Dear Seniors,
One of my colleague working in my company as GM (IT) who don't have any knowledge about the new technology etc.. He don't have any work but he is busy with back biting of the employees. His approach is always negative.
He don't have good relations with other employees and each and every employee is internally against that guy.
Kindly suggest how we can convert that guy from negative to positive.
Kindly suggest.

From India, Jaipur
Mr Ajaysheel,
Though I am not experienced but since I am HR I have seen one thing that when such circumstances arises u can do following things:
Counsel him either with councellor if company has any or else if senior who is close to him can have a word with him ,
Just surround him with people who has positive attitude which will create positive environment around him and
If he is very outspoken an extrovert you can show him how his attitude is affecting the whole team and being a GM team work should matter and he should show a good leadership style rather than setting a bad example on his juniors.
I hope this will help you out to change his attitude as loyal employees are always a long time asset to a company they don't depreciate but always appreciate.

From India, Mumbai

Associate-: Consulting Firm
Hi there :)

"A man can be taught everything accept thinking"

Its good to see that people like you are there, who wants to help their colleague.

Friend, This whole world is full of lots of people who can preach on thinking +ve but Most them won`t be able to advice you on how to do so?

The reason is not because, the method is not there. No absolute no........

The reason is that this comes from inside, from experiences... and Most of the trainers or people have just read it. They haven`t experienced it.

I may sound little arrogant but first you need to realize that it is difficult to change the way a person thinks.

This can only be achieved by the person himself.But still, as you have said that you want him to become positive.

you can Appreciate his +ve attributes

Back biting is a symptom that he is unsatisfied with his own performance.

send him in few seminars on +ve thinking.

To make his approach +ve, you need to make your office environment more open and collaborative

You need to tell straight away about the qualities of him which are not appreciated by others

Give him some books in this regards

Make him responsible for few employees( evaluate their + ve qualities only and only +vr ones)

Ask him to tell what he really don`t like and why ( It should be done in private)

There are many more ways to achieve the task, there are plenty of wise people, who will suggest us both on how to achieve this.

Ashish Paliwal

Wisdom from an idiot : Ashish Paliwal

From India, Delhi
I thing u should dignosis this problem, when this guy say some thing wrong or negative, inerlization very important to change think, why we responsible and how may change. I think this massege coming from another staff, when any staff say some thing agianst that guy you should say that time" not said me if you have any problem you have to share with them." Now you will find massege not or less to come to you.
From India, Delhi
Dear all,
Thank you for the reply. But the person is GM (IT) in my organisation and I am working as DGM (HR), I hv counselled him and tried to surround him by +ve people but he doesn't want to talk anybody in the organisation. Sitting idle in his room because he hvn't any work. He is doing work in Fox-pro 2.0. No new technology has been introduced since last 20 years.
Now he is taking print screen of any computer of the employee (whatever he is doing personal) and send it to CMD. "" AREY TEL LAGATA HA BHAI". Nobody in the organisation is like him.
Kindly suggest what i can do to improve his qualities so that company will not suffer.

From India, Jaipur
In 90% of companies it people are planted by senior management itself to wtach various activities and becuse they have close inner realtions with top management other people do not digest this. If the person is holding gm post can not be under estimated and you have to accept the fact that top managment sometime ask these people to get this kind of confidential reports to them. Since they get technology in their hand and top managements hand on their shoulder they seem negative but actually they are asked to do so. If you want to change this then you have to become his/her friend not he/she will become your friend and gain confidance so that you can convey what you experience. I am having 35 years of experience in hr and found that to watch worker's activity hr is there but to watch hr people/staff activity top management always keep this kind of close people.
From India, Jaipur
Mr Ajaysheel, I think smnishi is right. But i would suggest that observe him more keenly before taking any steps. Regards, Urmi.
From India, Mumbai

Mr.Ashis Paliwal has put the problem in right perspective.The external conduct is a reflection of the internal thinking. Backbiting is a diehard habit . No day passes for such people unless they din other's ears with negative feed back. Habits are the result of actions repeated several times. Actions are the result of the attitudes. Attitudes are the result of thinking. Thinking is influenced by emotions and feelings. If a person experiences the emotion of insecurity or fear of loosing some thing he is sticking to -whether it is a post or power- he may entertain thoughts as to how to make his position secure.Such thoughts take the negative character. His thoughts, when translated into action, may manifest in the form of mudsliging againsnt others whom he views as his competetitors. Therefore changing him is not an overnight miracle. You need to understand the root cause for this negative behaviour and then apply solutions.It requires total change of personality and cannot happen by supplying few books on positivism or by surrounding him with postive people.It deamnds a long drawn, sustained and tenacious effort to bring about such change. You need to take the help of specialists if required. All the same, it is laudable that you thought of changing a negative personality. this i snot discourage you but to alert you to the fact that the cahnge does not happnen with a dose of few sermons on the merits of positivisim.


HR & labour Law advisor


From India, Mumbai

Self employed

It is an interesting problem. Let me ask you some questions to which you need to answer frankly (at least within yourself) before indulging in any corrective steps:

1. Is there no role definition and KRA / KPI for the GM (IT)? How was he inducted in the system, with what expectations?

2. Even if there is no direct KRA for GM (IT), there should be company directives through mission statements for IT department from the top management. These mission statements very well form the KRA for the GM (IT).

3. Is there no periodical performance appraisal in your organization?

4. Have you come to the conclusion about the person believing circumstantial evidence (hearsay etc.) or direct observation?

5. As the person on whom you allege is definitely senior to you, what kind of interactions did you have and how justified are you in making statements like "he has no work" etc.?

6. Have you ever thought of presenting a case with solid supporting evidences to your superiors, management? This is your primary and paramount responsibility as HR person? If so, with what result?

7. Doing everything using Foxpro does not mean that he is not an IT man. After all technology is to be used for making man's time free. Not using latest technology does not necessarily mean that the person is not technically equipped. Did you company invest in latest technologies?

8. Last but not the least, whom does he back-bite about employees with? How does this affect the organization? Is not the top management ceased of the issue?

Majority of us always keep the problem very near our eye, and it obliterates the world beyond, making us think that the problem is so big. Just get away from the problem, you will realize its real size.

Best regards,

K Raajaram

From India, Bangalore
Thank you Nishi, Urmi, saikumar for your valuable suggestions. As suggested by Mr Paliwal, Mr Nishi and Mr Saikumar I will find out the route cause and will try my best.
Mr Rajaram K - The questioned asked, I have already worked on that and then I have started the discussions. Most of the answer are negative. My organisation is 30 years old and the guy joined this organisation as Assistant (IT) and later on he became GM (IT). The technology is changing day by day , each and every person has to update himself with the technology.
Anyway, thanks for your reply will try to find out some solution.
Thanks once again to all of you.

From India, Jaipur

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