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Thread Started by #deepti.lakhani

Dear All,
Please help me in this matter. An employee has applied for leaves( all are LWP) as follows:
1. 7 days in April '12, reason- marriage of his nephew
2. 6 days in May'12, reason- marriage of relative in In-Laws
3. 5 days in June'12, reason- mother's death aniversary ritual
NOTe: Employee has to go from Mumbai to Kerala ( by train) in the all the above leaves
We have sanctioned June leave , please let me know that whether we can allow his April & May leave. Does any company allows such leaves for continous 3 months?
Thanks for reading & helping me.
Hope I get my query solved.
23rd March 2012 From India, Thana
Thanks Mr. amit for replying.
Following are the employee details:
Designation- PA
Job profile- Reprting to MD, he is supposed to reply & communicate on company's ID & also reply on MD's behalf
DOJ- 6/11/2008
Leaves- he takes 1 /2 days leaves only if sick or for his personal work/ to attend pooja.
When he is on leave , job is handed over to me ( i don't mind working, but I have to answer MD whether to allow such continous leave)
23rd March 2012 From India, Thana
In that case Deepti you must inform your MD bcz he is direct responsible for his work and MD could have lots of work and issues to discuss with im directly. Your duty is to inform your MD about his absence or maybe he has already informed him and taken the approval accordingly but you dont have information about it.
Overall you must inform your MD first and later to your HR Department
23rd March 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Deepti
Hope you are having the Leave application format. As an employee he might have filled the same and got approved for that leave. From where you are having some problem about his approval. The approval part must be done by the Director (HR) as he is working as PA to MD. Once HR Director has approved his leave after obtaining the concent from MD, he might have proceeded on leave. In this case from where you got the doubt of approval of his leave.
From Mumbai to Kerala it will take only 2 days for both the journey by train. He is serving in your organisation since 2008. As he is having direct interaction with MD for about 4 years period, he will be having good rapport. So you can pass this message to the MD as an information and not a complaint, as it may revert back against you.
So please handle the situation diplomatically.
Wish you all the best
23rd March 2012 From India, Kumbakonam
Amit Sir, MD is knowing about the matter, he has asked me to find out whether we can give him such leaves. his qstn is hw can an PA ask for such leaves?
23rd March 2012 From India, Thana
OK then just check the balance leave on his account and informed your MD about the status and also that this too much amount of leave cant be approved. As your MD has inquired himself about it and showed his concern, your duty is to get him familiar with everything and situation along with the employment terms and rules & regulations.
Even I wonder how he can make the request for leaves like this though he knows his present job and responsibilities towards a MD which matters a lot.
Deepti let your MD know this all but wisely.
23rd March 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Sirs,
Thanks for the reply. Let me inform you first that I am relative of MD & PA's peformance is avg. PA has applied for leave which I had put up in fornyt of MD for sanction, PA is ready for LWP as he is nt having balance leaves.
MD's qstn is being a PA, hw can he go continusly in 3 month on leave?
I have confirmed PA's reason are true, bt as per his profile is he allowed / is it prfsnl to do so?
23rd March 2012 From India, Thana
Dear Deepti If the situation warrants, then let it be anyone, they have to proceed on leave whether with or without pay. So we have to think about the situation and not about the post one holds.
23rd March 2012 From India, Kumbakonam
The issue can be dealt with in the following way.
1) Find out whether your leave policy prohibits an employee from proceeding on leave in three consecutive months because the law does not prohibit it.
2) If answer to point no: 1 is 'NO'. Asceratin whether he has adequate leave at credit in his leave account;
3) If the answer to pint no:2 is yes, asceratin whether the reason for which he applied for leave is justified or you have adequate reason to refuse his leave,. Though leave is not a matter of right, it is advisable that the employee should not gain the impression that sanction of leave is matter of whim of the mangement.
4) If you are satisfied with above circumstances, you can recommend his leave to CMD.
HR & Labour Law advisor
23rd March 2012 From India, Mumbai
Thnx Mr. Amit & Mr. Saikumar,
I believe allwog him for this leave & giving warng that no leaves vl b allwd fo further 3 months is a solution.
Mr. SaiKumar, we dont have as such leave policy except 21 PL & 4 CL for a yr aftr confirmation, PA is nt havg leave balance , reason is justified. After readg review I feel giving warng would be better.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
24th March 2012 From India, Thana
Dear Deepti
As per your leave policy per year an employee is entitled for 21 days PL, but the PA has availed only 18 days PL in 3 months. with balance 3 days PL & 4 days CL he has to run the entire 9 months.
In this context where you are facing the problem or what makes you to think that PA has violated any leave policy which attracts any warning letter.
24th March 2012 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Deepti,
Firstly, it is important to consider your leave rules ie, whether you provide EL, SL, CL. If you have the same the employee (who so ever he might be) is eligible to take leave if he has balance leave in his account.
Also you need to check his old leave records, if he is a case of habitual absenteeism then you can give him a warning letter of habitual absenteeism and you can reject his leave application.
Anyways, the work never gets stop whether the employee is there or not, if he is on leave other person dose his work, work never stops. If the person is a PA it does not mean he do not have social life and cannot avail leave. If there are some very important work/ audit etc. then the leaves shall not be approved.
Thanks & Regards
24th March 2012 From India, Mumbai
1st off all you need to check on the leave policy. if employ has got enough leave balance and the leaves are approved in advance nothing can be done. Further we may warn him orally and can be asked/educated him to reduce the leave from 7 days to 4 or 3 days or something like that.
its all depends upon the company Leave policy and procedures, especially for permanent employ if he is
24th March 2012 From India, Raipur
Dear Deepti
As you mentioned that all leaves are LWP, what is the meaning of LWP whether it is leave with pay or leave without pay.
If it is leave with pay than identify her past leave record if it is satisfactory enough and reason for leave is justified than you can just tell her to improve her leave record in future.
If it is leave without pay than its mean that she is a habitual leave taker and must be dealt with discipinary action as applicable in your company.
24th March 2012 From India, Rupnagar
Dear Dipti,
Greetings for the day,
As Amit is true to tell that employee first to get his leave sanctioned from the directors then benifit should be granted secondly being an HR professionel you must approach to the reporting authority to whom that employee was reporting the get the approval afterward you proceed.
thanks & regards,
Sumit Kumar Saxena,
25th March 2012 From India, Ghaziabad
Dear Deepti,
The employee has given advance intimation for leave required with reasons. There is no bar that leave should not be given in 3 consecutive months.
If the employee's past leave records do not show such incidents, you can approve all the leaves and make him happy. Forget the ""warning letters"" for such small not good HR practice according to me. Perhaps an oral caution would suffice.
Advance intimation facilitates you to take suitable alternate arrangements for smooth working of the organisation.
After all, what would YOU do when you have similar social/domestic commitments...?? Apply for leave..right !
25th March 2012 From India, Madras
Dear Deepti,
Dont you think it is rather late in the day to ponder over whether leave applied for by an employee in the months of April and May should be allowed or not and leave applied for by the same employee is sanctioned for the month of June.
Please let us know how the period of absence of the concerned employee has been treated in the muster roll for the months of April and May. Also examine the reasons mentioned by the employee for which he took leave. If you are satisfied that the request for leave is on genuine grounds then please go ahead and grant him leave as requested by him and in accordance with the Company's leave policy/rules.
As a proactive measure you may like to counsel him to be regular and maintain a healthy attendance record.
Best Wishes,
Vasant Nair
25th March 2012 From India, Mumbai
I think a company need to balance work life and personal life, as you said he has worked for 4 years now and have taken 0.5 days leaves per month due to sick or some other reason, this shows that he is a responsible person, he worked for half day when he was sick.

Now that he need leave for his crucial situation happening at home we should support him. these are the situations when company can build its long term relationship with an employee. Knowing that he is handling a most responsible role in company, but apart from it he is also a family man.

I will share my experience in my last company, I was a HR Manager and after a year I had to take maternity leave for 3 months and also took extension of 2 more months, after that when I rejoined I had also asked for a request to work on half days for a month, thereafter I had also got adjustable working hours, instead of reporting office at 9 am, I got authority to report at 11 am and can leave once I complete my responsibility for a day. I would also manage calls from home.

I am really greatful that I have worked with a company who was so much supportive, this is how I spread my message to everyone about the goodwill of a company.

I think you should help him and ask the valid documents for the leaves, if you are satisfied with the documents provided, discuss with your MD and go ahead for granting a leave, he will be greatful about the company.


26th March 2012 From India, Mumbai
Dear Deepti,
Refer his previous record to check his leave status. If he is regularly taking leave for the past 6 months, the action should be taken on him. If not you can approve the leave if there is no urgent work or need of him.
26th March 2012 From Kuwait, Kuwait
I was very much impressed the way you guide the Employees/er with their company issues...
So please tell me how to draft a mail if one employee has taken the leave without intimating either HR or any Senior.
But she has informed one of our employee.So here my question is..if she could inform another employee but why cant she inform to Hr/Company?
So i would like to give a serious warning about this issue.And the way she replies to HR its not at all a professional as if there is no need of intimating to HR.
Kindly reply me.
6th August 2012 From India, Hyderabad
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