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Dear Navdeep, I agree with Mr. Ram Naresh. First & Foremost, insist her to give the written complaint. and without which, dont procced to intimate anything to Seniors. Regards, Sunil
From India, Bangalore
Dear Navdeep,

This is a very sensitive issue. She has not explained in detail what kind of problem she is facing from him. Her explanations such as "I'm not comfortable with him" is a very vague description deserving followup action. However, In the circumstances explained, in the absence of a written complaint, HR cannot take any formal action on record. However if it is possible U can check with other colleagues friendly with U, secretly about his nature and if at all he had behaviourial problem with others too. This is necessary to make sure within yourself some problem is there prima facie. If so, you can talk to him personally in a friendly atmosphere and diplomatically push thro' such opinions are going round in the co. without mentioning her name. If he is apologetical U may inform her accordingly. If it is not working out and if he becomes aggressive U have to make it demi-official, recording her version and send a secret note to your counter part in his dept.for further action. It's all the more necessary for U to bring it to the logical conclusion.

Nevertheless it would be premature to presume presence of a sexual harassment between them. We also can go thro' similar topic was discussed in this forum.


From India, Bangalore
Many a times, a female employee would be uncomfortable giving a complaint in writing due to fear of repercussion and it would be very unfair on the part of the management to do so.A woman would not put such a serious allegation against a senior unless she is convinced about his intentions. The trainer concerned should be spoken to and given a subtle warning to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.
From India, Calcutta
Hi Navdeep.
Such incidents should be carefully handled. First check with the female employee if whatever she had reported is true by checking call history.Only if what ever she had said is true,can any action be taken.
Also check the senior manager's work history and any past complaints about him and then report to the concerned people.

From India, Hyderabad
Going through the all discussion, I could find that lady is not ready to be high lighted in any manner. Reporting to higher authorities is being avoided in some or other manner by any reason.
But things does not stop here. This is warning to the system. Indirect warning can be issued in the form of Circulars or drafting a policy on sexual harassment.
All the best, you will be out of problem.

From India, Surat
Dear Navdeep,

I am assuming that you are working in the HR function. If that be the case then you will have to follow the guidelines laid out in your policy/ies about mis-behavior, ill-treatment or harassment. BUT the first thing is you have to ensure any complaint received about another individual / employee is in writing. Especially as it involves the integrity of the various persons concerned.

In fact the lady employee should have discuss her discomfort with the individual concerned, if this does not resolve the issue then bring the same to HR's notice or that of her supervisor.

In the absence of a written complaint, HR would hard pressed to investigate and also to substantiate their claim for action or remedial measures.

Lastly any action proposed must be based on strong and credible evidence. All effort must be made to ensure all proof is collected, analysed and decisions arrived at after deliberation. Ample time must be given to all concerned to review and defend their actions, and ideally the entire process could be helmed by a senior person with no direct reporting relationship with either of the parties.

In the final analysis, it is YOUR credibility that is on the line as well.

From India, Mumbai
Hi everyone,
i am facing the same problem, our Manager Accounts called up a technical team girl few months back for dinner and she refused, he kept on asking her about it. note that he is married with two kids (age 45) and she is 25 unmarried. she watched it for sometime and then today it happened again, now she is uncomfortable with his presence. the Accounts manager has the history of looking at women like this and talking about women. but this is the first case about him in the office.
now she also complained to his boss. i can go & talk to That Manager & to the higher Management, but i am confused which one to do first? i am not surprised that the manager did that, due to his history.
need little help to make guidelines to follow for others.
Zeeshan Iqbal
Asst. Manager HR

From Pakistan
Dear Sargi

It is very difficult to address such issues but there is way which evolves with time and keeping patience, you have to be set informal informers around the act / behavior might take place.

Before going in detail with solution, we should understand that each and every report of female employee need not to take true in all perspective, may be there is way of training of particular senior might be not suit to that lady or other things may happen that she may not keen in learning and trainer is strict on learning principles, any thing may turn out. so pl be sure what actually happened and happening while she feel uncomfortable with that particular senior. check out informally with any senior employee in casual talk about such behavior of that senor trainer in past with any one. Dont blindly follow in sympathy with female employee.

After all due consideration you found senior at fault, without any hesitation put your observation and findings to your senior level management You are doing your duty without any prejudice to anybody, put your concern in true sense. And then leave matter to be decided by management.

All the best.


From India, Surat
Dear Navdeep,
Ask your trainer to give you ethics code from the training company. For what purpose the trainer called your female employee. Did she asked for some personal counseling from the trainer. You need to investigate matter in a manner, you can make justice to both.
Though its pity for a trainer to offer any counseling without demand. Be patient and discuss the matter with trainer calmly and to the employee too. Ask yourself - had she not been female, what approach you would have adopted to solve the case.
All the best

From India, Mumbai
Hi Navdeep,
Just want to point out that even if the employee has informed you only verbally, you should file a report about the incident(s).
A male superior contacting a female subordinate outside the workplace and/or after work hours is highly inappropriate. If the contact is unwanted, it borders on sexual harassment.
Most working women in India avoid filing official complaints about sexual harassment due to fear of scandals. Women are usually blamed by their co-workers for instigating the male superior, and are usually accused of trying to 'sleep their way to the top' and other such nonsense.
In most cases, women prefer to quit their job and join another company.
Additionally, the fact that the employee is unwilling to formally report such an issue indicates that the employee does not feel that she is in a safe working environment and is worried about retribution.
Just my 2 cents :)

From India, Mangaluru

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