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Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychological Counselor,
Consultant, Writer And Trainer
Gaurang S
Hr Manager
Mba Final Semester Student
Hr Trainee
Lakshmi Sreenivasan
Marketing Manager
Engineer, Journalist, Trainer, Certified
Human Resource Training
Alpana Nigam
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Hi everybody!
I am an MBA specializing in HR & Mktg. I am interested in becomin a "Corporate Trainer". I hv imparted a no. of trainin durin my MBA.
I hv also trained sales Executives while workin as an HR executive in a Real Estate Firm.
Please provide me with some company names in Delhi/NCR where I can apply
I know ill hear from you ppl soon
14th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
hi ppl, Please advice on how do I take my career fwd which will make me a corporate trainer. regards, Pooja
14th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Pooja,

I recommend you joining a company as training manager rather than joining corporate training company as a trainer.

While trainer's job is exciting, one thing should be noted - trainer needs to have his/her own life experiences. If you could rise to the level of HR Manager and then get into training nothing wrong in it.

I always tell to upcoming trainers that words may flow from the mouth of trainer, these originate in his heart. But to originate these in his/her heart he/she should go through the routine grind earlier.

During my days in HR, I was let down by my staff. At times my superiors let down me. But these experiences have taught me a lot.

To share with the participants, you should have your own inventory of failures/ experiences.

As a first step towards this direction, meet your friends, colleagues and ask them what were strange organisation issues that they did come across with. Was their customer satisfaction of highest kind? Jot down all these experiences and later classify them as per the subject so that you can use them in future training modules like Customer Service, Communication Skills etc.

All the best!


Dinesh V Divekar

14th August 2007 From India, Bangalore
I really appreciate your advice... But as I don hv much experience so wanted to know some names of the training companies so as to start my career. I m a keen learner... regards, Pooja
14th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Pooja
You could contact Roshini at Shradha HRD on 09811341600. If she finds you with potential she will not only groom you personally but also build your career in the training industry.
All the best.
or mail her at
14th August 2007 From India, Pune
Thanks a lot Amul I appreciate your help.I have mailed her my resume...do you hv ny personal email id of her. Pls provide me her personal ID if possible regards, Pooja
14th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Pooja
Usually she accesses that mail. If she is traveling or not in office then its different. May you can call her later during the day or tom.
Incase its difficult let me know and I will fix up a meeting.
Take care
14th August 2007 From India, Pune
No problem. I have dropped her a message. You can call even tom. Not an issue. All the best
14th August 2007 From India, Pune
Hi Pooja,
Gud to see ur mail. I hav been working as an executive for one of the logistics company. As suggested by one of the corporate trainers from Bangalore, it is gud for u to start a career in Training & Development Function. Im from the same function looking after All India Training & Development coordination.
Gud Luck!!
098496 13442

14th August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Pooja,
If you are seriously interested in a training career, I agree with Amul in saying that perhaps you should first gain some experience as a training manager in the HR department of some good corporate house. It will help you kick start your career well.
In a corporate house, especially one that is strong on the training aspect (example Aditya Birla group), you can gain exposure to training at various levels. This can prove really helpful when you move into corporate training as an independent trainer.
As for good training companies, I don't know of any in the Delhi/NCR area, but I do know about T.V. Rao Learning Systems (www.tvrls.com). It is founded and headed by Dr. T.V. Rao, who is considered to be the father of HR and Training in India.
The company has offices in Ahmedabad and Bangalore... perhaps you can check out if they have any options for you.
Hope this helps...
14th August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Gaurang,
Thanks for your advice..I hv looked into that site...but I don think they hv nythin in Delhi/NCR...but dey hv gud material related to trng on their website which will be quite useful to me.
thanks a lot!
14th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Pooja,
Some of our friends here has adviced you to join some corporate as Training Manager. I do not agree with them. Since you are a fresher, it would be risky to take such a big jump.
I would suggest to tie up with some Individual Corporate Trainer and learn the ropes or join a company as a Trainer. Collaborating with a Freelance will give you a wide experience and exposure to various corporates and their training needs.
And if you want to go ahead and become a Training Manager in future then join any organisation as a Trainer. This will give you experience not only as a Trainer but you will also learn all the Training Functions and Interventions.
Wish you all the best.
Kunal Ghosh
Training Consultant.
15th August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Kunal,
I really appreciate your advice...I am still searchin for a company which would take me as a trainer / content development executive / BD -training....which will help me understand d areas in Training.
thanks again
15th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Pooja,
I completely agree with Kunal.
I really dont know much since I am also a fresh MBA graduate, but I did my summer internship in the Training & Development Dapartment of a 5 star hotel
According to me you should look out for some position like Training co-ordinator or since you are an MBA graduate u can join as a training executive where in you gain some experience, then u can think of becoming a training manager or asst manger it depends from company to companyor a freelnace trainer
Or u can mail to Sharadha hrd,I think that also a good option
and I would also advice you to do ISTD course,the contact person for Delhi is
Dr Sudhir K Jain
Department of Management Studies
Indian Institute of technology, Delhi
Hauz Khas
New Delhi – 110 016
Ph:(O) 26591168 (R) 26568630
Mob: 9810211681
I wish you a gud luck.

15th August 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi Khushboo,
Thanks for sharing your information.
I have looked into these options...I might as well enroll in some Trng course with ISTD, Delhi.But I still want to enter the training industry as I hv quite good knowledge about trng n den move into these courses l8r with my job.
as I am an MBA I hv conducted a no. of trng sessions which will always b an added advantage for me. I am a fast learner & excellent in content development & presentation skills which will help me grow fast in trng company.
If you come across ny Trainin Co. in Delhi/NCR pls lemme know.
thanks & regards,
15th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Pooja
I agree the above, my mother tongue is not English, forgive me my language mistake. I'm a trainer in china.
I think the best choice for you is to work for a company as a trainier, you can learn more, you can touch the real business, then you have experience.
after you get a position as top as HRM or HRD, then you can train others , others will listen to you and trust you more!
welcome to communicate and share, be good friends1
15th August 2007 From China, Beijing
Hi Island,
First I m glad to welcome you to this community...ull really find this community a great place to share your knowledge n get information on anythin in HR.
Thanks for your help...
15th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Pooja
Some time back i saw an ad in TOI where Walchand Dale Carnegie Institute was looking for trainers, they would provide the training for trainers.
They are also running programs like train the trainer , may be they can help!
all the best
alpana : :)
15th August 2007 From Saudi Arabia, Jiddah
hi Divesh,
Hey, what u wrote to Pooja is so true..am a behavioral trainer, but i started my career 5 yrs back in customer service and thn moved to hardcore sales and finally to HR- Training..just bcoz i have gone thru my ups & dwns in both the functions..today, i can relate to every scenario thats narrated by my participants...a trainer has to feel from heart and thn the words that flow from his mouth are full of conviction and if u succeed at that..ur concept is sold successfully..:) i think we are in an awesome profession that we can touch so many lives with just one session..i take pride in my work and it helps me to be a better person evryday...:)
15th August 2007
Hi Pooja,

I am Ganesh, a Corporate Trainer by passion for the past 6 years. Excellent you want to become a Trainer. Before wishing so, please do a personal audit to explore the following rudimental qualities that are needed to become a successful Trainer:

1. Oratorical dexterity with Modulation, Emotion, Animation and of course with a tinge of humor to make your sessions very interesting and to facilitate transfer of knowledge.

2. Excellent listening - a good listener is a very good communicator.

3. Presentation skills and presence of mind to tackle any sort of question that are shot at you.

4. Easy going and mingling with people - you must have a passion to mingle with people with great fraternity, respect and admiration.

5. Keep enhancing your knowledge base. Update it on any given subject.

In addition, my friend, you have to learn Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP ) and you can undergo any Training Programme on "Train the Trainer". You may take up the PG Diploma Course in Training & Development conducted by Indian Society for Training & Development, New Delhi which offers a Diploma Course. The Diploma is approved by the HRD of Government of India.

I got this Diploma which is very useful. I have also completed PG Diploma in Guidance & Counselling. These are all interlinked with Training.

Should you require any more particulars, details, data and the like, please write to me.

All the best Pooja, I could find a Trainer in you. :wink:
16th August 2007 From India, Tiruppur
Hi Ganesh,
Thanks for providin me with soooooo much information...It would really help me a lot in my career.
In case, If you know any companies taking 1 yr work ex ppl in training in Delhi/NCR do lemme know.
As I am an MBA (HR & Mtkg)..is it possible that I start my trng career with sales trng / customer service trng to begin with n then wid my job do these diplomas in trng....wat do you suggest?
Thanks & regards,
16th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
You should first join the Training dept of any HR function in a corporate and understand the various training needs , evaluation criteria and then once you have 2-3 yrs exp in House that you can take up independent roles. You should also focus on training needs of all depts, costs incurred, agencies available for training, and measure efficacy of training imparted,
17th August 2007 From India, New Delhi
Dear ramanarg... can u plz brief us about wht exatly is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP ).......is there a course in or somthg???? if yes from whr n how can we do it......
17th August 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Pooja, received your prompt reply to mine. Selling is an occurence which differs from time to time, person to person and place to place. You can keep this in mind while starting a career in sales. To me, you can come up in sales career not only you are qualified in this realm and also have a passion to become so.
You can take from me some tips and tricks as and when you require to know them.
All the best.
Ganesh Ramachandran
17th August 2007 From India, Tiruppur
Pooja, You can also try these related fields - Personality Development - Soft Skills - Life Coaching You should read a lot on the topics of your choice I am attaching a file on soft skills. Riyaz
17th August 2007 From India, Delhi

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File Type: doc what_are_soft_skills_192.doc (29.5 KB, 328 views)

Hi pooja,
I am a freelance trainer based in Mumbai
Registering at naukri.com will be extremely beneficial as this is the one job site I have personally seen has highest number of openings at Delhi/NCR for soft skills trainers.
Recruit.net is another great place that u must register at.
Also keep checking cite hr regularly, I got serveral job offers from here too!
All the best
17th August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Dear Pooja,
Thanks for the PM you sent. Iam really sorry I took a little longer to reply on your query.
There are people who have suggested you so many things and that too valuable guidance by most of them.
What I would suggest is, as You only have a year's experience only so starting as corporate Trainer will be difficult, so try to get a job in Training department of a reputed company, where you can learn the necessary skills.
I have seen many trainers whothink that knowing English can make them good trainers, but it is wrong. For being a trainer you need to possess required skills and creativity.
If you would have told me few days earlier there was an opportunity with our company, but still I might be able to help you out by talking tosome of my friends in HR.
Till then apply in good companies in Training Department.
Take good care and Cheers!!
18th August 2007 From India, Delhi
Dear Pooja,
See I am also facing the same problem.
But solution according to me is that its better you try to get attached with any of the training consultants. Though I also used to think I know everything of training and can start giving on my own..it was totally different when actually i took the sessions. And let me tell you that there is no second chance these days. So its better to get attached with any fellow professional trainer and take some sessions of the whole. Then start increasing your scope by taking sessions completely on your own.This is what I feel.
18th August 2007 From India, Raurkela
Hi Satyesh
I go by your suggestion. U r absolutely right. Whomsoever wants to make his career in T&D should join a qualified trainer so things can learn prior to actual implementation of any training.
Infact, i m looking for such trainer but cud not found as of now. I am also doing diploma in T&D from ISTD. If u know some good trainer in Delhi, do let me know.
18th August 2007 From India, Faridabad
Dear Pooja,
I think to gain exp. in training you can join any college, being part time or visiting faculty while you are searching for job as a trainer, and to startwith, insurance, direct marketing channels(AM WAY, eurekaforbes)can be the areas to search.
18th August 2007 From India, Bhopal
Thanks Hvovi
I have registered myself on naukri...n will nw also register on recruit.net
As I hv only 1 yr work which is as an HR executive wid a bit of trng also...so companies are nt willin to take me as freshers.
Thanks a lot.
18th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Pooja, I would jst lik to know hw much u 9 abt IT....., IT SECTOR, LANGUAGES LIK JAVA, C++, SQL.. Regards, Niti
18th August 2007 From India, New Delhi
(I'm sorry I'm posting my query here- though I'm a member, I was unable to start a topic..Please help-)


I'm a 21 year old girl, have recently enrolled myself into a distance learning program with symbiosis(PGDHRM) in HR. Also, I have joined a HR consultancy as an HR Ex- or as a Caller.

After working for 3 days in this small unit of 8 people (including my manager), I'm really disappointed with myself, the choice I made-

and I really wonder if thats how things work in a consultancy.

(there is no professionalism, so much pressure, a lot of targets..and even after doing all this- you don't get your complete salary)

I know you must be thinking- this is my very first working experience. No, I have worked before- n I know I will have to slog and work my a** off!!.. But unfortunately because I lacked on a few grounds, I didn't have complete information about the career I have opted for- I didn't have any idea about how things go about..and what all levels do I have to gradute, in my own stream- in order to become an HR Expert.. and hence I'm facing this problem.

I just got to speak to a female whose a senior recruiter- and she said you have to make up your mind as per- whom would you like to go for-

1) HR Recruiter

2) HR general- in corporate sector.

I'm really confused and I will be more than obliged to have responses from you!

Please help and guide me through -

I want to know- what are the various routes that I can take - and I will need to take- at this time- so that I can atleast - roughly plan my journey..

If possible please let me know for both the options of being a HR..

Seeking your valuable advice..


(sorry for having posted my query here-)

Pls If yo uwish to reply-

I have started a new topic in thr HRM index.


18th August 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Megha,

No Issues If u hv posted ur query here...

I am an MBA (HR) n I hv also worked as an HR executive

Hey HR is nt dat bad also...so Dont worry

k lemme explain u both the profiles then u cn make up ur mind n choose whichever u want 2 choose

HR Recruiter -

-Sourcing prospective candidates

-Screenin them

-also may be involved in takin some interviews but after some months of exp.

Well this job will always hv very high targets...lot of callin work..n follow-ups

HR General


-Selection(interviews,takin tests)

-Briefin the selected candidates about the Co., the Job profile

-may also b trainin d candidate in some cases(if required)

-Employee Relationship management

So, in all it would include all d HR functions

Now, in a HR consultancy which is only for recruitment u will b HR recruiter

or may even tak some interviews if your clients wants u 2 k

the targets in consultancy may give u incentive after ur probation period

But in corporate, u can b technical/non-tech recruiter - the work is same.

the Co. will provide with incentives based on the no. of ppl that r selected.

The work will include targets but it will depend on d Co. on the no. of targets.

HR general would also b dere in Corporate...which would include wat I hv mentioned before in HR general.

So, don worry take ur time...don get scared..Don rush 2 conclusions based on just 3 days exp...k

All the Best!


19th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Niti, Well I m a Computer Sc. Engr...I know all dese languages..,,but I hv nvr worked in ny IT company regards, Pooja
19th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Pooja,
I wanted to check your training experience and CV to find the fitment. I work with a large organization with multiple locations. Apart from which I am in touch with some of the Training Organizations which can give you the start which you are looking for... Location to me is not known as yet...
21st August 2007
Dear All,

This is really awesome experience, as Pooja, even I possess a real passion of being a Coporate Trainer. I have been trying to search for information on this, for quite some time, and i caught hold of this community today, and now am a member too. I really don't have much valuable comments to add, but i do agree with some of you folks that its better to wore with a professional trainer first, before you could take up corporate training all alone.

I have posted the same topic, as in how to become a corporate trainer, but i think this post by POOJA, says it all.

I have a work experience for about 3 yrs in bpos and then I moved on too marketing on mobile vas industry, and working in this industry for about 2 yrs, I am extremely successful in this profession, but i still have desire and passion to take up training as my career.

Guys please do keep on adding you valuable comments as it would really help people like me and POOJA to kick start our careers like you all..



"Our greatest glory in not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall."
21st August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Lakshmi, I know we both are sailing in the same boat...but don worry opportunity will knock at our door soon...so dont be late to grab it! All the Best! regards, Pooja
22nd August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Pooja,
Thats true, we r sailing in the same boat, but is nice to see passioante people like us joining hands to help each other. All the best, and sure as you opputunities will defintely knock our doors...
BTW any lead???
You can also check this post, some of our friends have posted their valuable comments, i hope it helps u..
Tc,Keep in touch. U can reach me at
23rd August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi Lakshmi, Don worry our dreams will soon get fulfilled. :) All the Best!!! regards, Pooja
28th August 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Pooja,
We have an opening for a corporate trainer.
Incase you are interested kindly contact:
Devender Rohilla
Team Leader HR
5th September 2007
Hello... This is Tanvi. I m also interested in this field. I m living in Vadodara, Gujarat, So, Please provide me with some company names in Gujarat, where I can apply .
29th April 2015 From India, Vadodara
This is a great discussion thread. Is there any professional trainer/company who I can attach myself with to learn the ropes of training. I am based in Bangalore.
30th May 2015 From India, Bangalore
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