I work for an IT software firm as Sr. HR Executive. The company provides ERP software solutions to it's clients.I wanted to introduce Reward and recognition program. Especially, mails like Best employee of the month, best performer for quarter. So, I am asked to set parameters for each department which will make employees eligible for the rewards.I have no idea as to what parameters should I keep for Implementation Department and Support Department.
Please guide.

From India, Delhi
Hi Shweta,

The Parameters for Reward and Recognition, for any industry are almost the same.

1) Attendance....

I particularly feel that Attendance is one parameter, that shows an employee's dedication

towards his work. Whenever I hire a new individual, I always take a look at his previous

company's attendance.


Here you need to get in touch with the operations managers and ask the to rate the employees

on their productivity.

3)Speed of Improvement

Now this is a little catchy. This is related to productivity, however needs to be perceived a little

broadly. You need to ask the operations, to rate the employee separately on his amount of

productivity i.e. point 2, and on his speed or Rate at which his productivity is growing.

Let me give you an example here, There are 3 candidates. A B & C.

All three have completed a year in the system, however.. A scores high on attendance.. scores low on the other two parameters, B scores high on the first two, however C scores high on Attendance, low on Productivity but very high on Speed/Rate of improvement. In Such a case, C is a better empoylee among these three!

From India, Mumbai
Hi Puneet,
Thankyou so much.....It'll surely be of great help.
I wanted to know if the parameters will be the same for monthly evaluations as well or the above mentioned parameters are for Appraisals.
Shweta Gehlot

From India, Delhi
Hi Shweta,
The parameters should be the same for monthly evaluations as well.
Another parameter that u can use is "Contribution to Development" i.e. how much the employee contributes towards the development of other employees and his subordinates. Any employee who develops another employee, is always an asset to the organization. You can get in touch with Operations and ask them rate the employees accordingly. Please remember: For the evaluation to be just and synchronised, always use the percentage method, or a rating from 1 to 10. The percentage method is easier for Attendance, Productivity and Rate of Growth. For Contribution to Development, u can use the 1 to 10 rating and then later convert it into percentage. Thus, the employee with the Highest Average Percentage for all the 4 Parameters, is the best employee for that month or year respectively.

From India, Mumbai

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