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Yes, I think I have to try few other organizations before going into academics.
I was referring to the discrimination faced by non-westerners. I came to know from multiple people that Indians(irrespective of their religion), Pakistanis, Philippians, Malay, Indonesians face discrimination in terms of pay and benefits as compared to a westerner on the same post and with the same academic qualification and work experience. Although, it is absolutely contradictory to Islamic tenets but unfortunately its a harsh reality faced by many. I also agree that one should never argue with a Saudi otherwise he should prepare for real trouble. There are many such cases, I have to open a new thread to discuss all of them.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Peace Promoter,

Whatever you had received as information from your friends and relatives is the FACT and its common in MIDDLE EAST. Perhaps you haven't received information about those EXPATRIATES living in WESTERN COUNTRIES or any other FOREIGN COUNTRIES. I would say that, its a PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR between the NATIVE & FOREIGNERS. For example, just imagine, will WESTERNERS allow NON-WESTERNERS to take LEAD in their OWN COUNTRY? NEVVVERRRR.......


Perhaps, it will take time for you to understand THE NATURE OF HUMANS living in different parts of this world brother. Please do not allow INFORMATION, that SOUNDS NEGATIVE to be STORED in your BRAIN, nor give it HIGH IMPORTANCE. Its the responsibility of every HUMAN TO DEMONSTRATE HUMANITY. But, its not happen to the level as it is EXPECTED.

Till doom's day, there will GOOD & BAD. We have to learn to SURVIVE in this world as long as we are ALIVE.


With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Shaik Abdul
Things have changed in the West. There are Asians holding CEO positions in large organisations; some of the examples can be found at In Pictures: Eight Indian CEOs At Big U.S. Companies - Vikram Pandit - A number of my friends have held managerial postions in America and hold high positions in American Universities and are professors in the UK. I have no idea about the situation in other countries.
However, it is used to be different 20-30 years ago. It was even difficult to find accommodation in certain areas and the same is true even now in conservative areas. People learnt to survive and progress by educatng ourselves to be better qualified than the locals.
Have a nice day.

From United Kingdom
Dear Mr. Simhan,
I do agree with you but, wherever there is a PROPORTIONAL or HIGH DEMAND, in lieu of LOCAL'S, EXPATRIATE'S are hired. Even this is found in MIDDLE EAST but, honestly speaking, in certain areas, even though EXPATRIATE's holding THE TOP MOST POSITION, they are just similar to other EMPLOYEES, may be authorized with certain POWERS subject to BOUNDARY OF OPERATIONS(LIMITATIONS).
Hope you agree with the facts because there are LIMITATIONS.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
The CEOs I have quoted are exceptions. Similarly the list of prominent Indians in the list at List of Indian Americans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In general, you are right; minorities face problems wherever they may be.

From United Kingdom
Exceptions can't be generalized. We know that Indian students were made to wear radio collars in their ankles. We know that Indian students were killed in racial hatred in Australia and UK.
So, if we are talking of discrimination, it happens everywhere because bad elements are present everywhere in the world.
Even within India, we know how north Indians were treated in Mumbai and so on and so forth.
If we start talking about racism in general, we would deflect from the original topic.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Peace Promoter,

What i felt was, the humans across the globe are victim of PRECONCEIVED MINDSET, which is INHERITED and its difficult to change unless the ACCEPT TRUTH as TRUTH ITSELF. Hence such bad activities are difficult to be controlled but still, the hardwork is still in progress to make HUMAN'S REALIZE about FACTS which is nothing but TRUTH. Generations had passed by, there were very few SCHOLARS who studied ISLAM with an objective and its relevance to HUMAN MANKIND as why it was PRESCRIBED TO BE FOLLOWED STRICTLY. Muslims itsef belonging to the other part of world(apart from ARAB NATIONS) later understood The FACTS when great SCHOLARS like DR. ZAKIR NAIK first started DESCRIBING THE AUTHENTIC FACTS and BRIDGING THE GAP(MISUNDERSTANDINGS/MISCONCEPTS) between MUSLIMS & NON MUSLIMS about the GOD/ALLAH that we HUMANS were worshiping, followed by MR. AHMED DEEDAT, MR. YASSIR FAZAGA, MR. YOSUF ESTES and many more.

It will take time for HUMANS to understand about ISLAM and its BENEFITS. What need to be changed is the MINDSET, which is nothing but STRONG BELIEF.

It is we HUMANS who are responsible for everything as we had created our own CULTURES which is not based on FACTS but individuals COMFORT STYLES. We don't accept ourselves as HUMANS FIRST but, we categories ourselves in many ways.

Kindly do correct if i am wrong.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear PeacePromoter,
You are right to say that we have digressed. That's what happens when even one moves from the topic in a public forum. However in order to impress on people that discrimination in whatever form is inherent in humans, we have to give examples from other areas.
As I have been away from India for long, I can't express opinions on what the situation in India is. However, as there are MNCs in India, discrimination may not be company policies but followed by individual managers. It's not advisable to name the organisations in a public forum.
Have a nice day.

From United Kingdom
Dear Brother,
Am Sorry for the misunderstanding Isthakara website has got team of professionals too.
Thanks for all those who corrected me for my lack of knowledge.
I dont think so consulting a priest is wrong suggestion, most of the times i consult my senior priest so i suggested.
Dear khadir,
I have knowledge of Islam i hope u know that i may be wrong in few understandings by the way thanks for clarification.

From India, Bangalore
i agree with mr. Nashbramhall and others.
You can manage with many of the privileges but not all.
This applies to hindus living in australia.
You may have to sacrifice some to manage a better life with others.
Sharing/ caring with others is more important for any religion.
leo lingham

From India, Mumbai

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