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Am curious to know your views and thoughts.
From United States, Daphne
Hi Nikhil,
Its' a good question. I think many people will vote for me when I say that the key cause of corruption is greed. People are not happy to have salary as their main income. They would like to stretch beyond their prudent limits. Therefore, they work for that extra unjust income. Actually, they do their duty for this unjust money. And this is bribe.

From India, Bangalore
So, increasing their salary will not help solve the problem?
I often feel that the first time someone does something wrong, it is driven by things other than greed... Maybe I am wrong...
Interesting perspective here from you KSR.

From United States, Daphne
Main key driver of corruption is CLIMATE , ATMOSPHERE of OFFICES. Being in government I have seen many government offices where the HEAD has made it strict to all employees to not to accept corruption, and also many departments where its a rite to accept bribe for any work done. Also depends on employee, they say bad habits catch easily, every corrupt officer today was a good man yesterday, circumstances, climate, atmosphere made him corrupt. I had one friend working in court, where daily they used to share the collected bribe, he was a good man and did not like this, his thinking was i am getting paid for my work, so why i need bribe, but they just used to give him. Another driver is PUBLIC some public deliberately give money to get their work done. They dont want to wait in queue, or wait for process and to bypass they catch someone and give him bribe.

In such situations even the honest of honest officers either have to give in to temptation or are not able to survive in the market,

But nowadays there is more corruption in private companies in recruitment (taking money from consultant candidate), favoring their pet in promotions, in awarding contracts to vendors, purchase section ( using higher rate and then taking commission) etc. This needs to be spread to people and a body to be made to punish corrupt people in private sectors.

Only thing which will solve is full automation, fully recorded proceedings , and clear procedures and display of them in all offices. From the time most of the state governments made online application for birth certificate , death certificate and other amenities corruption in these depts has reduced drastically. q

From India, Madras
Ravi, good points. But let me express my opinion. Bribe is more prevalent in Government departments because of one reason. No body can punish anybody for taking bribes, because of strong unions, weak bosses and systems. But in private organizations, like you said HR managers taking bribe from colleges and students; the moment it is known, the culprit is out and he is not given a job anywhere. Best examples are in IT, Satyam, or Wipro or could any such company. The other thing you spoke is about the public. Even if there are certain guys who wanted their things to be done for few bucks, if the taker is strong in his values, he will not succumb to things like bribe. This is about value system. And this is the only way to combat corruption. No need for Anna's. That energy can be better utilized.
From India, Bangalore
Good inputs and this is a worthy topic to discuss.
In my opinion the drive for corruption starts from people's wrong action.We perform a wrong and defend with a bribe.
Fine example: We cross in the road when the signal is in RED and pay the corp a bribe.We deviate in manythings and pay a bribe.We can add many.
Wrong actions lead to corruption. All comes next.
We may not agree this theory,but this is the truth.
Thank all for a nice sharing.
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From India, Madras
Hi All,
For the benefit/comfort of I & Me - Corruption starts. Example: I cannot stand in long queue/I cannot sit in hot cabin/by no fault by I & Me - why pay extra and many more such cases?????? in normal route life.

From India, Hyderabad
The reasons for corruption are multi depending upon whether we take the giver's perspective or the taker's; there won't be any corruption if either there are no takers and/or givers. For a detailed coverage of the causes of corruption please see
Also see for reasons given for taking bribes by the Police in Agra.
Have a lovely day
Learning & Teaching Fellow (Retd)
The University of Bolton, UK.

From United Kingdom
Absence of any kind of threat, either moral or physical, and total lack of accountability in jobs, I think is the route cause of corruption. This can be fought through installation of loophole proof systems, fixing performance datelines ,ensuring accountability at case worker level and broad level legislation can bring about drastic changes and largely eliminate corruption.This has happened in case of Driving License, transfer of ownership of vehicles in RTO offices in Karnataka.
v dwarakanath
Management consultant,

From India, Bangalore
I like THAT - ". . . if the taker is strong in his values. . . "

In this 'context', please let me express some thoughts I have (which I put in 'another Thread'):

It’s High-Time for INTROSPECTION !


CASH/KIND exchanged for some FAVOR (‘exchange’ is used to mean ‘given’ or ‘taken’ - as, CORRUNPTION is a two-way-street’ !)

Hindi Dictionary gives the meaning for Corruption/Corrupt as :
saDana, bigADa, vyabhichAra, doShaNa, bhrashtaachaar, bhrashtatha, khoTApana, ghUsa, etc.

I have - MY OWN – ‘all-encompassing/broader definition/meaning’ :

“DOING or INDULGING-in dishonest/deceitful/wasteful/un-fair ACTS/ACTIONS which create LOSS/DAMAGE/DEPRIVATION/DIS-CONTENT/SADNESS ETC., to ANYONE – Individual, Family, Friends, Society, Employer, Employee, Customer, Supplier, Organization, Country, etc., etc. – in ANY MANNER”


Anna Hazare said, – on Aug. 28, 2011 – to the effect :
“It is NOT ENOUGH if you wear-ANNA-cap. YOU must follow‘ clean principles too’ !”
I’m sure he referred to VICHAR (Thoughts/thinking),
ACHAR (Actions/deeds), VYAVAHAR (Communication/Dealings)

No amount of 'external controls' will/can curb CORRUPTION. What needs to be 'generated' in the 'personnel/employees - top-to-bottom' is genuine INTROSPECTION. Concerted efforts of HRM can bring about 'Sense-of-Values' (of what Mr. Rao speaks) in Corporate Sectors and Government Departments. I'm sure the "CiteHR FORUMS" have INNUMERABLE PERSONAGES - who could/should be "AMBASSADORS-TO-DRIVE-OUT-CORRUPTION' - at least for the next-breed to be CORRUPTION-FREE !! "TRAINERS & CONSULTANTS too can/should do 'their bit' in this 'thrust'
Give the "Good Man POWER" and the "Mighty - the WILL"!


· I HAVE UNDERSTOOD the broader meaning of ‘Corruption’
· I have the ‘courage’ to ask myself ‘Am I Corrupt’ ?’
· I am NOT Corrupt
· I say “NO” when someone tries to Corrupt me
· I WILL tell others “DO NOT be Corrupt” & DO NOT ‘Corrupt’
· I WILL correct myself – IF I am ‘Corrupt’.

Let us not wait for Legislation/Policing ! Let's DO IT OURSELVES - each one HIS BIT ! Anna Hazares won't be needed to 'fast or faint' on OUR DOMESTIC ISSUES in OUR AREAS OF FUNCTIONING !

Is there HOPE for Individuals in ‘CORPORATE SECTOR’ and so the ‘CORPORATE SECTOR’ to become CORRUPTION-FREE ? (Same goes for Government Departments too)!

From India, Pune

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