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Can ELECTRICITY pass through Flash light of the Digital camera to your body??? Yes it is 100% true..!

Incident: This is a true incidence reported of a boy aged 19, who was studying in 1st year of engineering, who died in Keshvani Hospital, Mumbai. He was admitted in the Hospital as a burned patient.

Cause: This boy had gone to Amravati (a place located in State of Maharashtra) on a study tour on their return they were waiting at the railway station to catch the train. Many of them started taking pictures of their friends using "Mobile Phones" and / or "Digital Camera". One of them complained that, he was unable to capture the full group of friends in one frame in the Digicam.

This boy moved away to a distance to get the whole group. He failed to notice that at an angle above his head, 40,000 volts electrical line was passing through. As soon as he clicked the digital camera? 40,000 volt current passed through the camera flash light to his camera and then from his camera to his fingers & to his body.

All this happened within a fraction of a second. His body was half burned. They arranged for an ambulance & his burned body was brought to Keshavani Hospital, Mumbai. For one & half days or so he was conscious & talking. Doctors did not have much hope as there were a lot of complex issues in his body. He passed away later.

Now how many of us are aware about these technical threats & dangers?

Even if we are, how many of us are adhering??

Now should we call ourselves as educated and knowledgeable people???

*Please avoid mobile phones on petrol outlets and near highly flammable materials.

*Please avoid talking on mobile phones while driving. Also while walking on traffic roads.

*Please avoid talking on mobile phones while they are charging.

*Please do not keep mobile phones on your bed while charging and/ on wooden furniture. (refer: Laptop burnt message).

*And now onwards avoid using mobile phones/ Digital Cameras near high voltage electrical lines like railway stations and avoid using flash.

Leave that “Chalta Hai Yaar Attitude”.


From India, Hyderabad

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Dear SRM
Thanks for sharing this info with us...
I think this issue we had discussed in CiteHR earlier and all come to a conclusion that this is a real incident and electricity can passes through flash light...
Keep on sharing...

From India
This is totally nonsense ive asked expert electrical engineers on this point and its impossible for electricity to travel like this only humans travel one way and wrong wayy electricity have its own medium and conductors
From India, Madras
Dear Mr. Ravi,
Thanks for your open and bold comments.
This is real incident and and this information recieved from a Sr. EHS Professional.
If we think it is non-sense, as Safety professional we have to think for the other possibilities.
Expecting your valuable assessment inputs.
Dear Mr. dipil,
As you told if we discuss similar occurance earlier, please try to provide thread as link.
Meanwhile I too search for the same.

From India, Hyderabad
Who is senior ehs professional and this newsgng in faceboook and email since .months that boy climbed on train n touched wire and died pls consult engineer in electrical field for basics on how electricity travels
From India, Madras

Dear SRM & Ravi

Please go through the below thread:

Read the post of our senior member Mr.Kesava Pillai and come up with your views...

I am a professional safety engineer of many years standing. Let every other person who read your posting disbelieve you. I can believe you.

This type of fire has in the past taken place. it will continue to occur too. Those who do not believe can give their e mail Id for I will send the vedio on shell tanker fire. The attender climbed over the tanker at a petrol pump. As he was at the man hole his mobile rang. He just pressed the mobile button and that was the end with the tanker on fire.

Only thing that is incorrect from your posting is the cause of death. You think it is electricity that killed your friend. That part is mistaken. It is the fuel vapour that ignited from the camera click to a flash fire that would have killed your friend. Get the medical report. Kindly confirm the cause of death. Burns from electricity and burns from fire are different. Doctors can confirm it.

Regarding Dr.Keswani - from burns hospital- Yes there is a hospital known by the name of the specialist Doctor Keswani. During 1976 at NITIE; while I was undergoing Safety training Dr.Keswani from burns hospital took class for us on burns. I still remember his excellent class, the photographs he had shown and all those usefull information he gave.

Now to make me stay with you can you just bring out a paper cutting of the news please.


Kesava Pillai

From India

Dear Ravi
Thanks for your valuable reply and for the participation into the thread...
Answer to the question: Can ELECTRICITY pass through Flash light of the Digital camera to your body? Must be "NO" from the above thread and from the link which you have given...
From the link provided by you I found the following explanation also valid and may cause this accident: Safe working distnace for 25kv is more than 24inches I am sure the boy was in that range for the arc to jump to the metal part of the camera.Note: in hot summer /oil wagon emits vapour(moisture& hydrocarbons) bringing closer the arc distance not mentined in the calculations
If anyone have a different opinion please come up with technical explanations so that all can be get educated and learned...

From India
Dear Ravi, Dipil & Srinivasa rao,

Very sorry for late reply. I am too busy today.

You’re absolutely right Mr.Ravi.

If light has carry electricity means every noon we would be dying while standing near to any electric poll... Sunrays carry higher amount of photon than any flash light (That’s what I learned in ''physics'')....

It’s also from websites:

Does Camera Flash light can pass Electric current

Does Camera Flash light conducts Electric current

Can electricity pass through the flash of a digital camera to your body

Most of time it will happen everybody have weakness and strength we can’t blame one person whether if you didn’t get that link means surely you will say ‘’YES’’ indeed of ‘’NO’’.

However what I learned from this thread How important ‘’ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION’’ in our field; because everybody will follow our reports if we said this is what exactly happened no one ask questions that’s it. . . We simply close the file then its sleep (some time we will discuss) on our self up to one or two year then we will throw. In between there is any modification in our structure if someone plugs our reports then it will became like this. (We will discuss like this in our forum

Anyhow after a very long time we had a hot discussion.

Keep on touch. . .

From United States, Fpo

Most of them reading this article through mail & social networks "mobile phone in petrol station hoax".

See the below comment regarding ‘’ "mobile phone in petrol station hoax"’’ Cell phone technician explained well about ‘’ CELL PHONE HOAX’’.

You will ask to most of our EHS professionals ''why we didn't use mobile phones in petrol or gas stations???'' . How many of them aware of this??.

Let's sharing guys that's why were here. Again thanks to Dear Ravi, Dipil & Srinivasa rao,

Matt Morman (a cell phone technician)

"I had a few things to comment on about the "fact or fiction cell phone myth". There is a industry standard that our Government regulates the electronics used in gas pumps, and anything dealing with explosive chemicals. The reasoning for this is the ESD (Electrostatic discharge). Gas pumps have specialized equipment in them to dissipate the static. As a matter of fact, any equipment involved in the manufacturing, shipping, or selling of chemicals, or petroleum's has to b equipped with the protective circuits. All electronic devices emit ESD, regardless of the power output, However, cell phones are not equipped with this feature. That is why the owners manual for every cell phone carrier warns you not to use it at a gas pump, so they are not liable when someone blows themselves up.

The problem is that gas cannot be ignited by this low voltage but look at it from this stand point. If you are holding your cell phone while pumping your gas, the gas is not the problem, it is the fumes that the gas omits when it is being pumped, if you have ever pumped gas into your car in temperatures above 85 degrees F you will see the fumes. If your 2 feet from the source of the fumes and your phone rings, assuming the vapors have got into your phone, it is very possible that the vapors could be ignited by the frequency, but more likely the ESD spark that might be sent out thought the phone. Here is why, anything that consist of electrolytes can cause a bridge in power circuits, the electrolyte being the gasoline fumes, would bridge point a to point b, creating a spark from shorting, and or ESD displacement. And I know what most people would say, in theory it sounds good, BUT!! etc....... Am I in no way saying every time you use your phone at a gas station, you will blow yourself up, But what about a phone that is out of calibration, a malfunctioning phone if you will. What if the voltage regulator is out of calibration and is letting your phone charge at 2 times the rate, then the battery in your phone is over charged, and therefore could spark depending on the humidity, or heat, etc.... Even if there is no proven evidence of this now, one day it will happen.

That is why they tell you to put your gas jug on the ground to fill it, if it is in the bed of your truck, and you have a bed liner, guess what, no ground for the jug, the ESD from your body jumps through the nozzle of the pump when it hits the electrically charged up plastic and boom, your in flames before you know what happened. There is proof of this on the web, I saw it with my own eyes on the TV. Keep in mind they said Theory wise it made since 5 years ago, but there was no proof. Just as many people said that was not possible. THAT IS WHY THEY TELL YOU NOT TO, SO YOUR HOSPITAL VISIT DOESN'T HAVE TO SERVE THE PURPOSE OF PROVING SOMEBODY'S POINT. I think I'll take their word for it. And by the way I am a Cell phone technician, so my info is based on facts, not opinions. Thank you for your time."

Source (Web).

I think shared in right thread...

Keep on sharing. . .

From United States, Fpo
Exactly correct raghu sir, people even without thinking just keep on forwarding misleading emails i have seen during summer season while filling fuel the vapours come from petrol tank. Also experts in their own fields know exact procedure, even emptying a tanker full of petrol requires knowledge , you just cant steal a whole tanker of petrol and empty it in your tank behind house, lots of things like grounding, electrostatic discharges, climatic conditions needs to be looked after. Only technicians in that field can advise us the real cause of such reasons, we being non engineers in the respective fields cannot believe anything without sufficient reason from a reliable source
OSH Answers: How Do I Work Safely with Flammable and Combustible Liquids? (Static Electricity)
So just treating camera flash as culprit for death of the boy is not right

From India, Madras

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