings"

You have request this

"and the other problem is how can i represent this problem in fromt of my seniors as one of our senior is very agressive. "

ask the lady if she has any complaints she must report to the management not you because you are not the member of Management team. the male is your colleague and your team member. It is possible that the lady is telling lie and she is making a joke of you. it is also possible that she is interested in you and need your attention! it is also possible that ..................many many things can don't take this matter as an issue simply ask the lady to contact the HR Department if she has any problem.
4th April 2012
Hi Niya

This has happened in the past at many organisations.

People try to see if there is a chance of getting a relationship with a cute new employee.

in this particular case, I assume he has understood that she is not interested.

naturally the employee who has been the target will remember that every time she sees him, so she will naturally be uncomfortable.

The problem may be first that The senior does not know this amounts to sexual harassment. I have seen that in many cases. That is why the supreme court guidelines asks organisation to run sensitising training on the matter.

I would suggest the following :

- explain to the lady that she has to make a written statement in confidence to you so that you can take action. Assure it will be kept confidential.

- irrespective of whether she does not not, inform the management of the incident and that you are taking steps to prevent its recurrence

- get sher training shifted to someone else (if possible)

- call the senior over and explain to him that his calling a female employee repeatedly is wrong and it can be interpreted as sexual harassment, which could lead to severe penalties for him, including loss of job, loss of face and criminal persecuation.

- get an assurance that he will not do it again with anyone

- conduct sensitising training for all managers and then juniors on avoiding and dealing with sexual harassment (ref vishakha case)

- create and implement procedure for addressing such issues.

- get the MD to issue a statement in this regard
4th April 2012 From India, Mumbai
Lots of unrboken links are there:
The women is uncomfortable, what the women is telling is it truth or lie. Is there a possibility that women is trying / tried to woo YOU (Thread Starter) or the Manager.
4th April 2012 From India, Madras
Hey guys i am a female so she is not trying to woo me... dear mrpakistani i am from HR department thats why she is telling me this problem Thanx Navdeep
4th April 2012 From India, Chandigarh
Dear Navdeep,
In the first instance, you please ask the woman employee, to file a written complaint against the male employee, duly specifying the nature of harassment meted by her and specific reasons for her in-comfortableness. Then you forward the complaint the Competent authority, who is competent to take action against the employees, for further action. The Top Management will ask your comments on that. You have to give your comments depending upon the situations you observed in your official transactions. The top management will, then take suitable action in the matter.
4th April 2012 From Canada, Calgary
Dear Sir,
Dealing with woman employee one should be polite. You ascertain what makes her inconvenient
in the process of work . Ask the senior persson to behave in a convenient/decent manner with her. If she complains to the management, it will comes under sexual harassment. Please follow tactfully.
HR/IR Consultant
4th April 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Navdeep,
As per Law in any organization you need to have an internal comitee to handle sexual or mental harrasement cases. Go through books of Law or Sexual Harasement Act you may find a solution. This case may not be related to sexual harasement but you can definitely refer to it as it will guide you how to handle this problem and resolve it.
Sandesh Chavan
4th April 2012 From India, Mumbai
i would advice u to do the inquiry without knowing the both employee, if the female employee is really uncomfortable with the male employee behavior then u should call the male employee and give him initial warning without knowing the other employees, if he do the same then give him the memo as disciplinary action, and keep the senior informed.
4th April 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear HR Folks,

From several responses to issues from our HR folks, I tend to ask a question to myself - is HR in the job of creating issues or resolving them? I remember, long back when I was not a part of the HR Function, one highly experienced HR person did tell me that sometimes they need to create issues and later resolve them to show their competence and ability to the management. Later, I became a part of the HR function and now I feel such strategies are too old and have gone away.

The greatest problem with us, the HR folks, now is that we are not listening to our hearts and suddenly take issues to our brains. Brain, by its very nature, does not like simple things and the moment you give simple things for it to handle, it makes it as complex it can and give back to you. Then you are in problem. So, let's start from heart.

At this stage, you are not sure whether the manager who you feel wrong and guilty is actually done anything wrong. He may have done / may not have done. You have listened to the story from one side. Lot of times, people misread the gestures and comments and formulate their own responses against them. Sometimes, people do false allegations on others just to take revenge on something else. It may be a strategy adopted by the female employee to convey you that she is more comfortable with you.

So, whatever the case may be, the simple thing you can do now is to have an informal dialogue with the person you doubt and explain the situation to him (from your write-up, I think he is your colleague). Update him about others' feedback against his behaviors. Give him a chance to get the feedback and correct himself / modify the way he behave. I am sure, he will understand the consequences and change himself. Then speak with your female employee and assure her that such things will not recur. No need to do these exercises publicly, rather do it one-on-one. Please do not compare the HR function to Police Station & Court. Our job should be making things simpler. Getting a compulsory written complaint in such situation is like the fabricating a false case against someone so that action could be taken with supporting evidence. Why do we need to think that way when speaking to both the parties and resolving the issue without anything in writing is also possible?

Most often, the culprit in such situations is one's response to a particular behavior from a colleague / friend / manager, etc. Means, in this case, the culprit may be the response of your female employee to a behavior demonstrated by the trainer. To clarify, Stephen Covey in his famous book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" says - "The thing that hart us is not what others do to us, it is our chosen response to what others do to us". That's the reason for different responses from different people for a particular issue / situation.

I suggest, don't engage into written complaints, involving senior managers, written warning letters, etc. etc. Try and solve the issue through simple means. If the simple means do not work, then you have other options available. Never start anything from where it has to end.
4th April 2012 From India, Delhi
In this case, you should findout whether she has told aganist him all true or lie. If we take her version is true, first you should analyse the facts and circumstances and take this matter to senior management. or Wait for sometime and gather the facts, recorded evidences which are all aganist him and build the confidence her and receive a complaint.Based on the complaint ,conduct enquiry.Appoint female Enquiry officer who should be qualifed in LAW.
If she is reluctant to give a complaint aganist him, you shold wait and get the evidences by fixing cameras and recording the conversation with her.Once he caught into prey,then your action will be easy for proceeding further.
D Pannerselvam
4th April 2012 From India, Mumbai
Now that lot of water has already flown down the river. Belated action may not be in order. However observing the behavior of the accused may be taken into account and be brought to the notice of the superior who matter for further advice.
4th April 2012 From India, New Delhi
The same problem happend in my organization also and the lady was not ready to give the complaint in written but that man has troubled other female employees also so we took the verbal statement from them ,we gathered the information and we presented in front of management finally management understood the situation and we took the action on that employee in a different way.
So its better you discuss with that lady make her comfortable to explain the things ,observe that person very closely.....take your time to take a decision but most of the cases people will never give written complaints as it matter of security (Both personal & professional)so you should deal this issue very carefully so that it should not affect your organization culture, female employee and that male employee also
4th April 2012 From India, Bangalore
Dear Navdeep,
There are number of issues involved.
Lady does not want to give in writing a complaint.
No proof exits of any abnormal behaviour by Sr Co worker.
Apparently there is no past record of any complaint against person concerned.
In such circumstances, it will be difficult to take any concrete action,but if the lady is willing,take her to your Sr and ask her to narrate her complaint.
If she agrees to do so than,which in case does not seem likely,concerned person can be asked to explain ,verbally his side of the case.
Without the lady taking a stand, do not proceed.
4th April 2012 From India, Delhi
Before conducting session, if you can appraise your superior about the complaint and your action with a request of his advice, that may be better. Take your time and muster your courage to find out the details from the trainer very politely after normal exchange of pleasantries. You have to now take full charge of the case with full responsibility if approved by your superior.
4th April 2012 From India, New Delhi
Dear Navdeep,
I do not know the contents as spelled out in the complaint,so I am assuming that she has stated that coworker's actions tantamount to sexual harrasment.If this is true then it is a very serious charge.
Do issue a Show Cause Notice to the person.
In rare case of his accepting his fault,terminate his services.(This will not happen).
On getting his reply, appoint a neutral Enquiry Officer--if possible from other branch located in another city.Both parties be permitted to call witnesses to support their side of 'facts'.
Get statements recorded and take action as per your Co SOP.
This is, in nutshell, action to be taken but is not as simple as it seems.
Col.Suresh Rathi
4th April 2012 From India, Delhi
hi this is lakshmi ,

i have read all the replies which are mentioned above.iam just a student i dont know whether iam right or wrong according to me iam giving my suggestion as below.

according to the above i observed that is the girls is not ready how you should react is the problem? frist you should motivate her i think she might be afraid of him that's why she is not ready to face this issue and one more thing is if you(mr.navdeep) dont have any avidence about this issue there is a chance finally u will be blamed because u dintlknow what really happen , sometimes the things go wrong even though you see the things by directly so motivate and talk to her personally (like u should be dare enough to face like this problems from this issue he will learn a lesson so that again this type of issue wont repeat).

there are so many people like this who behave wrongly with the girls because of that so many parents are afraid of sending their daughters to job.action should be taken up on him but mr navdeep you should be very careful if u know the whole issue then u can report to your head and u should have clarity about this ram suggestion also very nice u can follow him.

if iam worng pls correct me .
4th April 2012 From United States, Cambridge
Hi Navdeeep,

first of all congrats to u to speak out such and issue and ask for suggestions.

any kind of misbehavior with women is highly unethical and illegal.

If that guy who is distubin the girl is a junior to u, jus call him in person and threaten him by name of law.

say that girl was ready to file a complaint against him under eve teasing with attracts a heavy legal action and even imprisonment. also say that u ve asked her to with hold the complaint and given assurance for his behavior.

add " if u misbehave with that girl or any other girl in future, i would be the first person to file a complaint against u. your careeer wil be spoilt and you wil be behind the bars within no time."

the person wil surely change his behaviour.

Next, advise the girl to be bold enough and ignore his presence in any of the training sessions. she would have a bright future.

If the problem still persists, then go ahead with the police complaint and the police does not disclose the information of the girl who gives the complaint.
4th April 2012 From United States, Chicago
Dear Navadeep,
You have to act in the interest of the organization.
The female employee can not be let to keep grumbling and complaining without expressing her problems in writing. Request your project manager to have a personal chat with the training manager and probably he may have nothing in his mind (even if he has; he will decline) once he knows that people are watching his behaviour, ther are a few chances he may mend his ways. If your project manager does not want to chat with that person then you can tell him and the female employee that you can not work with ambiguity.
5th April 2012 From United Kingdom, London

If the female employee has bought this to your attention I believe as her HR its your duty to - Listen to her and ask - what or how exactly she would like this addressed. This could also give you a clue with regard to her comfort levels in taking things forward.

You need to ensure she feels - glad she has spoken out to someone & that someone being HR. THis is also a part of our job

She needs to feel secure that her talk will be kept confidential - if she wants to keep it that way. You cannot & should not force her to give it in writing. This only adds salt to the wounds. It would make her feel you dont trust her.

Next, explain to her the steps you plan to take. Some of the steps could be as under

a. You would need to update a superior of yours and keep them (the highest ranking person in HR) or the MD informed

b. You need to meet this trainer and inform him of the charges bought up and mention that this is a preliminary discussion. THe out come of this discussion would be informed to him after a few days.

c. His reaction and responses to this meet would help you understand whats the real issue. (I sincerely hope)

d. If not - have another discussion with a senior employee being present some days later

e. During the discussion - please explain to the trainer that his reaction to the female colleague is NOT TO change and there should be NO thoughts of revenge or reaction. Yes, the trainer needs to know who and when the issue was raised. We need to be fair to him too.

f. The trainer need to be informed that he is NOT to try and discuss this issue with the female separately or confront her in any way at all. Even after the the investigation is completed.

g. Lastly, please document the entire sequence of discussions and responses and store in a safe folder.

These issues - are expected to remain confidential with HR and unless proven guilty there is to be no word of a scandal at all.

If the trainer is guilty - i guess you will need to deal with the issue as per your policy guidelines.

If the charges bought against the trainer are proved to be false - you may need to initiate appropriate action against the female employee

Please note, the female employee could if she wished take things forward legally - the company did not help make the place a safe place to work - INSPITE of informing HR of the harrassment she faced.


5th April 2012 From India, Mumbai
Dear sir
The law is also settled now by the judgment of Vishakha vs state of rajasthan wherein the guidelines to be followed in case of sexual harassment are laid down. You need to form an enquiry panel of majority women and chaired by a woman to investigate the charges levelled against the employee indulging in such behaviour. First a chargesheet needs to be issued. The judgment also specifies which behaviour amounts to sexual harassment.
In addition please also form a sexual harassment committee in your organisation which is a legal requisite, wherein again half the members are women. Any complaints of sexual harassment by female employees are to be reported to this committee which shall take necessary steps from time to time.
5th April 2012 From India, Pune
Dear Navdeep, I agree with Mr. Ram Naresh. First & Foremost, insist her to give the written complaint. and without which, dont procced to intimate anything to Seniors. Regards, Sunil
5th April 2012 From India, Bangalore
Dear Navdeep,

This is a very sensitive issue. She has not explained in detail what kind of problem she is facing from him. Her explanations such as "I'm not comfortable with him" is a very vague description deserving followup action. However, In the circumstances explained, in the absence of a written complaint, HR cannot take any formal action on record. However if it is possible U can check with other colleagues friendly with U, secretly about his nature and if at all he had behaviourial problem with others too. This is necessary to make sure within yourself some problem is there prima facie. If so, you can talk to him personally in a friendly atmosphere and diplomatically push thro' such opinions are going round in the co. without mentioning her name. If he is apologetical U may inform her accordingly. If it is not working out and if he becomes aggressive U have to make it demi-official, recording her version and send a secret note to your counter part in his dept.for further action. It's all the more necessary for U to bring it to the logical conclusion.

Nevertheless it would be premature to presume presence of a sexual harassment between them. We also can go thro' similar topic was discussed in this forum.

5th April 2012 From India, Bangalore
Many a times, a female employee would be uncomfortable giving a complaint in writing due to fear of repercussion and it would be very unfair on the part of the management to do so.A woman would not put such a serious allegation against a senior unless she is convinced about his intentions. The trainer concerned should be spoken to and given a subtle warning to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.
5th April 2012 From India, Calcutta
Hi Navdeep.
Such incidents should be carefully handled. First check with the female employee if whatever she had reported is true by checking call history.Only if what ever she had said is true,can any action be taken.
Also check the senior manager's work history and any past complaints about him and then report to the concerned people.
5th April 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Going through the all discussion, I could find that lady is not ready to be high lighted in any manner. Reporting to higher authorities is being avoided in some or other manner by any reason.
But things does not stop here. This is warning to the system. Indirect warning can be issued in the form of Circulars or drafting a policy on sexual harassment.
All the best, you will be out of problem.
5th April 2012 From India, Surat
Dear Navdeep,

I am assuming that you are working in the HR function. If that be the case then you will have to follow the guidelines laid out in your policy/ies about mis-behavior, ill-treatment or harassment. BUT the first thing is you have to ensure any complaint received about another individual / employee is in writing. Especially as it involves the integrity of the various persons concerned.

In fact the lady employee should have discuss her discomfort with the individual concerned, if this does not resolve the issue then bring the same to HR's notice or that of her supervisor.

In the absence of a written complaint, HR would hard pressed to investigate and also to substantiate their claim for action or remedial measures.

Lastly any action proposed must be based on strong and credible evidence. All effort must be made to ensure all proof is collected, analysed and decisions arrived at after deliberation. Ample time must be given to all concerned to review and defend their actions, and ideally the entire process could be helmed by a senior person with no direct reporting relationship with either of the parties.

In the final analysis, it is YOUR credibility that is on the line as well.
5th April 2012 From India, Mumbai
Hi everyone,
i am facing the same problem, our Manager Accounts called up a technical team girl few months back for dinner and she refused, he kept on asking her about it. note that he is married with two kids (age 45) and she is 25 unmarried. she watched it for sometime and then today it happened again, now she is uncomfortable with his presence. the Accounts manager has the history of looking at women like this and talking about women. but this is the first case about him in the office.
now she also complained to his boss. i can go & talk to That Manager & to the higher Management, but i am confused which one to do first? i am not surprised that the manager did that, due to his history.
need little help to make guidelines to follow for others.
Zeeshan Iqbal
Asst. Manager HR
5th April 2012 From Pakistan
Dear Sargi

It is very difficult to address such issues but there is way which evolves with time and keeping patience, you have to be set informal informers around the act / behavior might take place.

Before going in detail with solution, we should understand that each and every report of female employee need not to take true in all perspective, may be there is way of training of particular senior might be not suit to that lady or other things may happen that she may not keen in learning and trainer is strict on learning principles, any thing may turn out. so pl be sure what actually happened and happening while she feel uncomfortable with that particular senior. check out informally with any senior employee in casual talk about such behavior of that senor trainer in past with any one. Dont blindly follow in sympathy with female employee.

After all due consideration you found senior at fault, without any hesitation put your observation and findings to your senior level management You are doing your duty without any prejudice to anybody, put your concern in true sense. And then leave matter to be decided by management.

All the best.

5th April 2012 From India, Surat
Dear Navdeep,
Ask your trainer to give you ethics code from the training company. For what purpose the trainer called your female employee. Did she asked for some personal counseling from the trainer. You need to investigate matter in a manner, you can make justice to both.
Though its pity for a trainer to offer any counseling without demand. Be patient and discuss the matter with trainer calmly and to the employee too. Ask yourself - had she not been female, what approach you would have adopted to solve the case.
All the best
5th April 2012 From India, Mumbai
Hi Navdeep,
Just want to point out that even if the employee has informed you only verbally, you should file a report about the incident(s).
A male superior contacting a female subordinate outside the workplace and/or after work hours is highly inappropriate. If the contact is unwanted, it borders on sexual harassment.
Most working women in India avoid filing official complaints about sexual harassment due to fear of scandals. Women are usually blamed by their co-workers for instigating the male superior, and are usually accused of trying to 'sleep their way to the top' and other such nonsense.
In most cases, women prefer to quit their job and join another company.
Additionally, the fact that the employee is unwilling to formally report such an issue indicates that the employee does not feel that she is in a safe working environment and is worried about retribution.
Just my 2 cents :)
5th April 2012 From India, Mangaluru
i think this is not a complicated issuie.. First you hear the complaint from the lady and if it is something important to be judged, call the person and tell him about the complaint.. It should be comminicated.. Otherwise he will repeat.. Again he is repeting the same thing, please dont wait for written complaint, discus with seniors take the action.. Here your judgement regarding the problem is imporant.. Dont show any favouratism toward traner as well as lady.. Then your warning also important.. I thing for case like this, a talk towards the trainer is enough.. Plese as first phase, deal all things confidential.. Both are imporant for the organisation
5th April 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Hello Navdeep,
Just a suggestion, stay away from such kind of tricks in Corporate world. I am sure you got my point.
You can neither go to the Training Manager and confront him nor that Lady is ready to come into picture. I hope you did not took this in a wrong sense.
Thank you!
6th April 2012 From India, Pune
Talk to them separately in a probing manner, without being harsh and try and see what is the reason behind such discomfort by the lady. If the guy is wrong or displayed any such thing that might amount to workplace harassment, shift him elsewhere as calling up women employees after work hours for non-professional reasons may be linked with workplace harassment.
Saurav Das
Home Page
6th April 2012 From India, Mumbai
This point made by Ryan is also valid. You never know what’s behind the bushes. So be careful before you get stung in the process unless you are in a position of greater authority. Saurav Das
6th April 2012 From India, Mumbai
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16. Give me an example of any major problem you faced and how you solved it?

17. Have you ever worked with someone that you did not get along with as part of a team? How did you handle that situation?

18. How do you feel about the possibility of relocating? It is okay for me if the place is good and suite me?


6th April 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Navdeep,
As per your issue i suggest that,first ask the girl that problem is with the job related or personal related issue,then give her suggestions how to be mingle with the seniors and if it is any personally related do as Ramnaresh has suggested you and speak to the senior and talk to him then,if he doesn't listen then go the superior authority and state the issue.
But try to solve the problem by yourself for the time being as he is senior,or go to higher authority.
With Regards,
6th April 2012 From India, Hyderabad
can anu slove these interview qns 1. How would you describe yourself? 2. How would you describe your ideal job? Unrelated topic. Please post it as a new thread.
6th April 2012 From United Kingdom
Hope you are aware of Supreme Court judgement called the Vishakh's case, which is very important and apply to private industries also. You should have internal committee of women employees to look into such complaints and if there is no female employees seni or enought, youy can engage a female social worker of repute from your area or a female advocate. Such complaint of "being uncomfortable with a particular male manager or employee" should be taken seriousely and the victim may not want to explain the exact reason or background to a male colleague or boss. Hence such complaint should be registereed and brought before the committee of female or the outside female social worker/advocate so that she is able to explain her problem in confidence to a female. Quick and proactive action should be taken in such complaints.
6th April 2012 From India, Coimbatore
Dear Navdeep,
As rightly said by Annika, employees are not comfortable to give any complains in writing. You can therefore talk about this to your manager and request him to help you in the investigation.
Best Regards,
6th April 2012 From India, Mumbai
Dear Navdeep,

I can relate to the situation here. I will try to explain with the same analogy as how we dealt with the situation.

Ours is a five star hotel and we were in the pre-opening stage when the things are still awaited to be set for the operations. A female staff happened to be the reciever of some unrespectable remarks from a male staff while passing by. As a usual course of matter she noticed, got disturbed but immediately unnoticed the episode just in order to escape from any "case" to be made involving her. But, another staff noticed this, and informed the same to the guilty staff's HOD. Now all seniors act very extrememly in such cases. Either they'll unhear the whole thing or they might take the guilty to his task, the latter being preferred by most. This HOD also took it very seriously.

He called up the girl (victim), the boy (guilty) and the witness in the HR Dept. They had a joint meeting where the girl was encouraged to share her concern, the boy was also given a chance to prove the same wrong. The witness could always support the incident in the right light. The whole incident was documented. And the male staff (gulity) was immediately expelled.

A further annoncement of the case was made within the other staff members to sieze unnecessary gossips, to teach all a lesson and to secure the work environment one fold ahead. This actually worked! Its been more than 24 months since this incident, the hotel has not witnessed any such kind of act till date.

Sexual Harrasment Policy is as important a document as hiring a female worker. She brings with herself an amount of her expertise, her experience and know how, plus expectations to be safe and secure at work. Thats what any organisation should value and safeguard her social and profesiional interests!


Parul Makkar
6th April 2012 From India, New Delhi

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