Good Afternoon,
Dear seniors,
One of my Friend(sole Properitor) started a Contract Manpower consultancy. He wants to get registered with ESIC before starts to recruit and depute employees to different places, so that they can be registered with the esi and avail the benefits.
But when he enquired about this in the local esi office(in Trichy, Tamilnadu) they said that there should be minimum of 20(as per act) employees to register for esi. But my question here is that, if an employee mets with an accident (without registration because of the 20 slap) what will happen and who is responsible for that compensation. Canít he register with esi ?
If incase can he go for a mediclaim policy like that for the employees and his contract who will be working in different places.
Kindly your guidance needed for him to proceed further.
Thanks & Regards

From India, Tiruchchirappalli
Now the ESI Act is applicable if the number of employees is 10. If you do not get ESI registration the compensation payable in case of death or accidents while on duty as per Workmen's Compensation Act will have to be borne by you. Moreover, without ESI and EPF Registration it will be difficult for you to get outsourcing contracts from companies. In order to overcome this you may make your establishment as having 20 employees (since for PF coverage you require 20) by including some casual employees names as if they have worked for a day or two and in respect of them you have paid wages. Once you get the registration you can show them as not working or left.

From India, Kannur
Mr. Madhu is correct. You can show 20 employees to get PF and ESIC registration and then show them as left. You can give names of known members say family , friends who can withdrawn PF contribution paid by you.
Let me know if you need any help in registration.

From India, Thana
Dear sir,
How can i show 20 employees and contribution for 2 or 3 days.
Kindly clarify pls.
I find it difficult when i enquired the local esi office they said that minimum 20 employees should be there for the last 6 six months.
I am from trichy, tamilnadu
Thanks in advance

From India, Tiruchchirappalli
Dear seniors,
50 members working in our Charitable trust based organisation, can we receive benifit of ESI and PF and other benefits? we are not received any benifit receive include Bonus, is it right?

From India, Delhi
Dear Seniors, What is the salary limit of starting ESI and PF,
From India, Delhi
Dear Seniors, What is the salary limit of starting ESI and PF by Rajan
From India, Delhi
Hi i have opened the manpower. Now i am started temp staffing in bangalore. Kindly inform me and guide me for registration for esi & pf. Regards Raghuram B N
From India, Delhi
Dear All pl let me know that ESIC & PF are applicable on construction Company or construction contractor at site
From India, Delhi
The issue regarding coverage of construction employees under ESI Act, 1948 was earlier also discussed in this citeHR many times. Link of one of such recent discussion is mentioned as below. Hope, you will find the same relevant to issue raised by you.

From India, Noida

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