It is sad to see the standard of Education going down at all levels. Apart from handful of Institutions who really are looking to create leaders, rest have become warehouses for minting money.
No Institute is ready to create standard that is in the interest of the students rather they have people as trainers who are not trained to be trainers at all. Training programmes offered by specialists are of alleviated standard.
Incorporating such programmes conducted by professionals will guide students to understand the real meaning of education and their existence.

From India, Hyderabad
Sure. I fully agree the standard of education is diminishing, but cost is increasing. I would not touch upon the cost factor but I could see many reasons why children and teachers are a stressed lot.
A few reasons that comes on top of my mind are: The school management is interested only in achieving 100% results and not bothered on how teachers deliver education and on how students are provided input to develop knowledge. This puts lot of stress on students, teachers and further trickles down also to parents.
In my knowledge many schools do not have a regular training for trainers programs, this is required for teachers. One way to improve quality is to empower teachers to deliver lessons to instill the real meaning education and knowledge rather than blindly finishing the lessons in the book.
But, who cares. Parents are also to blame since the general mindset is 'paying more money means better quality education'.
Thanks for starting this discussion.

From India, Indore
Dear Sundar,
I really appreciate your views and I also agree to what you pointed about students and parents being stressed due to the same factor. I am sure cost plays a vital part on increasing stress levels and tensions of parents but again what are we doing to decrease the level of stress or tension prevailing in school or at home. This type of development will have adverse effect not only on work and home environment but also on the psyche of the growing child.
I would like to take this thread forward and request all parents and teachers, even students to post their thoughts and let's just understand the source of such unwarranted developments in our lives.
-Ankit Agarwal
Head - Business
tranquil minds, SIMHANS

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Ankit,

You are rightly saying many things and I fully support you in your thoughts. We certainly have to do something to minimize the effects of stress on children. I recently came across one news, on a random survey done in metros to gauge the understanding in general awareness of students, many are still under the understanding our Mahatmaji is alive and every student seems to know him for his photo that appears in our currency. Leave alone other great men and women of India and other freedom fighters. This trend is really disturbing and if this trend continues say after 20 years we are sure to lose our name in the top list of knowledge and competent nations.

Well, the teachers have a bigger role to play in setting the foundations right for children at their prime time in the quest for knowledge. I feel the students must be provided with knowledge only up to that limit based on age they are able to grasp the information correctly and at the same time develop the analytic and reasoning abilities in students. I am not sure if every school does it, atleast I did not see this in the school my children are studying. I am also not sure if the curriculum by NCERT and others is set on the higher side in terms of information which is beyond their levels of understanding in relation to student age. Howsoever we analyze and speculate there has to be clearly set benchmarks by schools when hiring teachers so they deliver and build knowledge instead of treating children as a dumping ground of information from text books. I can see the entire issue revolves around the teachers abilities in delivery.

Well Ankit I am slowly getting a doubt if this is the right forum as we HR people discuss more of management operational matters and less of issues in education delivery. However, our expert friends and colleagues can throw some light on this matter using their experience in psychometric tests, talent management techniques, etc. on how stress can be reduced for students, teachers and finally parents. (leave alone the school management).


From India, Indore
another thing is nowadays any tom dick and harry with mobile phone and one laptop, and website claims to be a top trainer whereas he knows ZERO and he knows is blabbering nonsense and claims to be motivational management guru .,,,
From India, Madras
Dear Sundar,

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. But I would like to say, this issue relating to stress problems in students in directly related to the HR business. Students in Third Year or Fourth Year of their studies undergo so much of stress that their interview performance lacks confidence and balance of ideas.

The step to create an sustainable environment full of confidence and consciousness towards importance of understanding stress symptoms are not only for students and education environment but also for the employees and corporate environment. Every now-and-then, I come across disturbing news of people jumping of the balcony of their office or consuming poison to end their gift of life just because they are unable to strike balance between work and life. Due to such circumstances, we are approaching a deadly turn which will compel us to leave this world for good.

I am sure not all people would like to end their lives due to stress, work pressure or other things but statistical data is really disturbing. All big IT, Non-IT companies have EAP programmes and other counseling assistance for their respective employees, even then such drastic measures are taken by employees. It is indeed a matter of global discussion and should not be taken lightly. It clearly shows either their is fault in the corporate culture followed by the organization or their is a mismatch between the expectations of the employee and the Organization as a whole.

Passing examinations, securing good grades and being successful in the interview doesn't mean that things are falling in right place unless your consciousness and determination to stay on top of your game continues. This can only happen once we undergo thorough training on stress management and other influential factors that are directly related to every individuals performance at work or at home.

- Ankit Agarwal

Head - Business

tranquil minds, SIMHANS

From India, Hyderabad
Nicely said Ankit, your problem analysis is great, particularly the lines below is true 100% in the current context

[QUOTE=tranquil minds;1746878]

Passing examinations, securing good grades and being successful in the interview doesn't mean that things are falling in right place unless your consciousness and determination to stay on top of your game continues. This can only happen once we undergo thorough training on stress management and other influential factors that are directly related to every individuals performance at work or at home.

I am able to see many factors driving stress levels on the higher side. I am also understanding that parents are pushing the schools to deliver more to their children without properly understanding the basics like natural capacities of a child to absorb and use information correctly.

I have tried to write the problems as we shared as separate points for our friends and colleagues to help us out:

1. Children are stressed, because they have to get good percentage marks, but children are not able to relate correctly the concepts in real life using reasoning, however scoring good marks.

Who shall we blame: Parents, Teachers or School management or education minister?

2. Teachers are stressed because the management is driving them to achieve results for the school only in numbers to project for the market. Whom to blame: competitiveness in the market, competition between schools, or demand from parents?

3. The management is stressed because they only think to position their school to be no.1 in the market. Knowledge, stress, low confidence levels in children, etc are low prority for them. Who shall we blame? competitive market, economic conditions (inflation, etc), survival or demand from parents.

The rising costs is directly proportional to the current economic conditions. This will remain till our economy improves. This is my opinion, but in India when price goes up it never comes down.

But what is the ROI???? are students able to gain knowledge and improve their self esteem and confidence? Are schools able to provide an environment where students are having the right fun and developing knowledge?

The cases of depression, suicide, etc. are cases of low self-esteem, disappointment, jealousy, anger, fear, etc., etc.

Parents also have this big responsibility of developing many skills for their children - communication, aptitude, perseverance, tolerance, awareness, sensitivity, etc along with the lessons. Parents should demand these qualities to be developed for their children from schools instead of demanding more from higher grade texts to be stuffed on children and being insensitive to the child's natural absorption and understanding capacities. For everything there is a tipping point. A comprehensive stress management program will certainly help. I am looking for more views on how this whole concept of education can be made easier for students without blaming the existing structures.

- Sundar

From India, Indore
Dear Sundar,

Very rightly quoted.

I must say such discussion including future of children must be made priority by every parent, teacher, lecturer and family members.

According to what I have understood, there is no one to be blamed. In fact we must not blame anyone for any outcome till date. What we require is developing a system that could shift the paradigm from the present concept to new ones.

Let's face it, we all are here to grow. The only different lies in the conceptual understanding of the word grow.

For many people growth is termed only monetary gains, for some it's sustainable family happiness, for many others it might mean differently. Once we all understand the real meaning of growth, only then we will be able to walk in the direction required for the shift in our concepts and basic understanding.

Students applying for interviews must understand that information gained in school, college or University is not the only requirement to secure their first job but their commitment towards job responsibilities quoted in the JD, their passion towards their true artistic nature and determination to succeed in their application for continuous success and sustainable environment is major requirement at all times.

All above attributes are already built into our system, we just somehow are unable to find the right key to open the lock. Now, these keys are required to be presented by the educational institutions who are charging tons of gold from parents in exchange to their service.

Children are similar to seeds we plant and wait to germinate. Once they start to germinate it is the responsibility of the parents and the Educational Institutions to look after the growth of the plant. If you continue being careless, the results will be as they are now. If you put just a little effort, a conscious effort, the plant will not take long to grow and transform into a beautiful tree.

Your actions and your conscious effort will not only help the plant to become a beautiful tree but also the after effects which will be fantastic. The fruits the tree is going to bear will benefit the whole society. Your small seed, the one you sowed will be one of the best supporting factors on which our humanity is based. Life.

There will be no more suicides, early deaths and unhappy tormenting times in the lives of people. I am not saying that this will be a overnight work but it's a start that we all are looking forward too. May be consciously, may be unconsciously but we all certainly are.

HR(s) come together start the practice, train the employees who might have been the victim of our education culture earlier. They have the strength, they have the determination, that have the will to succeed, what they don't have is the key.


Ankit Agarwal

Head - Business

tranquil minds, SIMHANS

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ankit,

Let us suspend the HR activity on helping employees to cope with office pressures who were victims of educational practices earlier for the time being. We have to find methods to achieve quality standards with existing resources which is available everywhere. This problem has to be handled at the elementary or high school level itself. A few more thoughts,

1. A stress management program for teachers, parents can also be included and of course for children.

2. A comprehensive TOT for teachers which can include content related to developing reasoning abilities in children, sensitivity, awareness, managing performance in children, helping children to cope in competition, developing self-esteem, leadership traits, etc. In my observation these words are available in many mission and vision statements, but not practiced fully by many schools.

3. A continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) technique to be administered on teachers to improve them further, in bringing effectiveness in their delivery on point 2.

4. More inputs in line with the above.

I have also noticed some children with high-self esteem are enjoying their daily activities with confidence, than children with low-self esteem are at the receiving end and many of them not even able to explain their discomfort properly. Our education delivery must treat this as high-priority and try to bring all the students on the same plane.

I look for more thoughts on this subject and like to concentrate at the school level itself which I feel is the right point to start.


From India, Indore
Dear Rajan,

It is a great pleasure to see such interest.

We have a great team with state-of-art programmes supported by world-class Biofeedback instrument to measure stress and other areas of human body (psychological and Physical) that directly affects the performance of the individual as a child or as an employee.

For the same reason we do not have theoretical experienced people on our people but from the field of science, Doctors.

Our panel consists of Psychologists, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Physiotherapist, Yoga Trainers, Taichi Trainers, Counselors.

Our Biofeedback instrument NeXus 10 Mark II is the best available instrument that gives close to perfect results on the basis of various tests.

For the same reason as discussed, we have Student Support Programme as well as Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) along with modules that are custom made according to each requirement.

I am sure that our methods, techniques and technology is best suited for current climate and we can be the bridge that is needed to bring in the subtle change in our present system of education as well as corporate.

The doctors on our panel are globally known and have around 2 decades of experience in the same field dealing with young children, students of all ages and employees.

We have made a lot of difference in the lives of people and we want to continue our work to assist and guide people from all background, age and experience. I just hope that people understand the seriousness of the present situation and opt for various available methods of training to control their state of mind (emotionally) and body (physically).


Ankit Agarwal

Head - Business

tranquil minds, SIMHANS

From India, Hyderabad

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