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Life is to work for others

Mr. Mohan and Mr. Rajkumar are friends. They are equally competent in studies and personal qualities. Both of them joined in a company as executives in a same day. After five years, Mr. Rajkumar has become a senior manager and Mr. Mohan remains in the same position. When we think why, we may say that Mr. Rajkumar is more talented than Mr. Mohan is. Many times this is not correct. If we think beyond the talent, that is what has made Mr. Rajkumar more talented than Mr. Mohan, we will get the answer. Shall we try?

What is life? Why have we born here? Why are we in a particular job/field? If you try to answer these questions, you may not get an appropriate and acceptable answer. The answer may vary person to person or religion to religion and even time to time.

However, one thing is common and true. We are here and we have to be. Knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly, purposefully or purposelessly, we are here and we are doing something expected by somebody. Our family members, our manager in office, our life guide, or our friend expect something what we have to do. Most of our efforts/works are for the above said people.

If we live a life, which tries to satisfy the above said members, then this life is for others and not for us. This is the common explanation to the fact that ‘life is to work for others’.

If we think in a different way, our understanding will be clearer. Different country people earn different salaries in this world. Different sector people earn different salaries in a country. Different cadre people earn different salaries in a company.

The salary difference is mainly depends upon the customer demand, quantity and quality of that particular product/service we are providing to them. A general manager will cover more customers, provide more quantity of service/product, impart or pave way for more quality service/ product to customers than a new executive newly joined in a company. Therefore, a general manager gets more salary than a new executive does. When the customer demand combines to that particular product/service, then the salary will be very high. We can cite the IT sector as an example to this category.

Temporarily leaving the salary matter for a while, we will think of something related to our source of services/products that we are using every day. Almost all the products/services we are using are coming from others. In our house, others manufacture all the parts. Others produce even our food. Every minute we are utilizing the products/services of others. If we try to quantify and qualify the services / products of others, we are utilizing, it will vary from person to person. A person who is earning more will utilize the services/products of others more.

Now we will correlate the salary matter with utilization of service/product of others. Those who give more service/products to others will get more service/products from others. What we are trying to learn here is that if we extend our service to others, we will get the services from others. It is the simple life theory.

At executive position, if we put more efforts on servicing others, automatically we will be elevated in our career and we will get more services from others. If we are in marketing job, let us put more concentration on the servicing part of our customers and try to cover more and more customers through that quality product or quality service.

There are three kinds of situation comes in here. One is to extend more and more quality product/service to more and more people and gets more and more service/products from others. This we can see in the life of anybody working in a business concerns. The second situation is that extending more and more service to others and purposefully avoiding services from others. This we can see in non-governmental organizations and other purely holy service organizations. In these organizations, they extend more service for a less salary. The third kind of situation is that some of us will try to get more and more service from others but not willing to extend service to others. This is the weak point of many of us. Suppose, when we are working in an organization, if we are not doing our work of servicing others-customers, sometimes colleagues and we are expecting promotion and good salary, and there by more and more service from others, here arises problem.

The persons want to have the third kind of situation will always in trouble and try to blame others for their failures. Even sometimes these kinds of persons, in order to achieve their goal of getting service from others that is money, they may even enter in to an illegal ways and means of things.

When we connect our life theory “LIFE IS TO LIVE FOR OTHERS” with the words of God, it is always true that “WHAT WE GIVE TO OTHERS WE WILL GET THE SAME”, Bible says and “WE HAVE TO DO OUR DUTIES AND SHOULD NOT EXPECT THE RETURNS”, Geta says.

God has given us a duty to perform. It may be an attendant job or a general manager job. We have to deliver the duties to others sincerely and God will automatically give us the services from others. We can see many persons claimed the ladder of success in this way. Now we got the answer to Mr. Mohan’s failure and success of Mr. Rajkumar. Do we want to be as Mr. Rajkumar or Mr. Mohan that is purely up to us?


Example Situation- I

Assume that you are working as a sales boy/girl in a cloth shop and you are attending one customer. Your customer is selecting one cloth, which is an old poor quality stock in the shop. You know very well that cloth is not good. However, your owner has ordered you to see all the old poor quality materials with out telling the truth. What will you do now?

1. You will obey the order of your owner that you have to sell all the old poor quality materials to customers with out telling the truth.
2. Whatever, it may be the order of your owner; you will try to sell the poor quality material to the customer, thinking that clever selling is business.
3. Whatever, it may the order of your owner; you will never sell the poor quality material to your customer with out telling the truth.

There are three different answers are given. Please select any one answer, which your heart says correct. Be genuine with you. Let us analyze your answers.

We can get two derivations from answer number one. First is that you may be against your wish of not to sell the poor quality material to customers and in contrast, you have sold the poor quality material only to obey your owner. Here you may be in a situational trap- your financial needs or want of job. Second is that you and your owner wishes are same and you are selling poor quality material with out telling the truth to customers.

If you have selected answer number two or three, it shows that you are not under any situational trap but you are under attitude trap. You are giving importance to your values and principles. However, the difference is that in answer number two, your attitude is negative, and in answer number three, it is positive.

When we are coming to our point of ‘Life is to live for others’, the people given answer number three will be at top and they will certainly spread their services and products to more and more number of people and get services from more and more number of people. In the second place, the people with answer number one will come, provided they change their situational tarp. The people with answer number two will have to change their attitude.

Example situation- II

Assume that you are working as a Technical Manager in a company. Under you, there are five executives working and taking up different assignments. One of your executive, who joined newly, is in euphoric stage of relationship development with you and your company. One day a fine morning, he comes out with an idea in his domain and he wants to tell the matter to you immediately. He calls up you at early morning over your personal phone. What will you do?

1. You never like calls from employees other than official hours especially in the morning. Therefore, you will not attend the call.
2. You will attend the call, but you will not listen to him. You will cut off the phone after saying that whatever it may be, please come and discuss in the office.
3. You will attend the call and listen to him carefully. After that, you will ask him to come for more discussion in the office.
4. You will attend the call and listen to his ideas carefully. Immediately you praise him for his innovative idea and ask to come out with detailed preparation to discuss it in the office.

We hope that you have selected only one answer from the above four. Some of you are saying that the decision will vary situation to situation and mood to mood. Please do not confuse yourself. Here we are taking about normal situation.

Here we have to see your subordinate as a customer. When we are in business, the product end users, our suppliers, our traders/dealers, our staffs and our other stakeholders like bankers, transporters etc, has to be seen and treated as customers.

As you are a manager, your customer satisfaction will be the priority at all times and if you do so, you will get more and more customers to serve. Then automatically you will climb in the career ladder and you will get more service from others. Here the objective of your subordinate- a customer to you is that he has to get good opinion and praise from you. With this objective only, your subordinate has called you.

In the four answers given, the fourth is more appropriate, third is appropriate, second is not good, and first is bad. With the people given first and second answers, there is a problem with attitude. They need to change.

From India, Hyderabad

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