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HI Please ley me know how individual can check his/her PF status by online... is there system or web site if so the please let me update
From India, Mumbai

not possible online... pls visit pf office..... if possible be ready to pay some money for enquiry. regards, jayshree
From India, Mumbai

Ok then please let me is there any cap of 6 moths to withdraw PF amount as one of my friend quits his job in 6 month now he wants to withdraw his amount what are the best option available.
From India, Mumbai

Hi Kapil, One may claim for PF withdrawal only after 60 days of his resignation or separation from the organisation, by filling the FORM 10 C and 19, the PF withdrawal Forms.. Regards, Amit Seth.
From India, Ahmadabad

Sorry boss!!!! but still there is no such system established in India where in one can check his/her PF status.....
Also any person can withdraw his/her PF anytime ...
Example:- if a employee has finished his/her 6 months of service, he/she can withdraw PF easily...even if any employee has worked for 1,2,3,15 months he/she can withdraw the PF after they leave the company....
Actually a 2 month basic period is given to the employee to withdraw his/her PF by the company.....

From India, Mumbai
You can check your PF with drawal status on the website
Vivek Kumar

From India, Madras
sivakumar d

to withdraw pf amount he should follow the following steps
1. form 19 & 10-c duly filled and signed
2. he must wait for 2+1 month from the date of resignation
otherwis he can opt for transfer of accounts to his present employer
3. if he attains superannuation, he can go for immediate settlement
without waiting for two months with the help of employer
4. if he is entltled for pension benefit he has to fill form 10-d instead form 10-c

From India, Coimbatore

There is no such option available as on date. However, PF authorities have provided a list of unclaimed PF amount with them on their website (
Withdrawal forms can only be submitted after completion of 60 days of your resignation / termination. Employee's are entitled to PF for 1 day but if you leave within 6 months of your joining, you loose a certain % of your due refund amount and there is no need to fill form 10 C (pension claim) also.
Sweety Singh

From India, Delhi
my pf number is KN/BN/34272/78040Please ley me know how individual can check his/her PF status by online... is there system or web site if so the please let me update?
From India, Calcutta
Visit the
  • Go to Know your Claim Status
  • Select State
  • Select Office
  • put the Company Establishment Code
  • Extension Code (Leave it Blank)
  • Put the Employee No.( Employee No means PF Number Last 4 Digit Number Ex: KN/46294/1045 , 1045 is Last 4 digit number)

From India, Bangalore
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