Dear Prashant/All
One more query:-
How to work on different profiles of different companies at a time. For an example let say i have 7 clients :-
In which
2 are international BPO
3 are for IT
2 no it
and each has lot of urgent profiles. So how should I distribute profiles among the recruiters.

From India, New Delhi
Data mangement is very easy , but You have to follow one system
  1. First of all classify your clients according to industry for example :FMCG, IT, Telecom, Banking, Insurance,Manufacturing ,PharmaThen create folders acordingly and back up support also
  2. Screen profiles and prepare excel sheet - NAME MOBILE NO , EMAIL ID LOCATION Department ,COMPANY DESIGNATION EXPERIENCE , SALARY NOTICE PERIOD REMARK ( write statement IF INTERVIEWED YES/NO , WHEN ( date of interview)) , SELECTED / rejected , JOINED / back out ) ask for refrences for future use
  3. Source resume through refrences and job portal and social cites
  4. data depletion is there ( arrange data through year basis )
  5. create a standard below that dont add & accept profile in data base Rest you will learn and will find new ways by trial and error method and will organise your data according to your requirement.

From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Parul open Gmail then on the top of page you can find different tabs like :- +You,Orkut,Gmail,Calendar,Documents,Photos,Web,More then Click on Documents there you can create your documents
From India, New Delhi
Dear all,
What process should I follow to work on any particular profile. Let say i am working on php developer profile so should be the process to work on this profile. I mean firstly search one portal after getting the list of candidates, should I download the sheet or I should start calling candidates from portal directly????

From India, New Delhi
Although as a normal trend what I have seen that all the clients say that it is one of the most urgent position that they are giving & it’s on high priority but not always it is the case. Point is all the clients want their positions to be filled up fast. But being into this business you have to go by client’s wish. You can seek some information from the client which will help you decide on how to prioritize the positions, You can check from the client:-
- It is a new position or a replacement as it will help you to understand the urgency of it as usually replacements have some buffer time in hand to be filled up.

- Check with them if the position is open for some time or it has recently opened. If the position has recently opened then work on it first because if it is a contingency search then the client will give the position /s to different vendors including you so who works on it first will have the advantage to get the profiles first.

- Although not sure if the client will speak on this but you can check if you are the only one who is working on a certain position/s or other have also been given this position. In case if you are the only one then for sure the Client will look for quick Turn Around Time as delay from your side will delay his/her Turn Around Time.

- Refine their search skills on portals and head hunting so that rather than looking at too many CVs and talking to them they can pick up specific CVs and talk to them and try to increase the conversion ratio.

- Ask your recruiters to try to put some time for all the positions or if not all positions then at least key 3-4 positions which you actually know that they are urgent by dividing their day into parts and defining for how long of the day they have to work on a particular position.
- Try to identify which recruiter has a better skill or interest in working on a particular position and you can give the position to that recruiter. For example if you have a recruiter who has previously worked in an FMCG sales background then try to give him positions which are FMCG or in Consumer Durable sale as that recruiter will have a good basic understanding to identify in terms of what will be required in the Client sales position/s.


From India, Delhi
Dear Ashok / Suraj, Let me know the model /methods of your business development activties that you are conducting right now. That will help me to suggest something. -Prashant
From India, Delhi
Dear Suraj,

I had a look at the post and based on your location which I can see as Kanpur (correct me if I am wrong) can make your Business Development activity a little difficult. I understand the UP east market and based on that I can tell you that firstly that there are not many companies out there from where you can get a lot of business and secondly some companies which are there will not have specific consultant budgets or a clear mandate to have a consultant panel. I am not sure but I am assuming that most of your clients will be local companies or companies who have their regional offices at Kanpur like Telecom companies / Insurance Companies etc. or companies which are in nearby areas like Lucknow etc.

1) It is absolutely your personal choice depending on if you have the money to spend as it is simple that if you hire 2 different people for 2 different jobs then you have to pay 2 different salaries. If you have a small size of your firm right now and your revenues /profits are not high then you can have one person for both but then that person will be focusing on 2 things at the same which might effect his/her performance at both the fronts. In future if you plan to hire a dedicated BD person then try to hire a person who has got some decent years of experience and he has been in the industry for some time in BD or at least have contacts in the industry.

2) I am assuming that by this “how much placement recruitment can give in a month” you mean “how much placement a recruiter can give”. If this is the question then it is difficult to comment because every recruiter has his /her own skill and command on the work where some recruiter can place 5 person in a month whereas other can only 1 or 2 in a month so it depends on individual capacity. You can set some targets for them in terms of revenue generation but make sure that the targets shouldn’t be too unrealistic.

3) Talking about Strategy – As a personal opinion you can apply all those acceptable ways to get business from clients. A few points will be :-

- See if you can develop a website of your firm. In today’s time a website has turned out to be a necessity as it reflects how you have presented you business to the world and how you are different from others.

- The person who goes to clinet for BD should be well versed with both good English & Hindi and should be presentable with good convincing skills.

- Get some professional brochure made about your firm which should mention your recruitment strategy / your existing clients/ some key position closed / time taken to close those key positions / how you are different from other recruitment consultants etc. which you can give to the client as a hard copy or soft copy.

- Timely follow up & being in touch with the client and quality service if a assignment has been given to you.

4) Best way to contact HR is through social networking sites/ headhunting / references from your existing client / job portals/ membership of AIMA /NHRD and their local affiliates.

5) Avoid calling on their personal phones for the very first time or until you ask from them if you can call on their personal phones for further discussions. Try to get through them through their emails or office Landlines only. May be you will not be able to get through first time but then try again and that’s what your BD will be all about till you don’t connect with them. Make sure you should be polite and courteous even after you have done many efforts to get in touch with that person.

6) No standard time but as a common sense no early mornings or late nights until someone tells you to call at that time. As a personal opinion it seems to work nice post lunch or sometime in the evening.

7) Wasn’t able to understand the question.

8.) Insurance /BPO / junior level Sales positions in FMCG/ CD companies as usually in these industries /positions attrition remains high but it’s a challenge to recruit for these positions.

9) As suggested above use networkings sites / use Ascent (Times of India)/ HT careers / etc.

Hope this will help you.


From India, Delhi
Hi Prashant,
Thanks for guiding us.
I have one more query:-
Right now we are in permanent staffing. Now we are planing to come in to temporary staffing too. So guys help me this. Kindly guide how to proceed.
waiting for your valuable sug...

From India, New Delhi
Hi Ashok,
Good to know that you plan to extend to temp staffing. But as a personal view I have seen that temp staffing is a number game, the more the numbers the better you will have margins although that is not always the case but still i have seen it more ............. So if you think you have the numbers in terms of requirements from the client and the required people are available then you can go ahead.

From India, Delhi

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