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Dear Seniors,

Your crucial advice needed.

I am working with a manufacturing firm as executive-HR. But, there is not much scope for HR in manufacturing firms. In the name of HR what we do is admin work and more focus is on Industrial Relations.

I always wanted to work in a company where there is hardcore HR say in the role of strategic partner. Thats why i am not at all satisfied with my work.

When i think of making a shift from manufacturing to some of the top companies in other sectors say Infosys where i believe i will get what i have been looking for in terms of job satisfaction, i realise that these companies follows employee referrals and don't advertise their jobs.

Now, i am getting a feel that i will end up becoming a so called HR professional who maintains employee files, prepares MIS and do such small things which are zero in terms of job satisfaction.

Please guide me how to make this shift from manufacturing firm to organisations where HR is a strong department.

In anticipation of your valued response.



From India, Kapurthala
My opinion is that there is lot of scope for HR in Manufacturing sector comparetive to the software companies. Whether your seniors have not given that type of an opportunity for you. Starting from the Manpower planning, induction, skill matrix, career planning, PMS and upto exit interview data analysis and corrective steps you have lot of scope to acquire knowledge.
Of course it depends the size of the organization & level of delegation. I agree in manufacturing units lot of Admn., welfare & IR issues will be there but if we have the urge we can learn a lot. Example:
Manpower productivity
Manpower deployment
Skill gap analysis
TNA & Training
PIP (performance improvement plan) etc., etc.,
Why I am wirting all thse things is there won't be any compartmentalization when you are there in the Units and you have access for all the facets of the HRM & you will be a very effective and efficient Generalist.
Regards - kamesh

From India, Hyderabad
I'd suggest you to try job roles through Consultancies, as these big companies outsource their recruitment.
I found some of the companies like Oracle, Infosys, recruiting people in the same way.
However, I'd better suggest you to check with your circle who do work for these kind of companies and try taking reference from them.

From India, Hyderabad
I agree with you kamesh.
Dear Perseverance,
First you calculate VAPE of your organization and that indicates the performance of your department. I hope you have not groomed by HR experts.
Calculate VAPE and think how to improve it.
Think about Performance Driven Work Culture
Think about Group Decisions
Your meditation on the problem will show you the way. otherwise mail me on haburi at india dot com.
Tools may vary from MPP, 5S, QCC, LEAN
Never bogged up in routine work.

From India, Hyderabad
How can you say that there is no scope and career growth for HR peoples in manufacturing firms? You are not talking about your current company/employer but whole manufacturing industry, and you must think about it. I buy that you are not satisfied or somehow feel that your present work and situation but you can’t claim that there is no scope for you or for all with a Manufacturing firm. It seems you are not aware of that Administrative work also comes under HR and Industrial Relation which you have mentioned above is a really important part of Human Resource Management (HRM). Don’t mind but you need to improve your knowledge about HRM.

These Administrative and work of personnel management is the base of Modern “Human Resource Management” and it comes from Personnel Management. Guess you are not aware of the first and initial name of todays HRD/HRM is “Personnel and Administration” (P&A). Also the things and work /work style of HR/ HRM that you are looking for, to let you know, has emerged from the Manufacturing Companies i.e. Worker/Personnel Management. These MNC industries and corporate culture were never exist in the past but Manufacturing Companies.

I appreciate that you are keen to learn more about HR and wanna work with whole HR but it is not like that there is no career growth or you can learn the things about HR with a Manufacturing firm. Do you really feel that you will learn more about HR if you will work with other industry or company? Do you think that hard core HR that you are talking about, can learn about with Infosys and other MNC or IT industries then a Manufacturing Company? Guess think so, and you need to learn a lot about it.

HR is remaining the same, the functions and work is also the same everywhere but the different is the working style and atmosphere and varies company to company.

Perhaps you are not assigned for much work there, or not according to your expectation which made you feel like this that there is no scope for you but it doesn’t mean that you have mentioned “there is not much scope for HR in manufacturing firms”

I personally have worked with four different industries and never found different with then working style and atmosphere.

I beg your pardon if I my above massage made you feel bad but I wanted to let you know the truth.

Well coming back to the solution of your problem, I would suggest you to look for a new job. Also you need to improve your basic skills, knowledge and understanding about the HR and their functions which will help you to learn more and more about it as you are also expecting the same. Also you need to understand the work profile of HR Executive and HR Generalist (Hardcore HR). HR Generalist profile covers all the related and possible work of HR.

HR generalists are characterized by their involvement in -- and knowledge of -- a wide variety of functions and divisions within HR. The generalist is a jack-of-all-trades who can administer any aspect of HR.

Hope this will help you in many ways …

From India, Gurgaon
Hi Perseverance,
I assume some one has misguided you and need to understand what HR is. If you are not doing home work and going to school you get punishment same may without learning basic of HR how could you build strategy for the organization. You need to be mature and strong professional for better future.
If you have interest in learning there are enough scope in manufacturing sector to learn HR function like recruitment, selection, compensation, training & development, welfare, grievance handling, employee relation, leave record, record maintaining of HR data and many more.
Take this in a positive way hope this may solve your query and always have the attitude of learning.

From India, Bhubaneswar
Thanx a ton everyone for ur advice...will help me.

@ Mr. anilkr.arora- I want to clarify a few points to you:

1. 75% of ur answer is focused on making depreciative comments about my "knowledge of HR". I wonder if that was ur intention or u just lost focus.

2. You seem to be very fond of manufacturing but, plz get your facts right. Manufacturing doesn't only involve the firm you have worked with ( i am not sure u have).

3. While i am saying "there is not much scope for HR in manufacturing industry", i am signifying the role of a starategic partner (which i have mentioned in my query). Even if we talk about IR & Admin. Do u think they are able to contribute to the starategic intent of the organisation? IR people are busy with compliances or labour issues most of the times, so no question of being a strategic partner. Admin people can contribute to the company by cost reduction at the max.

4. Please be wider in your approach as i am not talking about the top few organisations. There is a vast majority of manufacturing firms where HRM is divided into three parts i.e. HR/IR/Admin. While Admin & IR i have already discussed, HR performs their activities in a very limited manner. Just to quote an example- after training is imparted, an important step is to check training effectiveness. which could be done with various good techniques, but here what is done is, we handover an employee feedback form to the employees. i mean if we are not evaluating the training well, then the whole purpose of exercise is lost. This is just an example, HR activities are performed in a very shallow manner.

5. In the end, a question to you- Don't you think that HR has been a support fuction for long in the role of IR & Admin, now it's the time we as HR professionals pull our socks to make HR a profit centre??

With Best Regards,


From India, Kapurthala
Thanks for your response but first thing i wud say that you need to improve your knowledge and have to read your comments once again

I wud appreciate that you have raised your question and i like it too but certainly wud say that you need to know the facts about HRM/HRD...

Well its not your problem bcz you need more understanding and experience about HR and WORK. It seems you didnt get the motive of my post and it is also showing in your answer. But its ok I wont mind it. The peoples who have never worked with two or more Industries and haven't experience the differences, it is hard for them to understand this..

Well for your information, Im working with Engineering Company and have worked with Manufacturing, Garment Export, Retail industry in my career and do understand the difference of HR and work style and many things better. I wont say that there is no other one who have much experience and better understanding them me and are not senior, bcz this place is not just a ship of HR professionals but a SEA of HR knowledge and experience as well and numbers of peoples are here who are most senior and have much experienced then me but what i have found and experienced in my career and working with different industries (Not Companies but Industries) has shared with others, doing this and would like to continue .....

I dont know whether you have worked other then Auto/Manufacturing Industry in your past or not but the peoples who are attracted with Modern HR style of MNCs, and have not much experience need to know this fact, i.e. real and large experience, work style, Management style and knowledge of HR in Manufacturing Industry, until then one can never understand this....

Second, your column number 4 has itself a contradictory. Could you please let me know why HRM has divided into three parts (HR/IR/Admin) by the Manufacturing Industries? Do you know the motive behind this and have you seen these things with any other MNC /other Industries or anyone can say that after this, these three are not the part of HR and one can never experience and understand the working under these three. find out will get the answerssss

I wud suggest you to make a research on this and im sure you will get all the answers of your questions..

Hope this time you will try to understand my motive and i beg your pardon if my comments made you feel bad ...nothing personal

From India, Gurgaon
Also you need to learn how to start a letter/query ..."Your crucial advice needed." I beg your pardon if this made you feel bad or anything..nothing personal ok..
From India, Gurgaon
Mr. anilkr.arora
Thanks for teaching me how to start a query (out of ur self created rules on how to start a letter/query).
By the way, one piece of advice from my side as well. U have got weak english. Start working on it. The correct words are people, than (u have used peoples, then) and yes it's not most senior, it's more senior.
I beg your pardon if this made you feel bad or anything..nothing personal ok..

From India, Kapurthala

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