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Hi Seniors,
I have joined one organization and after 15 days the HR called and said that in my background verification they have found something which is RED and so they again asked me to submit few other document which i have already submitted.I was not having good relation with my last to last organization manager and he told my new company that i was forcefully asked to resign which is completely incorrect and i resign myself and I having all my relieving letters as well as F & F statement.Moreover I report to there manager's but my new company asked information from only one.Further to that I worked for 4 companies and there my record is always good. Now I being terminated without given fair chance to even prove my honesty.
Now I am jobless and I really dont know what to do.Would request if anyone can help me out so that I can stand myself infront of the company.

Some Background screening agency are verified Employment verifications also last time you are doing job 4 companies.He is not provide any proper information that is also a one negative reason.
All my education as well my employment details are original and I showed the company HR all the original documents when he asked me the same.Request you help in this regard Sir.

I may have to begin with the bad news. Many a times a background verification, lands up with an heresy rather than objective consideration of facts and data. A personal comment from an ex-reporting manager, hence ends up weighing a lot more than the scores and ranking received, during the employment.

However, the degree of being affected, shows the thought process of a new employer. This seems to be a futile suggestion, but please stop brain storming on this and apply for a new job. This time, couple your references with recommendation from the Industry leaders and people of repute. Feedback from your faculties will add a value, if that is connected to the role you are applying for.

Write to every reputed leader you have worked for, requesting for a recommendation letter. Let this remain beyond your employers. Include any volunteering or support activity that you may have been a part of.

This effort cannot completely erase the negative feedback , but add greater emphasis on your strengths. Hope this helps. Wish you all the best!

This particular case shows the flaw in the system of conducting background checks.It is so absurd that a person is being hauled over the coals because his ex reporting manager did not like him and has provided a negative feedback. This is so grossly unfair. Organisations should be a little more objective in judging people and should not use faulty parameters to decide an employees fate.
This kind of thing happens a lot and needs ot stop. A manager dislikes a former employee and gives a bad reference, so it becomes hard to be accepted at another job.
One key thing is what the former manager actually said. If what he said is defamatory, ie it is untrue and made maliciously, then it might be he could be held to legally account for it and to make good any damages to you as a result of his behaviour. The damages you will have suffered if what he said was defamatory will include your loss of earnings from your new employment up until the time when you obtain new employment.
The trouble with this is that to try and take action against the manager can be costly if you have to consult a lawyer.
However people with malicious behaviour does need to be addressed. They can't ruin peoples lives just because they don't like them.

Dear Terry,
I echo your concern. However, I am yet to find any solution to it. As you have mentioned, legal assistance would go too far, often without any result. The statement made by the managers are so open ended, that there might hardly be any point to test upon. A feedback about attitudes is extremely vague. Until and unless, there is a direct comment botching up a real incident, such as, the one in question, 'employee was fired even when it was a clear resignation', it would remain far from being be testified at the court of law.

(Cite Contribution) Madam , Kaushikbhowal Sir and Mr. Terry ,Thank you so much for your sharing your valuable thoughts.

(Cite Contribution) Madam, I do agree that reporting manager comment does matters a lot but in my case I used to report two managers before this new manager joins and my rapo with these two previous managers are good.So my question is that when they verified why they go for the last one manager's comment and not anything else. Further more the HR from the company where i joined told me that I was forcefully asked to resign as told by my manager which is completely incorrect because I resigned by myself and I also got my reliving letters as well as F & F statement.My point is that if I was asked to resign then why the company will give me relieving letter or anything as such.I am aware of the fact that just fighting with the matter wont help me and I need to find a job asap but its not related me only because it might happen to anyone any time.And moreover I think if the company is so very strict about their verification they must done it prior to the person join because once someone resigned from their services and spent almost a month in the new organization and the new one do this kind of things, then where the employee will go and what about his career and future.

Dear Terry,
I am in agreement with (Cite Contribution). Please start looking for a fresh job. While doing so please do not quote the current job in question and also take care of the one where you got the red mark from.
entering into legal battle against the one who gave you red marking will be expensive and unnecessary process. However, you may like to write to the concerned your side of the story leading to your resignation from that organisation requesting him to give correct picture at reference check, as there was no personal enemity between you and him and that it will do no good to make an adverse response to the reference check. Please ensure the language to be proper and courteous.
While applying elsewhere, at the time of interview or so you may share the letter in question to straighten facts from your side.
Good luck.

Thanks Mr. Joshi,
I already started searching for jobs as obvious but i just wanted to raise the matter as it might hamper anyone in future also including me.After my termination only, i mailed many of the people in the TOP management as well the HR country head to verify the matter once again and also give me the exact reason of my termination but its really sad that till date I have not received any revert from their side.Another thing is that as far as i think one should go by majority as I worked for total four companies but they just see that bad part of one which is also fake.(People might have issues with his/her seniors and I admit I had issues with my manager but my work performance was always good)).I know if GOD graces I will get a job soon but i think its a matter of justice and so I approach this site as I always used to check this site for reference.

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