Dear Friends,
I am Sudarsan a new member of Cite hr; I have joined in an IT company. I can find few nonperformers in my company.
I need few templates which should be a warning letter that the employee performance is not good and informing him to perform well in the coming months.
Request you all to help me on this.
Thanks & Regards
Sudarsan :D
28th July 2007 From India, Coimbatore

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Hii.. Sudarshan,
You may use this one too...
Warning Letter in case of late coming
21st November 2005
Sub. – Warning Letter
It has been observed that since your joining you are not performing upto the level that been expected, resulting to put you in the list of poor performers, which is directly resulting in willful insubordination and gross negligence of duties, in your capacity as ________.
Performing below the level is making yourself liable for necessary action.
You are hereby warned to develop your performance; failure to do so shall invoke appropriate action.
You are further advised to submit a written explanation on your poor performance as soon as you receive this letter.
Kindly treat this as very urgent.
For' Company Name
Amit Seth.
28th July 2007 From India, Ahmadabad
It has been observed from your attendance record that you remained absent from work without intimation with effect from 03-06-2006.
We regret to note that till the time of writing this letter, you have neither reported for duty nor you have sent any intimation to us.
You are therefore, asked to resume your duty within two days on receipt of this letter and produce proper evidence in support of your absence, failing which the management will be compelled to proceed according to “Certified Standing Orders” applicable to you.
Please note that you are being marked absent with effect from 03-06-2006.
letter posted to both permanent and temporary address of employee
still no reply recd from employee so when the employee returned
after many days he was issued a show cause notice...
3rd August 2007 From India, Pune


It has been observed from your attendance record during the period January’ 2006 to November’ 2006 that you remained absent, i.e. without intimation / pre-sanction and / or permission, from your superiors.

The details about your unauthorized absence during the above-referred period are as follows:


Hence, from the above it is clear that you remained unauthorizedly absent for 69 days.

Further also we have observed from your attendance record during the above referred period that you have availed 17 days El, 07 days Sl and 06 days CL from entitlement quota. Also, we have sanctioned your leave without pay for 2.5 days and you reported late for duty on 09 days.

You are asked to show-cause, as to why management should not initiate a disciplinary action for your unauthorized absence as mentioned above as per the provisions of “Certified Standing Orders” applicable to you. The relevant clause are reproduced herebelow:

22(f) Habitual absence without permission or absence without intimation

22(I) Commission of any act subversive or discipline or good behaviour on the premises of the establishment.

You are required to submit your written explanation within 48 hrs on the receipt of this show-cause notice by you. In case, we do not receive your written explanation within the stipulated time, it will be presumed that you do not want to offer any explanation and management shall take an appropriate action in the matter as deemed fit.

XXX Ltd..
3rd August 2007 From India, Pune
Dear All
About Warning Letter,you must note that when you make an accusation against your Employee, you must give an oppurtiny to the person to disprove it.So warning letters should not be casually drafted and requires to be vetted before issuing it.
V.Sounder Rajan

E-mail : ,

29th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
EMPLOYEE NAME: ___________________________ DATE: __________________
DESIGNATION: ____________________________
1. Disciplinary
2. Integrity
3. Absenteeism
4. Misconduct
5. Performance
Operations Remarks –
__________________________________________________ _________________
__________________________________________________ _________________
__________________________________________________ _________________
Candidate’s Comment -
__________________________________________________ _________________
__________________________________________________ _________________
__________________________________________________ _________________
Signature Signature
HR Executive TL/Op Manager
Note: Please be advised, the second and final warning letter can lead to termination of services

27th June 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Hello Chandana,
I think by now, you are stable and you must have learnt how to deal with these kind of people. These are a kind of situation, where one has to be very strong then only that can deal with the critical situations.
As by these kind of hurdles only people get the good exposure, how worst the life can be, and he/she can understand how to deal with these.
Thanks & Regards
Manita Chauhan
27th September 2008 From India, New Delhi





We have just reviewed the report you prepared on the above subject and we must let you know that I am disappointed.

[DESCRIBE REASONS FOR DISAPPOINTMENT, ex. Despite all the necessary resources at your disposal and considerable time to deal with this matter, I found your analysis to be superficial and lacking focus.]

Regretfully, the report cannot be relied upon to assist us with our planning for the upcoming year. Please review it and provide us with a redraft by [DATE REVISED REPORT REQUIRED].

If there are any circumstances which you wish to draw to my attention regarding the quality of the report, we would be prepared to discuss them directly with you.

However, we would ask that you make a much more determined effort to achieve better quality results in the future.
27th September 2008 From India, Mumbai
Mr. ___________
Emp Code: _____
Dept: _________
Sub. – Warning Letter
Mr. _________,
It has been observed that your performance and behavior is not up to the mark, and you have been told about this by your superior.
Please note that you need to pull your self up and perform your duties to the utmost satisfaction of your superiors.
You are hereby given 1 months time to improve your performance and failure to do so shall invite appropriate action.
H.R Dept.
13th April 2010 From India, Delhi
Today first time i am loging on its really amazing they way you guys are hepling eachother, well done guys keep it up, for sure i will also be benifical from this.
27th April 2010 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

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