Dear Sir, I was not rewarded for my extraordinary performance by the previous management as a result I quit the job

16th October 2011 From United States, Chicago

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Dear Sir, I was not rewarded for my extraordinary performance by the previous management as a result I quit the job
16th October 2011 From United States, Chicago
Dear Madhukar,
You performed well and you expect reward in return. For that you need to have patience and wait which I learned from my mistake.
You performed well and you are satisfied by your performance. Never regret in your life; management will reward you in money or position but you have knowledge and experience which will be with you for ever.
Look ahead don't get disheartened and move on.
17th October 2011 From India, Bhubaneswar
Hi Madhukar,
Just a small advise, never take such decisions in a haste. You never know what the company has in store for you. Every company has different R&R procedures and guidlines. Expected to be rewarded immediately after a brilliant task is certainly not the best idea - it may come later (being optimistic)
17th October 2011 From India, Faridabad
company should evaluate your better perfomance.If they find your contribution is vital ; automatically they will recogonize . otherwise you may think yourself it is outstanding performance.
always we should not tell ourself.
17th October 2011 From India, Bangalore
Hi madhukar,
As per my suggestion.If you been a sincere employee who use to exhibit extraordinary performance the company should definitely reward you /appraise you.You should have waited for the turn.Companies will never attempt to l0se a hardworking employee like you.....
You have already made the decision of resigning the job,so neednot worry about that..past is past.........Prove your talents in your new organization......You will definitely be rewarded.
All the best.
17th October 2011 From India, Madras
Rewards for exceptional service to the company are usually at the discretion of management and should not be accepted as a given, unless the company has in place a clearly defined policy on such matters.
If you go through life always expecting rewards, then you will be sadly disappointed.
Maybe you need to ensure that companies that you feel deserve your exceptional talents, have a rewards system in place. This is best checked when you have your interview. If they do not have such a system, then politely tell them that their company is not suitable for you and leave.
On the other hand, you could go to work, do your job to the best of your ability and progress through your career by way of earned respect and promotions on merit.
Good wishes for your future career.
17th October 2011 From Australia, Melbourne
I agree to some extent what all people have said here. As far i know every reward is not based on performance in current orgazations. Performance appraisal in MNCs is done not purely based on performance. I am working in a US based highly branded company ( dont wanna name it) where deserving employees are discriminated on the basis of religion and even regions. If you are closer to the management supervisors and managers the changes of promotions and good ratings are higher.
Such managers and presidents are shame for human resource management.
Mr Innocent.
17th October 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Madhukar,

It happens in many organizations, particularly, if you do not have lateral mobility or job hoping opportunity in the same geographical area. Some organizations do take it as a matter of right. In any given circumstance, some people perform extraordinarily and some don't. The organization cannot fire and hire, as there may not be many available with the same skill sets. So the company compensates everyone at an average.

If you feel that it has been blatant, then absolve yourself for whatever decision you have taken. But you need to live with the reality that whether you can repeat that kind of miracle time and again at every organization, where you hop. If you can do it, then the industry HR guys will be baiting you all the times. Believe me, whether you know or not, your concept in the value addition to the product of the organization, responsible people (name, department, R&D, technology etc.) is trumpeted in the market by the organization and the marketing people
17th October 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Madhukar,
Excellent or extraordinary performance, if remain hidden and unacknowledged does not get rewarded. It also needs special skill how effectively you are able to present your performance from time to time and finally through annual appraisal to the management.
So, instead of showing resentment just learn the art of presentation of your performance.

17th October 2011 From India, Delhi

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