how can we solve the problem when employee is not satisfy with us and its effect on his performance
From India, Delhi

Its good to see a concern of an employer who wishes to resolve the grievances of an unsatisfied employee. Here's what we would request you to consider:
  • Consider it to be human to wear the heart on the sleeves. Having said that, professionalism precedes as the motivation towards work and its recognition remains prime.
  • What motivated that employee to take up the role in the first place? What are the changes that have been made so far?
  • How have the employee contributed with ideas and suggestions? How were his contributions treated?
  • Motivation may remain tangible and intangible. Identify it for the employee. Segregate it from the drivers such as, the employee may value working for the brand, but the absence of on-the-spot recognition may push the employee away from contributing.
  • Success is a result of experience and exposure. Evaluate both for the employee to measure the performance.

Additionally , request you to share few incidents so that we can identify different opportunity areas, if required

From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Parashar,

You have got inputs from Ms. (Cite Contribution), kindly do study them carefully.

You query is generic, hence need more information from your end. Let me share my views with you.

In my opinion, there are three types of employees and i seen them LIVE in ACTION.

FIRST TYPE - One who doesn't get demotivated even he had faced FAILURES because he is FOCUSED and WISE PERSON. Hence he learns from his mistake and continues to PERFORM BETTER THAN EXPECTED/BEFORE.

SECOND TYPE - The one who gets demotivated for various reasons and degrades his PERFORMANCE LEVELS without ANALYZING THE FACTS. These kind of people can't face CHALLENGES.

THIRD TYPE - This category is very smart, wise, analytical, calculative and lot more because they tend to DEMONSTRATE A DEGRADING PERFORMANCE ATTITUDE by SLOWING DOWN their PERFORMANCE for SPECIFIC REASONS, which are NOT MET. These kind of employees will deliver PERFORMANCE proportional to the COMPENSATION/PAY received.

Now, i request you to study the nature, attitude, behaviour, previous performance of your employee and get back to us with relevant information.

If i assume that, In case, If this particular employee has specific demands/requirements where, your organisation is not in a position to meet them, kindly do communicate him the FACTS.

Kindly provide us more inputs to acquire relevant/specifc solution to your query.

With profound

From India, Chennai
How can we solve the problem when employee is not satisfy with us and its effect on his performance
1. How do you know, whether employee is not satisfied with the company or team or may be management? So try to understand this first.
2. If there is really disappointment, ask employee the real cause - salary, nature of work or external issues
3. If there are enough data and supporting evidence for the grievance, recommend with possible solutions to management
Please do share, the result of your action, here

From India, Bangalore
Dear Parashar,
Is it a hypothetical question? It would help us to know what you do and in which type of industry and how you know that the person is not satisfied? Do you know why the employee is not satisfied? Have you any powers or influence to take steps to ameliorate his/her dissatifaction?

From United Kingdom
Dear Parashar, Kindly provide some more details to make this converstaion authentic. Regards, Arjun
From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr Parashar,

It is correct that dissatisfaction adversely affects the performance. But a question arises as to how do you find that an employee is dissatisfied? whether you arrive at this conclusion by watching his performance/ output? there can be umpteen number of circumstances adversely affecting the performance and for that purpose the satisfaction level of the employee cannot be charged. If having studied all the probable causes of hampered output of the employee concerned you find that it is his dissatisfaction which stands as a block in his output it means that you have already found out what his dissatisfaction is about, if not, please do so, it is essential. Having found out the source of dissatisfaction please analyse the factors to identify the weightage on the employee or the management and try to settle it out amicably and suitably taking both the employee and the management (as may be required) into confidence. But in any case you would require counselling of the employee.

I am sure this approach may be of some use to you.



From India, Delhi
Our organization can help you in this regard. We can work together to identify the real issues & also work for its solution by providing Training & Counseling. As per Mc Georgers theory X & Y you can get the hint of your problem.

From India, Delhi
I am absolutely agree with Mr. Kadir. In my own office there are 2-3 persons who always talk negative about the company & Bosses.
I newly joined this an HR. I listened them patiently and found out the reason for their dissatisfaction. A very senior person is unsatisfied because of salary structure & Different leave policy for different level employees.
But the fact was this that Co. was going according to policy made for everybody, only these two were not satisfied , so I did not tried to motivate them, and moved out of this issue as one of them is with co for past 17 yrs and another one is with 4 yrs. So they better know their future with the co.
My concern is this that if the reason of dissatisfaction is correct or if employee is extra ordinary then only we should try to motivate & retain otherwise we should leave them to decide on their own.
Seniors please correct if I am wrong as I am new to HR.

From India, Mumbai
You are partially true bcz it is a kind of flu which splits like anything..Sacking is nt the first solution bcz u never now the new employees behavior it may be worst or better. So its better to identify the issue & resolve the same. We did the same for many organization through psychometric assessment it is helpful to know the hidden facts.

From India, Delhi

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