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There has been a range of views here on this subject and the consensus appears to be that the person concerned be fired for dishonesty.

That's ok, but it doesn't solve the overall problem.

Cheating, overstating qualifications, forging qualifications, etc etc is a world wide problem and is growing all the time as the job market tightens and people get desperate.

You only have to look at the postings here on CiteHR for people asking for ready made projects etc for their MBA's, rather than them doing the work that is required of them to obtain the qualification.

So Sheetalshr's company can go ahead and fire the guy or they can take him to court. Why waste the money is the first question I'd ask. Some of you feel that this will teach people a lesson. Fine in theory, doesn't work in practice.

The most important question that no-one has asked or commented on is - What happened to the recruitment process in this company??

Many of you here will know me and the comments I have made many times about Recruitment and Selection.

All companies need a full, thorough and robust recruitment and selection process in place to recruit the right people for the job. It is not rocket science.

However, I am fully aware that no process is foolproof. But if you have a process, it is well documented, the staff trained, and that process is followed TO THE LETTER, then you go a long way toward finding the right person who will serve your company well with minimal risk.

The second question I'd ask of Sheetalshr is - what has been the performance on the job during the last 2 months for this guy? Is he doing the job well, is he fitting in, is he making a positive contribution to the company? Rightly, he needs to be carpeted for his dishonesty, but maybe he can keep the job, accept a reduction in pay and no eligibility for increments for a year or two, so that he proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is worthy and has learnt his lesson.

There are other ways to discipline people - without destroying their whole life.
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Dear professionals, i am in need of esi and pf codes, could YOU please help me to know the procuders..?
Dear professionals, i am in need of esi and pf codes, could YOU please help me to know the procuders ..?
Hi Adapa

My apologies for coming as harsh and rude, but nevertheless itís a sad reality of our generation. You have presented an excellent POV on why such problem exist. While I was pursuing MBA, teachers I had were such substandard and lacked even basic ethics. I wondered there was no emphasis on subjects of ethics. It was considered a mere theory. There was no specific subject or exam in such regard.

Itís us who has created a negative environment for our coming generations to behave in such blatant erratic manner. We have become lenient in all walk of life blaming others for creating negative environment. From lack of civil etiquettes to corporate. We are accepting below standard behaviour and ethics to meet are immediate needs.

Aussie John has provided an excellent approach and root cause analysis of hiring a wrong candidate. It was recruitment teamís responsibility to ensure candidate is all clear. Also at the same time, companies have to ensure a flexible recruitment approach in hiring. Candidate shall be judged on his capability too. There are tests and interview techniques to ensure a candidate is fit for the job or not.

However, faking an experience on document is not a small innocent lie on the face to win a job. Depending on case to case. This represent a scheming and manipulative mindset of a candidate. There could be several reasons what made candidate fake an experience.

Candidate has knowledge but wish to make it stronger by backing up with fake experience. This represents lack of confidence.

Candidate has jumped too many jobs salivating for higher pay packages. Now he has realized his mistake and wants to present a stable cute picture on CV, so he fakes an overwhelming halo effect experience.

Candidate is merely got brainwashed in the hype by peer pressure and practice. So he goes on to imitate his friendís style to win a similar job. Thinking this as common harmless practice to get plum jobs.

Only plausible solution I see is, effective, smart and investigative recruitment approach by the company. Also give credit to the candidate on what he knows and he is capable of, rather than sealing their fate to past work experiences. Interviewers needs to break the ice and explore the real person within the candidate.
Hi All,

After reading and agreeing with most of the above comments on fake experience provided by an employee, I would like to comment on the areas that have been affected by this fake experience proof.

Two thinks have to be considered before taking any action; firstly was the decision to hire based on the experience proofs produced and secondly was the salary offered based on the previous experience?

If the answer to the first question is yes and if experience is absolutely necessary for the job profile, then there is no choice but to ask the employees to leave the job or to terminate him/her.

If answer is in affirmative only for the second question, then company is within right to discuss, put on record the matter and reduce the salary.

Although I completely agree that dishonestly should not be encouraged at any stage, I am also of the opinion that a person can be given a chance to change.

The above approach will help in setting a deterrent and also solving this issue in a fair manner.


Dear All,
encountering fake experience after two months shows the flaw in the HR system of the co, it is always said "prevention is better than cure". In this case I would advice to fire the employee and control such mistakes in future...no legalities please.
Good suggestion! The reference check can be done before issuing the offer letter to a candidate. The candidate may submit the resignation letter to the current employer based on the offer letter issued by the organisation. In meanwhile if you found the that he has given you fake details you might cancel his offer letter so you are required to start the recruitment process again which result in waste of time.
It is better if you can do the reference check before issuing the offer to a candidate so that both the candidate and the employer may not suffer in future and can avoid unnecessary issues.
Swathi G
Dear Sheetal,

In the appointment order it would normally be specified that in case the person offered appointment provides wrong information or conceals any information which subsequently proves against the interest of the compoany or misrepresents the facts and in doing so he gets the appointment, such misrepresentation/concealing of facts, would result in summery dismissal of the person doing so. Alternatively company policy or the Standing orders may also have such clause stating to the effect that if any employee is found to have concealed, misrepresented or provided wrong/fake information/facts, initiation of suitable disciplinary proceedings resulting in termination of contract or summery dismissal of services could also be incorporated.

Principles of Natural Justice provides that any benefit attained by misrepresenting the facts, providing wrong information, concealing the facts would go against the person doing so. Keeping this in view your company can severe the contract of appointment entered into with the person giving such wrong/fake information (Fake experience whatever you may call). Hope I could make the matter clear.


Joga Rao
Dear Friends,

I beg to defer from most of the comments recd. pro fake certificate. One HR team at the best take the responsibility of verifying antecedents and a references given can provide some general remarks on the candidates' thro' second hand information. On the contrary the veracity/authenticity of a certificate attached by the candidates to the prospective employer cannot be taken note of by the References leave alone taking the responsibility of its genuineness. How it is going to be possible even for the employer to verify all the certificates attached by the candidates ? Why not there could be a fake certificate for date of birth also.

We have seen just recently our top most general of India raising a dispute of his date of birth after 3-4 decades of distinguished service upon which our top most judiciary got embarrassed to sit in judgment. Imagine with this backdrop of the difficulty and disappointment of HR after the candidate has been selected and appointed after due process. Of course nowadays there are innumerable universities and obtaining fake certificates also a matter of a few thousand rupees. And needless to sa, to prepare a fake certificate of experience is just a matter of 20 or 30 rupees. All said and done such incidents cast more pressure on HR.

Employer-employee relationship is built on mutual trust any breach on either side devoid of circumspect commissions and omissions strains one's confidence reposed. The real danger lies when it becomes a precedent for others to follow suit.

Hi Sheetal,

I totally agree what everyone has commented on you post.....but being an HR professional, we should counsel such employee,then contact his previous employers & get valuable inputs about his career record,his relations with colleagues & his overall behaviour in organisation. At the same time try to get the information about his family background also & understand why & under what circumstance he had committed such mistake,after finding all such information, see whether it is deliberate or due to some social,family responsibility he did this to get good job.....if u find it deliberate then just sue him & do not show any soft corner to him; but if it is due to some basic family responsibility try to counsel him & take in writing from him about this fraud & ask him to resign with immediate effect.Such approach by company will definitely make that employee thing twice before joining new company with same mistake. Coz, I know how shameful & painful is being terminated due to Fraudulence as I have seen my close friend facing such incident at beginning of his career.

The reason behind opting such approach is just to save the career being spoiled or destroyed for any innocent on whom his family is depended. I agree "Chori is Chori" whether it is of Rs.1 or Rs.1 crore!!! but being an HR we must analyse the situation & then take proper decision. No doubt, for such fraud, that employee must get punishment but severity & aftershock effects of such punishment should be analysed by us before taking any decision.And I am sure collecting information from his previous employers & family will not be that time consuming. After all being an HR Professional we have "to develop not to destroy".


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