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Can any one say -
who can be a human resource head? And what are the qualities he should possess?
What would be his role?
Whether he should possess any team?
This will be very useful for the management who have wrong assumptions.

From India, New Delhi
HR Head can be a person who has atleast 10 years of experience in the core HR activities.
He must possess the qualities of a leader, as he will be leading a team. Must be able to delegate and assign tasks to his subordinates.
His role would be to design HR Strategies, Leading and managing the team, coaching, training, supporting the team. Must take responsibilities for the actions of his team.
Main qualities above all is the right attitude.

From India, Hyderabad
Hello boona,
Can you pl mention/explain the ACTUAL situation you want resolved rather than asking in generalities?
That will enable other members to focus better in their responses.
Your posting looks more like an exam question for which you want the answer(s).

From India, Hyderabad
Hr head should be a startegic visionary who should able extract work from their sub ordinates without their dissent.he should identify the chronicle problems,perennial problems and should have a readymade soltions to frequently occuring problems.he should work as a lubricant between management and employee.
From India, Madras
Hi, Can any one suggest me that what are the qualities to be HR? I done my MBA (HR) but due to lack of experience, I never apply for the post of HR. Pl let me know and guide me. Murali regards
From India, Hyderabad
Dear friend,

Please read the following article posted by me earlier. It will be an answer to your doubt.



H.R.Managers play key role in any organization/company/Corporate Sector in realization of goals set up by the organizations. The functional aspects of the HR Managers comprises of determination the quality of the work, expertise in Man power, identification of the requirements of Man power, utilization of man power, even distribution of work among different fields, placement at appropriate levels, performance Management, identification of wastage of man power at work points, Rationalization of the staff, right man at right place concept etc.

For effective implementation of the HR functions, the HR Managers should have some fundamental qualities to suit to the needs of the Organizational goals and objectives. The qualities of HR Manager resembles on the strategic Managerial concepts of the Organization. HR Managers should always explore the possibilities for expansion of the Organizational wings to rise up the level of the organization to compete with others. He should have clear cut understanding on the aims and objectives, goals of the organization. A broad outlook and clarity on the path of the organization is necessary. Capability for understanding things in the vicinity, realization of goals by concrete methods in the shape of implementation strategies by inventing new outlooks, new culture, new system over-riding the old fashions in order to set a goal for realization of objectives are the forerunners of HR Manager.

HR Managers should have abilities for preparing concrete plans to acquire results in the long run. His naturality, his concept, his aim should help for long run strategies.

HR Managers are to work as Mediators between the workers and Management of the Organization. As a matter of fact, he is the Welfare Officer of the Employees of the Organization. He should cultivate a sense of co-operation, co-ordination, positives ness, human outlook, helping nature besides his primary qualities of sincerity, integrity, devotion to duty, and organizational behaviour. HR Managers always mingle with the employees. He should extract work from employees and his subordinates by means of his goodness. He is main Document holder by keeping all record and personnel data and Data Base of employees. Negative attitude should not reach him. A positive outlook should include in his nature. He should not be inimical. Unbiased mannerisms should develop in his mind.

Systematic programmes, strategic plans, Developmental activities, Welfare measures, Departmental improvements must be handled with proper care and readiness with enthusiasm, interest, affection towards the work minded people, in order to improve the organizational activities with team spirit and embodiment. Realistic approach, attitude, hospitality, culture, common sense, cordiality, inclination, attachment, earnestness, desirability, In-depth study, profoundness, congenial attitude with others, confidence are some of the important qualities to implement the HR functions effectively.

The primary HR activities like Recruitment, Selections, Training, & Development, Performance appraisal, confidential matters, Wage Policy, Employee relations, Welfare etc., are to be dealt with utmost care. Concentrations on the activity, presence of mind, application of mind, devotion, delegation, observation, supervision, inspection are necessary.

HR Managers have to come across with different kinds of individuals/employees. The work force will become more diverse in backgrounds, age, concentrations and ideological philosophies. Work force includes women, the handicapped persons, the members of the Scheduled castes. Managers will be required to face a wide variety of demands from the employees. It is a challenge to the HR Managers to handle all types of people. A sound patience and endurance is an essential quality of an HR Manager.

Being human beings, HR Managers are subjected to their own mental and physical limitations and understandings, to their own philosophical commitments, opinions, concepts, reasoning, to their own biases and prejudices, and also to outside pressures from various directions. However, future HR Managers should be able to profit them the increasing body of knowledge and experiences of the present and past Managers, so that they are in a better position to serve more effectively and more constructively the various sector of people and thereby reach the goal or objectives determined by the Management

From Canada, Calgary
Actually In Our organization, only two person handling HR activities - 1. HR executive (me), 2. HR Manager (MY boss).
This month he is gonna be HR Head. It seems our organization is not going to hire any people further for our team. My question is Without having a team how a Manager can be a HR Head?
(I wanted to know a answer who, when and What qualities a person should have to become a HR Head, that's why I raised a question in such a format).
Now can you explain it sir???

From India, New Delhi
My article pertains to a HR Manager of a Big Company, but not to a small organization where one or two persons in HR Department. In your organization, you and your boss are only comprises of HR Dept. In such a case, you have to act according to the situations, circumstances, and Company needs. I have clearly indicated the qualities of a HR Manager in my articles. What else you require.Please specify your question so that I can answer you.
From Canada, Calgary
Hello boona,

Even though the situation you mentioned does lead to the queries you raised, it looks more like a REDESIGNATION issue more than anything else.

For whatever reason(s), the management seems to have decided so--it could be the result of the individual resigning or just to give him an 'ego satisfaction' of becoming the Head of a dept or anything else. Such instances are quite common in many SMEs.

And coming to your query, the necessary/desirable qualities/attributes in an individual for occupying a particular position are NOT necessarily linked in such situations. The person may end-up doing the same work which he/she used to do. You may have heard a term in management parlance: 'a kick upstairs'. The situation you mentioned looks more like it.

However, pl note that such decisions, when applied to those functions exposed to the outside world--vis-a-vis the company--like Sales, Marketing, etc, the logic/reason could be quite different.

Coming to your query of "Without having a team how a Manager can be a HR Head?"--there's nothing MANDATORY that there should be a team. A company with just <10 people has a MD while another company with >1000 employees too has a MD. Hope you get the point.

Like Suri Babu Komakula mentioned, handle issues according to the situation(s) & company needs.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Hi Boona,
I think to become the HR head you dont need to lead/head the HR department. HR itself says Human Resources. So HR works for entire department of company. Its managing the process related to every employees. So he/She can be HR head (who takes major decisions and contribute to the strategic development). If he has to handle only 2 members in his team then he does not require 2nd person.
I work for an IT company with 20 employees. and 1 HR is enough to handle HR activity. I am HR executive now, once I get promotion I will become Sr. HR Exe. (Although I would not have any Junior under me until unless no. of employee increase or my work load increases).
Do you understand what i mean to say? I tried to give my view.
If I am wrong plz correct me.

From India, Hyderabad

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