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I need your profeesional advise, i am employed as an HR Officer and my problem is that the employees we are taking now who three or four grades below my grade and have no profeesiona qualifications are being taken on a salary higher than mine. How do i approach my employer for an adjustment of my salary so that its higher than that of junior employees we are taking now. Our salaries are reviewed once a year and the HR Mnager says i should wait for that time of reviews. What valid and strong reasons should i cite for this review. I await your response.
From Zimbabwe
Then i think you will get good salary hike/increment at the time of reviews. So don’t worry.
From India, Delhi
Yes , you should wait for the review time and industries pay more for technical cadre as they are directly linked to the production of the industry and profit of the company.
From India, Bangalore
There is no need to wait for annual increment in this case.
You can approach the management and tell them u think it's unfair that you are getting lower pay than people junior and less qualified. And that your salary needs to e adjusted accordingly. Also tell them that it would be embarrassing for you if someone comes to know and questions your ability die to lower salary.
Both the management and hr should not have Allowed this situation to develop in the first place.
If they are not willing to,listen then you need to change your job if possible.
Why should u wait 6 months for a review ? Why should u lose 6 months of deserved higher pay ? What of the revised pay then is not satisfactory ? U will change jobs then too but after losing 6 months

From India, Mumbai
First let us know if there is a salary structure / band or Compensation & Benefits Policy existing in your setup. Generally, salaries will differ based on the type of experience, qualification, nature of job (Technical / Non-Technical).
It is usual in any company that there will be salary gaps between existing people and the new joinees. I advice not to look at the juniors and start crying atop.
Please concentrate on your job and aim high and look at higher benefits. Once you start looking down you start comparing yourself with juniors and start cribbing and not work towards the growth in the organization.
Start performing well and make the people around understand and realize that you need a good hike. Dont go and beg for hike. It looks so cheap. Let your performance talk.
Still if you feel, you are not recognized for the work that your doing, do not crib but just walk out of the organization for better avenues.
Best Wishes

From India, Hyderabad
Dear geezmk,

same problems we are also facing in our org. and getting replies like chaithanyahr said.

so i am just waiting for my turn... (rite time /bright opportunity)

to be frank most of the HR senior people are thinking that HR is not equal job comparing with .. stores/ production / effluent treatment/ safety and other production or quality related departments.

compare to them we will work for long hours with out OT .

we need to attend in any emergency times or any time when we required (even the midnight's also)

we always need to hurry for facilitation entire organisational human needs & individual needs.

we need to face IR , statutory and other external organisations related activities.

if something bad happens also HR or P&A.. people should face that and we are dare enough to ....this so called highest paying executives simply run away ...

canteen / security / settlements & Negotiations / emergency preparedness & response / licences / approvals & renewals / No.2 A/C settlements / dealing with different kinds of people and disciplinary related matters.. all are HR headaches .

the most disgusting thing here is our seniors or heads are facilitating are making others comfortable while comparing with their teams or the people who always working with & for them.

please think about this .

namaste / gurubhyonamaha :-)

From India, Hyderabad
Dear geezmk38,

You have not specified the field for these juniors. In most organisations, freshers taken through campus will be put through a special training program spanning from 6 months to 18 months and are consciously paid higher salary than lateral recruitments.

And always always remember you are an HR professional. As part of your job, you do come across confidential salary data. Remember your job is to use this data for record purposes and make MIS reports when required. This data is not to be personally used by you in any way for comparison purposes with other employees. How would you like it if someone came and told you they know what salary you are getting? Its disconcerting right?

All well meaning advisors, please do not misguide Geezmk38. Im sure many managers will not appreciate their juniors coming to them with salary issues on the basis of confidential data, especially if you have official access to that data. In a company with strict norms, the person may even lose his job for compromising on data.

I agree with Mr. jkumarjk. You should concentrate on your job and look at becoming a seasoned HR professional in your career. Dont let your mind waver with these small issues. Eventually, competency and hardwork will pay off. You can see yourself a few years down the line with a higher comp than these juniors. Remember us then. All the best..

From Netherlands
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