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Dear Friends
Today I heard a spiritual speech. In that the preacher was telling For a journey there must be a destination and for a life there must be a goal.
My thinking was going on in this direction, which I want to share with you and seek your way of thinking also, sometimes which may be useful for our members too.
Once we are performing a journey means we must fix/decide a confirmed destination where we have reach and when we have to reach and what will be our set time to reach the destination.
Similarly for our life also there must be a goal to be attained within our lifetime. If our life is without a goal means we do not have any goal and we can go as per the time and situation which can either make us as a great leader or a worst person too.
Shall we share our goal of destiny in our life, which can take us to reach our destiny in life.

From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Sir, Thanks you very much for valuable suggestion of life, I am 100% agree with you. Life is a journey without any goal we canít achieve any vision of life. Thanks, Regards, J.N.Modi
From India, New Delhi

Industrial Relations
Dear Mr. Ponraj & Jaynarayan Modi
Thank you for your comments. May I expect your goal of your life towards which you are going ahead, if you are interested to share with our members, please share with us.
Expecting to listen more from you

From India, Kumbakonam

Dear Bhaskar
My special appreciation to you for starting an excellent thread under a banner 'Goals in our Life'.
You have shared a great message and it is the need of the hour for many of us.
A goal less life is like a coma life.
Thanks for kindling our thoughts.
A great attempt.
Best wishes.

From India, Madras

Industrial Relations
Thank you for your comments Mr. AVS
But my intention of writing this thread is to know how many of us have goal to lead our life. No one has responded. For them hopefully they will quote the wordings from the Tamil Writer Mr. Balakumaran's Book, Irumbu Kudhiraigal (means Steel Horses) If you ask a horse what is your goal, It will laugh at you and it will tell you that whoever have the goal never attains, Hence the Horse never have such goals or destiny. This is the Veda lesson No. 2 the horses taught me (If some mistake is there please foregive me because I read the book during 1987 most of the part I have forgoten)
Shall I expect from you to write your goal in life Sir.

From India, Kumbakonam

Industrial Relations
Dear Friend
The BIG MNC offers you a job on Contract Basis for 6 months and if they asssess your performance as above average level then they will confirm and make you permanent (as I understood from your wordings). Whereas in Middle level company is initially offering you permanent job and their pay is also fine. Instead of seeing the brand name please select the good package and as you are seems to be young and you are having a huge tenure to gain work experience, so you can gain good knowledge in subject as well as money. If this offer is for me then I will select the good compensation package with permanent nature job. Please you consult your parents, weigh the pros and cons and decide yourself and make a good move.
Wish you all the best in your ensuing life.

From India, Kumbakonam
Hi Sir,
thanks you So much for your guidens.....
The articles i came across from Website i came to know that Project Management Office is related to Management Side where we directly interact with development Team,Project Managers and take care of Complete Status of the Project.
Where as in other hand Software Support We can learn lot of skil related to Technical.
But my confusion is Even if we go into Technical at some point of time we have to move in management.....
Thanks in advance..

From India, Pune

Bio-Mass Briquette manufacturing and Marketing
thnks for the valuable thoughts............ My goal now is to be placed in a job..... life time goal is being a gud daughter to my parents, obeying their words, dont hurt others.............
From India, Coimbatore

Industrial Relations
Thank you Dharani for your valuable comments and you have mentioned is your goal as daughter and not your life's goal. Not hurting is your policy but it is not the goal. Please make a goal and dream about one fine day your goal and as told by our beloved earlier President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, your dream will get transformed into reality, because if you dream always surely you will make a move towards your dream and it will be accomplished and your goal will become successful.
Wish you all the best Dharani
God Bless You

From India, Kumbakonam

HR- Business Partner
Well first i need to be sorry for coming late for the discussion...
Next i need to thank you for sharing your wounder full thoughts of human beings goal..
here i can tell that, there are some human being where they go as per the life where they have their goal set on the right track and at any cost they will achieve them even if they fall 1000 times in their life..
and there are some human being they just waste their time on just thinking that i will do this, i will do that, but when the time comes before them they run away from their goal.
and there are some human being where they just dont care about their goal.. just live as they want by wasting time.
In my view Our Life Goal should be simple -
1. Should have goal which should be reachable with all the efforts we put together.
2. Should live in present seeing that how we can reach the goal in time
3. Should waste time thinking how enjoyable life will be after reaching the right goal of our life......... :)

From India, Madras

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