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Im currently employed as the head of the business for a multi national company wanted to study phd through distance from symbiosis. Can you help me with the information.
28th February 2012 From Netherlands
If I am correct, PhD by distance learning is anot AICTE approved. Please use the reSearch facility at the top.
28th February 2012 From United Kingdom
Mr. Simhan,

I request you to please go to this link once UGC lifts ban on Distance PhDs, MPhil courses | India Education Review

Hello Mr. Reddy,

Please go through the links below : Distance Education : Phd Courses

PHD Correspondence Courses, PHD Courses Distance Learning, Doctorate India <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

Distance Learning Colleges in India for PhD | Studyplaces <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )


And if you want more i can give you the details directly.

Im also doing my PhD for your information
28th February 2012 From India, Gurgaon
I have a question to add . 'Is Ph.D through the distant learning accepted by the industry'? I wish to hear from somebody who did this and found an employment . Academia have reservations in hiring talents with distant learning degree , until and unless coupled with enough experience. What about industry ? Are candidate with a Ph.D in distant learning mode hired as a director ?
A friend of mine who completed FPM from IHRD got inducted, as a research analyst with a renowned firm. The projects completed during the FPM , bagged her the role.
Do we have more such cases ? I wish to know the market for such talents.
29th February 2012 From India, Mumbai
Is that mean the people who are established or working somewhere and wanna go for PhD, need not to enroll themselves bcz of TERROR/ANXIETY that Industry/market is not going to accept their hardwork/PhD. They will not be able to get a job bcz of their PhD by distance which has no value for Market/Industry. Is that right?
We must not forget that BAN on Distance PhD been lifted by UGC after a long fight of two years and protests by various universities, aspirants. Do you really think that they were not aware of Market/Industry’s need and expectations? Is that so easy to ban something and demolish it after having objections?
Im not agree with you today Ma'm but definitely wish to have people from our market/Industry too to prove you that they were appreciated for their hardwork (Phd) and rewarded jobs by Industry and Distance Phd also has a VALUE today
2nd March 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Anil,
A degree will always hold a value as the effort required to earn it will remain huge , hence respectable. A parallel program adds a greater value, as it is often closely intertwined to the needs of an organization , hence intensive.
Last year, Simhan had shared information on idea cells run by many institutions to incubate entrepreneurial or even organizational research.
I am sure the professionals who earned those degrees have been inducted in the industry. Wish to find that data in black and white, so that we know where we stand. I have been looking forward to enroll for one, since a long time. Just like others, I am looking for an executive program as I want my research to add value to what I am doing at my work. I second you that the value that I would get to add through that degree doesn't need a market acclimation. However, when I speak in broader terms , I would need the data for sure.
2nd March 2012 From India, Mumbai
Plase see Open Research Online - Browse by Academic Unit/Department qhich gives some info about papers published by UK open University students and staff. I doubt whether we will be able to get the info that (Cite Contribution) is looking for.
Working for a PhD has it's own advantages and satisfaction, even though it may not lead to a better job or higher salary.
2nd March 2012 From United Kingdom
First I wanna offer my sincer thanks to you and to Mr. Simhan for your contribution on that. You both respectives are my seniors and I have learned a lot from both of you and from many member of this place.

Second, I am well aware of the efforts and action taken by Mr. Simhan, even have communicated on many threads with them and im obliged for that.

But here on this thread, as we are talking about value and future of Distance Phd for aspirants. Even I have observed that many of us are not in favour of Distance Education even are not ready to accept the same. They maybe are worried about the authenticity, hardwork or the value of this research work and they still believe that PhDs are all about mentoring through coursework and socialization and it just impossible from a distance education. It required strong knowledge of a subject, requires uphill struggle, skills and best understanding of the concept, much effort for research work and lot more and the best thing what people think is that it required TIME which cant be spared by a person who is already working somewhere or so on but I don’t think so. Somehow, they are not getting the truth that this work is also requires WILL/ASPIRATION which I believe is the biggest thing in this world.

But just need a chance to show what one can do. I always speaks on the same and wish to get more and more answers by people what they think on the same.

For example: my threads
2nd March 2012 From India, Gurgaon
I suggest that we open a new forum for people doing PhD where they can bounce ideas, get guidance, etc. When I had enrolled for research as a part-timer at Manchester Metropolitan University, there used to be monthly meetings where people doing PhD in various fields would gather round a table, present what they had done and what plans they had and other scholars would question them, etc. That had helped me a lot.
2nd March 2012 From United Kingdom
Well Im agree with you Sir. We can have an option like this to have an open Forum here on this place for the people who are doing Phd. And about the example of University meetings that you have presented here is also can be adopted in a form of "Regional HR MEET".

I, and many members of this place are requesting since a long time to have an option like “Regional HR Meet” to be organised by CiteHR Seniors or anyone time to time and have discussed the same several times before but I don’t think there has any action been taken by anyone yet. But would like to have this soon.

And I also would like to present an example which I believe can work for people and for the aspirants who want the same. What I’m doing with my few of friends, colleagues and some respective contacts from the same field is that we used to meet at a good place (at a friend's home, a good sitting place in a Restro Mall, Office Canteen/Meeting Room after working hours with Colleagues) every month for a general discussion on our work, career, on-going issues of work and up -coming and expected problems from the same field (Human Resource/Phd courses and study), Suggestions/Advise, Development of skills and Career Goals like Mr. Simhan you said above that you have done at your time with MMU.

I wanna say if we people sincerely wanna do have this option then why they don’t take actions or do something towards the achievement of this. People just do speaks, speaks and speaks alot but do nothing. “Doing is doing but knowing is not doing” is the main and important thing which we all have to accept and need to admire, so that, the dreams/targets can be achieved successfully.

What do you both think about it?

Lastly, I wish and request you to convey this idea to have an separate forum here on this place for the Phd people to our Administrator
3rd March 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Anil,
What you are doing is laudable. I had been to Kyoto, when I went to present a paper in Yokohoma for an international conference. In Kyoto, a professor from Ryukuku University had such a scheme. A few friends in the field of Operations and Quality Management used to meet monthly in a restaurant/pub and discuss recent issues in their field. I attended one such and had given a brief presentation there.
Rather than expect some senior members to start, I suggest that a person that is interested, and has some time, take the initiative and post a message or ring friends and see what support (s)he gets. Unless there are people pursuing PhDs who are interested in sharing their experiences, it will not work.
3rd March 2012 From United Kingdom
The people who wanna go for Phd in HRM can visit to this link for 2012 program details...
Welcome to Nagarjuna <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )
Acharya Nagarjuna University Center for Distance Education Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) - Human Resource Management -
welcome to Acharya Nagarjuna University <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )
26th March 2012 From India, Gurgaon
And for M.Phil & Ph.D., HRM, Approved Eligible Guides List can go to
26th March 2012 From India, Gurgaon

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Dear Anil,
Thankyou for your support on this topic. We are collecting the questions that are asked while preparing and working for the doctoral programs.
Requesting all our readers to this thread, please share the concerns you have faced so far . We are working to get them resolved.
Thankyou everyone for your support.
26th March 2012 From India, Mumbai

Here are a list of questions considered before enrolling for a Ph.D program. Ph.D when, where and how

What are the areas of concern that one faces during the research ? We are looking for the operational problems that arises during the program. Anil have shared a list of guides, so we take it as the first area, i.e, identifying the right guide for the project.

What are the next few areas ? How are the research guidance and finances managed by the researchers who are working, simultaneously in their jobs ?

What about the brain storming over the paper ? Does the geographic locations affect the learning from the peer-group and cohorts ? Such as, a fellow to AHRD , Ahmedabad might work in a full-time job based in Chennai. How would the study circle work for him ?

Approaches to the ideas need to be fueled with industry data? How is this data collected by the researcher, in question?

Sessions with the guides can be managed over the term-period. However, individual interaction remains second to none. How is this managed geographically ?

Please add on to the concerns . We are sure its far beyond what have been listed so far.
27th March 2012 From India, Mumbai
When I was working in industry, I knew a couple of people who pursued PhD in the part-time mode. They did research in their own technical field and their degree was valued.
While searching for any information on the status of distance learning PhD holders in industry, I came across this paper
Please also see <link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) to find out why distance learning degrees are not valued as much as full-time or part-time degrees.
The advancement in technology and conducting webinars etc should alleviate some of the disadvantages of the distance mode. May be CiteHr can think how it can help.
9th May 2012 From United Kingdom
Respected Sir,

I buy that there is a big difference between Distance and Regular study and they have their own values in our Education System, but we still having this ‘Distance Study’ option for Aspirants, and it automatically defines the purpose and value of it.

I already have explained the same here at length in past why we having this Distance Study option and what students need to do and what need to be accepted by us (Education and Industrial System) but again I wanna say if one believe that Distance PHD has no value and our Industrial System is not gonna accept it and we can’t be benefited then why these are still being offered to students/aspirants and not being asked the respective Universities about it.


This (Education) is a Noble profession and we must not treat it like a “Business” only and need to raise questions on it bcz the aspirants /students who wants to appear for PHD or dreamed about it but are not able to study regular bcz of whatever reason, shouldn’t be cheated like this.

Education Authority and recognized Universities who are agreed and offering these facilities to students, are responsible for this and i believe are well familiar with our this concern.

Second, I would like to have response from the people who can claim that they are happy with it and able to see the future benefits or are being offered opportunities.
10th May 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Anil,
Whether we like it or not Education has become a profitable business and many institutions are there to make money rather than care for their students. Offering post graduate degrees, including by reasearch, is no different. The number of students that seek help with their projects at CiteHR is a true indication of the difficulties that students face.
Even abroad, there are many institutions whose students do not get the same recognition as the Ivy League institutions in the States or the Elite Universities in the UK. It's all to do with how the market views these institutions.
No doubt we need to question what is going on; but I doubt whether we will get satisfactory answers.
10th May 2012 From United Kingdom
Accepted Sir and also do understand this, therefore, I said we must not allow it and need to raise our voice.
Until we object instead of saying that we not gonna response of our voice and on our questions or no need to do that, we will never got our answers. And I agree with you that this place (CiteHR) can help a lot to the students on their project work and doing so no doubt and we all know that too. But the questions about DISTANCE PHD whether it is worth pursuing or not is need to be accepted by all of us.
I still believe hard work, sincere efforts of students, support (by CiteHR, Seniors/Mentors/colleagues/ Friends and Family) and TIME can do a lot. Student who already are doing their research work (by Distance Education) ; can show this world the same.
I wish for them and waiting for their response too.
10th May 2012 From India, Gurgaon
If students of PhD by distance learning are really keen to enhance their knowledge and contacts, they should be prepared to spend money and attend international conferences in their field. I was fortunmate that i was pursuing my research interests through part-time mode, as a full-time lecturer; and was partly financed by the university to attend conferences. The contacts that I was able to estalish helped me immensely (I was offered the position on a journals Advisory Board and then became the Book Review Editor, and finally became the Regional Advisor, India, for them). It gave me the necessary contacts to enhance my knowledge as well as gave me contacts to conduct seminars/workshops.
10th May 2012 From United Kingdom
Simhan sir, I would like to attend for HR conferences, which are held in INDIA. Where could i get HR conference details?
31st July 2012 From India, Gurgaon
You can getthe info by searching the web. For example, see Conference Alerts - Search events by field <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )
More links at Google
31st July 2012 From United Kingdom
Thanks to everyone who has given these inputs and shared their taught....
I feel the all above inputs would be much helpful for the beginners like me...
Hope you all continue the same....
I have also started doing my Ph.d (distance) and I will post my experience in the near future...
With Regards,
Human Resource Executive,
Amoeba Publishing Solutions,
9th August 2012 From India, Madras
Greeting to All

I agree with you Mr Simhan. All the aspirants and the people who already have started their research work need to put their best efforts and must attend their respective Conferences/Seminars in their field, because this will not just allow them to get familiar with the latest updates and development which can will help them in the study but much more. These kind social and professional gathering/meets, also connect the people to each other and as we all know that in this big world we must have good networking which is also help in our research by many ways. In fact Networking plays a really important role today.

Requst : Sir can we have all Phd Discussion on a single spotlight. It would be better if we can get all the discussions under a single thread or can we have a TAB/FORUM for Phd

>Hello Mr Balaji,

Hello, first I would like to wanna express my sincere thanks for being part of our this discussions and your every shared experience will be highly appreciated as this can help many here.

Second, our best wishes are always with you for your research study and very best of luck for your good, successful future.

>Hello Mr Prasad, if you wanna attend HR conferences, you just need to keep your eyes always open with the activities of HR World. Many people used to share details/information about upcoming HR conferences/Meet

We also need to have options/chances like to have a CiteHR Meet in our own region and that you can do at your own. I am doing so and can share how you can proceed.

Step- 1 by using option to get regional discussions, you can get contacts/member of our CiteHR in your local area.

Step -2 You need to speak to your all local contact about a CiteHR Meet.

Step -3 be in touch with all the agreed member/people and have discussion regularly

Step -4 Set any good place to have a HR meet on a mutual discussion with them

Step -5 Set any day (Sunday or any holiday) to have this meeting

You can use any place such as

- if students, can use collage library, garden area, collage classroom or canteen area after collage time with prior permission of your collage authority

-a friend’s house (or garden area),

- for other working people (if manage) can use Gymkhana Club, Community Center, or set any social gathering place -or any good comfortable place where you can sit and discuss
9th August 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Hi all,
I'man MBA graduate who wish to do Phd by distance mode. My field is Training and development. Can any one suggest me the topic in this area? I hv a desire to become a Trainer. Apart frm ISTD which university offers the Diploma programme in T&D in India?
11th February 2013 From India, Coimbatore
Hi, I am Indira, I am from Bangalore, India, wanted to do PhD - HRM. Please guide me how to go through the same like topic selection, university,
3rd May 2017 From India, Bengaluru
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