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HIIIIIIIIIIIIII Pls tell me should EL & CL be mixed. Kindly give leave rules to me. Regds Peeya
From India, New Delhi
Hi peeya,
Casual leave is normally not merged with PL but the discrition lies with the company. From the financial point of view, if the two are merged the PL would accumulate faster and the company would have to reimbuse both the PL and CA. Fore more querries please reciprocate back.
Santosh Verma.

From India, Bangalore
Hi santosh
Thanks for reply. Pls tell me how many CL can be provided in a month. and also how many in continuity. In our company, EL is provided but not its payment even after accumulation of as many leaves.

From India, New Delhi
As per law CL and EL are separate but if we mix them together it will be only in favour of the employees which is not against the laws and therefore many companies are following this practice. Normally 12 CLs and 18 ELs are given per annum. But it is upto the company to formulate their own leave policy. But most companies give 30 leaves per annum all together on pro rata basis, i.e., 2.5 leaves per month.
As per factories act 1 EL for every 20 days worked should be given provided a person has worked for at least 240 days in a year which includes weekly offs and paid holidays.
Amit Goyal

From India, Delhi
Dear Priya ,

CL & EL can be mixed on at the carry forward at the end of the year, while calculating opening balance for the next year at discrition of the company policy.

[a]Rules for CL as defined by our company policy,

* CL can not be clubbed with EL or SL

* CL can not be availed for more than 3 days at a time

* Unused CL will merge with EL at the end of the year.

* All employees are eligible for 7 days CL for each year

* Employee joining the organisation during the year will be eligible for leave on PRO RATA basis.

[b]Rules of EL

* Employee completing 240 working days or 1 year service (whichever is earlier )eligible for 26 days EL

* Unused EL can be carried forward to next year.

* All accumalated EL beyond 52 days can be encashed on the basis of Basic salary

* Employee shall apply for EL atleast 15 days in advance.

* EL can be clubbed with SL

* Any Public holiday or Weekly off falling in between of EL will not be counted as EL.

If you have any more querry from above please let me know,

Bye ,


From India, Pune
pl or CL cannot be clubbed as the nature of leave is different CL is for casual leave that is meant for leaves for one or two days not more than two, and PL or EL are earned leave for more than two days , one more thing CL & SL are
given on earned basis as our law forces employers to provide 07 CL & 07 SL to employees for a whole year so you can divide 14/12 it comes 1.16 approx so employees are free to claim 1.16 leave per month from CL & SL as they are entitled for it & if u wish to know more then reply
Lokesh Sharma

From India, Delhi
dont merge CL n EL per se.
however most good companies encash CLs too, guess why ?
Malcolm Balridge National Quality award lays stress on the following:
Coming late/ going early by as much as 4 hours is fine and doesnt affect productivity of the company.
Only unscheduled leaves affect baseline of the company hence quite a few companies offer attendance incentive/ allowance as well.
to strengthen the above start flexi- offs too..

From India, Delhi
Hi Lokesh,
You are absolutely right as per the LAWS. But if companies wish they can provide what is more beneficial for employees and dont violate any terms of the legal laws. I already stated that if EL and CL are combined its not going to be against the sake of the employees, that is why now a days many companies have mixed the leaves together to give consolidated 30 leaves that can be availed on pro rate basis. Even there are companies which dont follow prorate for availing leaves. For exm, if employee joins on 01 April and required leaves in October then on prorata basis 15 leaves are accumulated upto September which he can avail but there are few companies which follow more flexible approach, that is, In the calender year from April to December 22.5 leaves are accumulated and even if an employee is required leaves in any month from before December, he/ she may avail entire 22.5 leaves which he is entitled for the entire calender year. DLF is one such company.
Amit Goyal

From India, Delhi
In principle PF & CL cannot be combined (by its literal definitions). If merged it simply means that your total PL is higher.
But Peeya since you mentioned that PL is not encashable, this merging can definitely be considered. However we need to look at no. of times such leaves are taken in a year and no. of days it is taken at a stretch.

Hi Peeya,

Going strictly by law, EL and CL cannot be clubbed.

Going by what is favourable to the employee - a mix of both - that is, whatever suits best at that given point of time.

What you should do (my suggestion) - do not tamper and stick to the law. Why:

a) You have solid guidelines to follow and cannot thus falter.

b) CL is basically when one needs one or two days of leave. EL is for longer durations. Thus as a guideline - first avail CL and then the EL, unless one needs long leave in the first instance.

c) Some companies offer encashment of CL or SOHO cards. This is basically a motivational step to try and get employees to the office. Extra cash you see, who does not want it? This is done at the end of the year. Normally EL is encashed at the time of separation. (You have mentioned that encashment of EL is not provided. Please check up the law. I think you have to provide it). I do not have the resources here to verify, else I would have done that. Some amount of confusion. Employees may demand carry forward of CL (again against the law).

d) By the way, encashment of EL is subject to PF - therefore I think you have to provide for it.

e) Let us say that you club CL and EL. In a particular case for some functional reason it is not possible or rather the leave is not granted by a HOD. Where does that leave you. And what if this employee starts talking legal jargon...... imagine.....

f) CL may be availed as often as once a month. EL is generally not allowed more than twice per annum.

g) Leave of one kind may be converted to another within a specified period say 30 days. This can only be done on a written request from the employee.

h) Last but not the least - CL as the name suggests is for Casual purposes only. So let it be as it is.

best regards

Ajay Chaudhari

From India, New Delhi

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