Everybody has so many problems in their life that some time it seems that life is full of problems but somehow one boy we will call him idiot found the easy way to face the problems

Here is his story:

There was a village full of intelligent people, people who were genius, great inventor and great contributors to the society and here was our poor fellow Idiot, who even didn`t know anything about the thinking and the way society works, A simple man with simple philosophies.

He forgot his real name long ago actually nobody cared what his real name was, for everyone he was just an idiot........................

He was a poor fellow with little formal education, an orphan without having any kind of asset weather materialistic or humanly over his head, alone without any possession. People used to make fun of his illiteracy, little knowledge and poorness but one thing was praise worthy in him, the desire to learn, the burning desire to improve come what may. Never say die type of attitude.

Whatever he did, whenever he did, for people it was pure foolishness sometimes he got disheartened, sometimes he felt dejected and most of the times rejected.

one day when he was wandering alone on the dusty road of his village, he saw a man who was trying to do something with the rope, he got interested as this was the first time is his life when he was getting an opportunity to witness something like that. He started walking toward the Man, After observing for some time it was clear that either the man was the biggest fool or he was given punishment because again and again he was just throwing the rope in the air and falling down on the floor, he didn`t understand why that man was doing like that so he thought to ask the same question to that Man suddenly he noticed that the man was a lame so he understood the answer but out of curiosity he asked “what are you doing?”

The man replied “I trying to escape from this life”,

“But you are bumping on the floor and getting hurt” asked the boy

“So what can`t you see I am lame “the man yelled at the boy” lame are supposed to be unable with things, this is our destiny”

He again fired a question “O.K. but why are you ending your life?”

Instead of answering the question the man in very firm tone asked: are you an intelligent man?

After thinking for a while and pondering over the question boy replied “No, but I am living my life.

“So what every other person is doing the same “stated the man in a very angry tone “but you even can`t imagine how much neck deep I am in problems “he again gave him some good reason like how he is not able to cope with the circumstance, how hard the time is on him.

Idiot tried to calm him down “you can improve your situation?”

The man looked towards his eyes and plainly said “No I can`t, god wanted me to do this!

“It could not be possible, God never wants things like that” he gave a quick reply.

“Go away don`t bother me “the Man started crying “god is unfair, he is not kind ‘he was crying as well as cursing god.

The boy kept on staring the man; he was confused what god has to do in it!

“This is your problem; god has nothing to do in it “he shouted!!!

“I can prove this to you, Just wait for me , I am coming” after saying this Idiot disappeared ,few minutes later he was there in front of the man with three bowl in his hands with one having potatos dipped in water ,one with tea leaves and the one with egg.

‘What is this?” the man asked confusingly.

“Just watch” came the answer.

Boy put all three bowls on three different burners and lit them. The man was watching every step of the boy, he was angry with him but more than that he was curious to know what he was doing.

After boiling for few minutes, Idiot asked” what do you see?”

“Potato, tea, egg,” replied the man.

The idiot drew him closer and told him to feel the potatoes. He did and found that they were soft. He was then asked to take an egg and break it. On breaking, he found a hard-boiled egg inside. Finally, he was asked to sip the tea. The men thought for a while, as he tasted aroma. He got Perplexed, He asked impatiently, "What's your point, you fool?” Idiot smiled and explained that each of these had faced the same condition and same adversity -boiling water - but each had reacted differently. The potato went in strong, hard and stiff-necked, but soon turned soft and weak. The egg, when put to the test, had hardened. However, the tea leave were unique. They had changed the texture of the water and filled it with their aroma and the taste.

"Which are you?" Idiot asked the man.

"The Main thing is not the problem but how you respond?

Are you a potato, an egg, or a tea leave?

To have a problem is not a problem, Are you the potato which seems strong, but knelt in the face of pain and adversity?

Are you the egg who starts with a transformable heart, but hardens when face an adversity?

Or, are you like the tea leave, which actually changes the water, the very reason of the pain, by its fragrance and flavour.

Problems are part and parcel of life. Every problem has a reason behind it, there's an answer for that reason. You just have to find it.

Since most of our problems are man-made, solutions are within our reach.

Some tips to face and manage your problems

1: Accept: Problems are the part of life the more you run from a problem the more it will chase you. This is ultimate reality; if you accept something it is impossible for that thing to bother you.

2: Know: If you know your problem, it would help you to solve as wise people of my village always say” A known enemy is much batter then an unknown friend”. Know those Damages which the problem is going to make.

4: Reason: A problem never arise without any reason, if the problem is there then the reason must be there, if we find the reason we are pretty close to solve it. Most of the problems of daily life arise out of silly reason, find those and solve your problems.

5: Gather: collect all the information, facts and data regarding and about your problem.

6: Analyse and argue: analyse the information to find the optimum solution, argue yourself why one solution is batter then others

7: stop worrying: worrying is just like a revolving chair, It gives you something to do but won`t take you anywhere.

8: Think Different –Don`t you think, it is important to have the right mind-set while solving a problem. It always helps to be open-minded and to have the ability to think out-of-the-box. When you have broader vision and unique ideas, you have more flexibility at your disposal which helps solving the problem better.

9: Get advice - Two minds are always better than one. It does help to have people from various backgrounds and with various experience involved in solving a problem, it give you support on both the grounds moral and for the greater range of ideas that they bring to the problem-solving. As Voltaire said, `No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.

In last::::::: Why to worry if a problem has a solution

What’s the benefit of worrying if it doesn`t have one

Ashish paliwal

wisdom from an idiot

From India, Delhi
Process Industry Consultant / Soft Skill
Associate-: Consulting Firm
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complete analysis of the problem sir!!!! i am new to the site can some body help me?? Riya*khanna
From India, Calcutta

Hi Asish,
A very good story.
Perhaps one change we can make is to rechristen the IDIOT to
How we react is straight form the popular thoughts of Stephen Covey.
Accept and Reason also can be traced to Stephen Covey.
Stop worrying reminds us of Dale Carnigie
Think different - Lateral Thinking
's quote - wonderful.
Problems with and without solution-- back to Stephen Covey
very good post.
V.Raghunathan..................................... ........ ..........................Navi Mumbai

From India

Hello Ashish
Really very heart touching and worth to follow. Specially point 7 that says worrying is just like a revolving chair, It gives you something to do but won`t take you anywhere.
Nice and thanks for such encouraging post.

From India, Delhi

Hi Ashish sir
Really nice info shared with us sir...... sure by reading this i have a completely different look on problems that influence us.....
Sure sir worrying will always have an impact only on us and not on others.....

From India, Coimbatore

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