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i would like to tell some scenarios there are many candidates who
worked years in companies but no option with out putting fake
1)working for company from several years when they want to relieve
from the company will not relieve and will not give experience
letters? what about them?
2)in x company i quarreled with the manager thats manger mistake and
after some days with out notice he send out from the company?then i
can not move to courts i dont have such money to do all the stuff
3)the companies takes me by telling development project and they kept
me in support?if i resign here the next company asks me why u worked
very less time
4)the companies takes me by telling 6 months training but they give
direct work?
5)the companies takes me by telling u have to stay 8 hrs they will put
pressure to stay 12 hrs?
6)the company takes me for x technology which i am interested but the

From India, Hyderabad
Hussain Zulfikar
Hris Implementation, Payroll, Recruitment,
+5 Others

but they
will move to other then?
7)bank statement why should i give my personnel property to company?
8)some companies fire in rescission so how can i fill the gap?
9)the company wants me to join in nly 15 days but my notice period is
3 months then?even in ur company also 3 months but u ask to join in 15
10)what if my previous company closed because lack of projects
11)what if my previous has doing business for giving fake experience
with taking huge money
like this there are 100s of problem from candidate perceptive who will
answer these all
the govt has to follow some standards to do all and if company takes a
candidate weather he is fake or genuine they need to keep as promises
made and if they want to do any verificaton they have to do before
offerletter release?

From India, Hyderabad
The government has to to take strict action against companies in which
they lie while recruiting candidate there should also list of
blacklisting companies if they torture employees in NAASCOM.
If the companies try to spoil the candidates future by keeping in NSR
in lifetime there will be day by the employees to break the IT COMPANY
AND ALSO MY SUGGESTION TO ALL IT companies please do any bg check
before release offfer letter because IT professionals are poor people
if once get the job we will be having lot of hope so please do bg
check before offer letter release if interested.
Because i am writing this by seing one of my friend crying for loosing
job from X company just after joining and moivng his family to one
place to other place.
If any recruiter or HR or anyone has dare to give perfect answer
please reply

From India, Hyderabad
All you said is right. Its by nature that any entity or individual will safe gaurd its/his/her interest first and think of any thing else. Now we as individual has to be smart enough to accomodate ourself to such situation. Either you stick to the policy that you won't show fake experience or else you should be prepared to face the worst of the situation arising out of that.
There is no company or individual who is 100% clean, no matter how big they are or no matter how they brag about their credentials. Believe in yourself and act as per the situation demands. That is all I can infer out from the experience that I have got from at least 7-8 companies inculding public sector (Govt.), Indian based MNCs and other MNCs as well. None of them are different from the other.

From India, Madras
Hussain Zulfikar

Work Experience shall not be faked.

Majority of Instances you posted in your query is lack of proof of work experience. Which shall be honestly conveyed by the candidate to HR personnel.

Usually candidate appears to be holier than thou to prove innocently why they seeking a better job in short period of time. Nowdays, employees have become arrogant and greedy with regards to high salary prospects.

Seeking better prospects is not a sin, but there has to be some sense of stability, respect and integrity towards the company and own self respect. I have come across pathetic professionals who are ready to jump jobs moment they join a company. Just because they dint like the infrastructure, bosses, colleagues (no pretty girls or hunky boys) or came across a tempting offer from another company.

This attitude of “Who-cares” has affected recruitment costs and efficiency of an organization. After jumping jobs, when these candidates realize their foolishness, they resort to faking experiences to prove their credibility.

There are various ways to prove work experiences, lack of documentation shall be explained by the candidate.

Bank statements providing previous salary information is a not a very personal document, when a candidate has legal source of incomes and taxes paid duly, one shall not be afraid from providing bank statements to substantiate previous salary received.

If a company does not provide relieving letter, reason shall be ascertained. Candidate can provide reason in writing and relevant professional reference to support work experience claims.

Family relocation, Medial leaves, education gaps are acceptable reasons for HR to consider reasons of living with substantiated proofs.

When employee is hired, contracts are signed by them in complete sanity. Clauses in the contract states, services of the employee shall be used as per management’s discretion depending on prevailing situations in the company. Employee shall take effort to read the contract and understand its implication in long term.

When a person commits to a company, they shall commit in good faith and fliexibility. If they are so ambitious and particular fixed and rigid headed with idea of working on a particular platform only, then they shall start their own company and throw tantrums around. Employee must take initative and adapt to changing situation, wherein if they are required to work for certain amount of time on mutual understanding with the management then its not a reason to leave.

I find it very absurd for those candidate who leave within one year of employment with judgement that, they were not provided challenging assignments, poor work culture, lack of growth, poor pay grade.

If a candidate is cheated entirely from day one in violation of terms and clauses stated in offer contract, then candidate has valid reason to resign with valid documented proof.

From Kuwait, Salmiya

Dear Mr.Hussain,
You have mentioned in caption statement that Person should atleast work for year,and should have some sense of stability...
BUT do you believe that in initial phase after lots of hard work in MBA/Graduation person should have stability if he is not paid well what he deserves?
I believe that every body rotates his/her jobs becayse of better prospectus and responsibilities..
One should change/rotate jobs for initial two years, and then I AGREE to your vertues, that employee should have stable life in perticular org. and serve that organization...

From India, Mumbai
Hussain Zulfikar

Hi Sangani

I welcome your POV.

There is no contentment to what one deserves (monetory compensation). In our materialistic world, our desire benchmarks are raising day by day Leading to restless hunt for better and bigger pay packages. Any candidate has 2 major reasons to leave a job prematurely (within 1 year)

• Better Prospects (Salary, benefits, material attraction)

• Dislike or Boredom from Current Job profile

The tolerance standards has decreased to few months and days as compared to years in times of our fathers. Along with global prosperity and abundant temptation available in the market to jump jobs. I m not against progressive decision of a candidate to improve its financial standing and self development. But what we see in today’s young workforce a disturbing restlessness to achieve before time and age.

Immature job jumping, lack of knowledge and integrity makes candidate lie or distort facts with work experience. I have come across straightforward cases of gaps in employment being twisted and distorted to win jobs, such acts haunting them later in the career.

What I understand is; you are suggesting one shall experiment in first 2 years of their career kickstart before finalizing on one company and job profile for a stable employment ?

It’s a harmful advise, no offense please. A person who starts with a shaky mindset and keep yearning for bigger and better, as grass “could be” greener on other side would lead to shaping a young moldable mind into job hopper lowering tolerance standards for begining of his professional life, your honest 2 years suggestion would turn into good 4 – 5 years stint of job jumping as valid excuse of experimentation.

Specific professionals, who spend considerable amount of time, energy and resources to acquire niche skills must plan their profession and employment. A job offer must be weighed and thought over. Matured Professional must discipline their minds after accepting a job offer and resuming duty. Else this mindless race will never end.

I m not generalizing my POV to everyone, exceptional cases where employee is cheated, harassed, discriminated or other valid circumstances which leads to job hopping in understandable. But they are rare.

My POV is open to objection and debate. Inputs are welcome.

From Kuwait, Salmiya

Dear Mr. Hussain,

I agree that from ancient time as our father had worked ,this generation can't work.

but as infra,technology,politics,cultures are rapidly changing in todays worl and also they are playing vital role too.

For Eg. if candidate has complited MBA with 80% and he is not getting job after completing his Masters since 4-6 months , and after longtime if He/She get then by only with a few buks.So he/she have to tolerate unemployement durations,Low buks,And apart from this, harassment,unequal discrimination etc if any...

So what on will do??

Obviously want a better then the best prospectus atleast in initial phases what he deserves as he is having good percentage/Knowledge etc...

So not to considering or sticking 2 yrs. as i have mentioned,but that is depend on individual can consider his initial phases for 4-5 yr. as you have mentioned...

What I mean is that,according to situation,person has to take decision on adhoc base...

If in initial phase,an employee is getting gud bucks,and user friendly culture then no body like to change...

And ofcourse it is not so easy to leave our present org. culture and no body leaves too.

Organization also varies in different terms like OD-Intervention,Adhering to Benchmarking or Labour market,ethically etc.if these things are well versed then person will think before rotating his/her job...

We are not here to debate or any thing else but from caption discusion raised by RAJPCS,need to recommend that depend on Internal or External environment one have to take adhoc decision.No one can judge the initial durations for any perticular employee..

One might get good bucks,culture after completing Degree course & one might not get this things too...

Hope no hurtfeeling to any body by this POST.

Thanks & Regards,


From India, Mumbai
Hussain Zulfikar

Hi Sangini

I understand, your practical approach. Sticking to the thread topic, which is about work experience issues. Due to short-tenure-job-hopping candidate creates a web of instability, suspicion and lack of confidence in HR minds about the ability of the candidate. To overcome or distort this perception of HRs, candidates presumingly fakes a stable experience to present credible profile. Which is wrong.

Another plea by many candidates is to consider their job hopping reason to be valid and acceptable by HRs in today’s times. Which I find amusing. Quoting my personal experience from interviews and general talk amongst Social HR groups. I have come across following generalized reasons to job hop !

Better Prospects : Usually it’s an average hike over existing package, candidate is immature or desperate to jump job for more money, shows no remorse or care to leave his current employment within days or months of joining. Ignoring long term growth promised against performance.

Better Profile : Seeking job change or chasing fancy job titles in exaggerated corporate hierarchy. Usually want to escape a challenging target or tough working condition. Please note, this is a subjective issue. Depending on perception and tolerance levels of the candidate and benchmarking of the HRs or Hiring Managers.

Politics / Negative work environment : This reason displays lack of adaptability and people management skills. Politics is a sad reality of our human civilization. We have to adapt and survive through it. resigning from one and getting into another with hope of respite is a fancy dream.

Boredom : Candidate was bored of their jobs within days, months or a year of employment. Quoting reason as monotonous, lack of challenge and fresh assignments. A company is running on such monotonous tasks and generating revenue. An employee throws such mood swings because they have an option to chuck and go for fresh environments rather than take intiative to make their job richer.


We expect educated professionals to be aware of their rights and responsibilities. A credible work experience can be proved from various sources.

A company makes a candidate sign on offer letter agreeing to all stated clause. In good faith, that all credentials presented are valid and legal. Due to urgent business requirements, various formalities such as authentication, background check is done after resuming duty on the job. The onus of providing authentic information is on the candidate. It’s a unfair argument on candidate’s part to make companies accept whatever is dished out by them (untrue) because they have resigned from previous job and now employed and performing in current profile. However many companies are still forgiving in exchange of performance.

Any sane HR accept valid reasons for job change. Problem is when silly and unsubstantiated reasons are dished out and candidate expects them to be accepted. However acceptance of any reason depends on the employer and their needs. What law or government can do in such cases !

We may be creating a culture of mediocrity in professional circles, where employees are resigning at drop of a hat temptation, abscond from work, not fulfill in-hand obligation, throw tantrums, cause wastage of time and resources. And expect next employer to buy our whimsical actions of insecurity, restlessness and desperation as acceptable reason.

From Kuwait, Salmiya

See That is what I told you,Ref Check and All this legal HR practices must be there...
And I am commenting for those candidate who are not taking pre-mature decisions and according to caption Eg. they are willing to get what they deserve but for those who are Over anxious in taking decisions & using fake certificates ethics does not speak..
In short,Angels & Devils are different and it can be applied for bith Employee as well as for Organization...

From India, Mumbai
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