Dear All, I need a sample letter for employee who habitual not punch in /out. Thanks Jane
27th February 2012 From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Dear Jane,
Warning Memo
The Management has been observed that, while you are attending duty you are not recording your attendence card on Computerised attendance system by punching your card for In and Out. It is very difficult to mark your presenty.
Therefore, you are hereby advised to be punctual, and record your attendance on computerised punching system regularly whithout fail, or other wise Management will have not other alternative than to initiate disciplinary action against you.
Mahesh A Patil
27th February 2012 From India, Mumbai
Hi Jane,
I have tried to frame the mail in positive manner. Hope this will be useful.
Hi all,
It has come to our notice that some of the team members are not punching their attendance on regular basis as a result of which we have to mark leave against their name in lieu of any information.
We will appreciate your efforts in ensuring that you are making it a habit of regularly punching your attendance. This will help to create a better system for the organizational growth and development.
Hope your efforts will help us to create an effective system.
Looking forward for your support.
28th February 2012 From India, New Delhi
Dear Jane,
I feel there is no need to give any letter, orally you can warn him only on the number of days in the computer by punching will be calculated for the salary.
See how this will practically clear your problem.
28th February 2012 From India, Madras
But this has to correct on the day one, because if there is any problems on out side HR department has to answer legally.
So Be alert on this matter. When the workers coming inside of the factory they should show their id card to the security and then enter. We are having this practice very strictly to avoid problems.
28th February 2012 From India, Madras
Dear Mr.XYZ,
It has been revealed from our time office records that you are not bringing your attendance card to the office since (Date).
We are afraid to inform you that as per the company’s HR policy the employees have to mark their attendance by punching in the attendance card only and if any employee forget to bring the attendance card to the office, he / she would be marked absent for that / those particular day(s).
You are hereby advised to mark your attendance by punching the attendance card only else it would be deemed to be willful non-compliance of the company’s HR policy and you would be liable for disciplinary action.
We expect you will adhere to the company’s HR policies in near future and make it a healthier place to work in.
Human Resource Department
hope this would solve the pupose the way it is doing in our organisation.
Abhinav Tiwari
29th February 2012 From India, New Delhi
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