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Thread Started by #New_Age_HR

Dear All,
We are a business and financial advisory company, we offer end to end advisory services for successful syndication of fund raising needs of corporate, from Working Capital to Term Lending.
Some of our key employees have taken over as Leaders. They are fairly good with technical skills, but need Leadership Training, in terms of job allotment, team handling, giving feedback, sharing targets clearly etc.
So please suggets an established Trainer/Training Agency based out of Delhi/NCR, who specialises in Leadership Training.
Thank you for your help.
Fatima Siddiqui
Manager HR
23rd August 2011 From India, Delhi
Hi you can connect with icareerpartner at 9810020576.we are a training and education company working across verticals. We have senior trainers who have held leadership positions in industry and are suited for your requirement.
23rd August 2011 From India, Delhi
i am freelance soft skill trainer with 10 years of experience enclosing my profile. u can contact me on 9414023552, 9214023552 or u can mail me on
Bharat agrawal
23rd August 2011 From India, Jaipur

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File Type: doc profile bharat (1) (1).doc (76.0 KB, 318 views)

Hi Fatima
I am an MBA with specialization in HR and having an experience of 11 years in Training and Development. I have worked in Education, Insurance and Media industry. I have extensive exposure in various training platforms, BPO operations, vendor management, HR generalistic functions etc.
I have hands on experience in Training Need Analysis, Training Delivery, Customized Content Development, Training Coordination, Managing Teams, Vendor Management, Call Centre Trainings and post Training Productivity Tracking as well. I have gathered a rich experience in Employee Induction, Sales Trainings, Behavioral Trainings, Soft Skills Trainings, Product Trainings, English Language Trainings & other need based trainings at all managerial levels.
You can send me your mail ID at
23rd August 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Fatima,
You better contact Mr Gaurav Sareen. He is member of this forum. To know more about him you can click here.
Dinesh V Divekar
23rd August 2011 From India, Bangalore
Hi Fatima,
i strongly reccomend you to contact mr aditya hukku (founder and owner of Uureka corporate training and consulting co.) He's a master of his art, have many training certifications to his name, including inlinguistic,personality development and leadership/soft skills. i have myself attended his sessions and seriously influenced and impress with his grip on positive attitude and trainings. his # is 880362666, i am not able to post his company's link due to some system error but you can find it on net with uureka word search.
Kamal Chauhan
Asst Manager
Prexus Health
23rd August 2011 From India, Delhi
Hello Ms. Siddiqui,

Prior to being a Soft skill trainer. I started my career marketing financial products & getting in investors from where I moved on to become a Portfolio Manager cum Financial Analyst.

The last position I held was of Regional Head South for Acumen capital Markets.

From 2006 I took to Sales, Behavioral, Management & Financial markets training. I thoroughly understand the transition of employees from Executives to Team leaders & Managers. I have trained various corporates & colleges across India.

Kindly tell me when you are looking to conduct this program. I am in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida from Mid Sept. for a month.

Do mail me with more details of the background, roles, responsibilities, challenges, no. of participants, the no. of days for this program, etc

My mail id is

You can reach me on my Delhi no. 9560 918 245 from mid sept.

I am in Bangalore right now. You can reach me at this no. 9980 636 121 for now. Do mail me & I shall call you back.

I can give you one advantage if you go with my proposal. I shall bring in another international lady trainer & you can have 2 trainers handling the program at one price. Our prices are reasonable & competitive too.

Gautham Shashangan
23rd August 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Fatima,
You can contact me (Prof. Abhishek) at 9910208209 or Mr. Vishal 9911903400. Our company Pinnacle Training & Development Solutions is based in Gurgaon. I am attaching my profile for your reference. We both are from Financial background (Bank) and have conducted Leadership programs for companies like Indian Oil, NTPC, Maruti Suzuki etc.
24th August 2011 From India, Madras

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File Type: doc Abhishek Tiwari- Profile.doc (204.0 KB, 123 views)

Dear Fatima,
I am an experienced trainer in Leadership deevlopemnt. My method includes information gathering, then making a needs analysis of the training required and finally designing a training course over a period of time and conducting workshops. Followup after every workshop is a part of the whole development process. The entire process culminates in the managers acquiring skills and knowledge foe becoming effective leaders.
If you are interested in collaborating with a trainer who works for the long term, please contact me on 9971137284 or
Parveen Chhatwal
24th August 2011 From India, New Delhi
At IMT-G ,we specialise in Management Development Programs across all verticals .Please do contact us at 9899369372 ,for this Leadership Training opportunity .Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Regards ....Lipi Das
24th August 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Arshia HR executive of Hewit learning solutions,our focus is not teaching people but we believe in reaching people. Please find attachment about our company's Learning solutions to Corporate.
Here is the link of our chief Trainer's profile.
Mangipudy Bhimeswar Rao - India | LinkedIn
We are looking forward to have a positive response from you.
Thanks and Regards,

24th August 2011 From India, Hyderabad

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File Type: zip hewit learning corporate.zip (951.1 KB, 76 views)

The best leadership program we have seen on the market is The Hero's Way, see attached brochure. There are a few trainers in Delhi, one is Anshul Dhingra and the other is a retired colonel who's name escapes me. Each of them have accredited certifications. You can contact Directive Communication and they will put you in touch with them. Organizational Change & Leadership Training for Leading Culture
25th August 2011 From Indonesia, Jakarta
Dear Ms Siddiqui,

I represent Viataar Management Solutions am sending you the soft copy of our company profile attached along with this mail, would look forward to meeting you to discuss and understand your people initiatives and where we can ad value.

To provide you a snapshot of Vistaar:

Vistaar as a Company came into existence in 2004 as a Training and OD organization and since then has been contributing towards the people and business initiatives of mid to large sized organizations across industry verticals. Since 2010 its status got converted to a privately held organisation and was renamed it as Vistaar Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Today we work with some of the renowned names in India and internationally to provide Services around four Critical Areas which are.

Training and OD : Under this arm known as Kaya Taran we focus on building Leadership competencies amongst middle and top level managers across organizations, we have a our own researched and copyrighted 3"I" competency cube which provides a peep into 13 critically needed competencies for leadership roles, around which we focus our work as an organization. The 3 'I's of the cube stand for Managing Individual (Self Mastery), Managing Inhabit (People Mastery) and Managing Industry (Environment Mastery). Our Training and OD work is around developing these 13 competencies, along with any other specific needs defined by the client organization. We endeavor to follow up on each of our training programs with live projects clearly linking our training programs to agreed ROI's for the Organization.

Executive Search: We launched this arm in 2010 known as EDvantaGE focuses on providing an EDGE to both the organization and the candidate in bringing in the right fit for the right Job we follow a process of

Evaluating(Through a careful understanding of the Job Description provided by the company)

Determining (The right candidate post understanding the functional and behavioral competencies required for the Job role)

Guiding (Transparently guiding the organization and the candidate through the recruitment process)

Engaging (The organization and the candidate through the process to provide a better success rate and right fitment for the organization)

In addition to the above we also undertake psychometric profiling of the shortlisted candidates, on request of the client, through our panel of certified consultants to ensure a better fitment of the candidate to the role.

For group recruitment in one go we design an Induction program for the candidates called "Baptized to Win" which include the following

Business School

Product School

Technology School

Process School

Functional schools

Organization Panorama

Survival of the Fittest (an out bound and inbound behavioral learning program)

This helps improve the degree of preparedness of the new joinees for the Job and makes them productive from day one. This also helps in reducing post joining dissonance and attrition resulting from it.

Consulting: Under this arm known as Pole Vault we focus on providing solutions to organizations around building their People and business process and providing inputs around HR & Sales Systems and Process, Help Design, Develop, Implement and Manage Indirect Channel Networks. Design and administer Employee, Customer and Channel Satisfaction Surveys. Strategic Goal Setting and Goal Alignment etc.

Fun@Work: Under this arm known as Adrenaline Rush we focus on creating positive energy and excitement in the teams through experiential and adventure-based activities which help teams to remain motivated and aligned against all odds and unleash their risk-taking abilities to accomplish insurmountable organizational goals. These can be achieved through a combination of Inbound and Outbound programs.

Our outbound programs provide an opportunity for the teams to draw learning's from Experiential and Adventure activities and relate the success and learning of each activity to the actual work place environment this is facilitated and guided by our highly experienced facilitators during the powerful debriefing sessions.

Vistaar at Board and Management Level is run by a Highly experienced professionals who have spent on an average 15-20 years in the IT, Telecom, Services and Manufacturing industries in the Functions like Operations, HR, L&D, Technology Software and Customer Support.

We are keen to work with your organisation and look forward for a mutually beneficial relationship

Best regards

Jaideep Kohli


25th August 2011 From India, Delhi

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File Type: gif Jaideep's Business Card.gif (46.4 KB, 6 views)
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File Type: pdf Vistaar Profile Bridge 1.3.pdf (1.31 MB, 42 views)

Dear Ms Fathimah,
I have been a Corporate Trainer would with 20 years experience in Trianing & HR. I am a qualified 7 Habits Trainer too which would be very valuable to Leader of all kind.
Would like the opportunity to do a presentation if needed.
Please feel free to call me or email me ...Durga 9791045912 ,
25th August 2011 From India, Madras
Dear Fatima,

May I suggest one thing? It is necessary to always get to the root cause of the problem and to understand what your goals in delivery of this training are. Ask yourself "why" think your colleagues or your organisation needs this training. Keep doing it until you run out of answers. Ask yourself what goal or "vision" you wish to pursue with this training. Again ask "why" until you run out of answers. Too often, a superficial diagnosis is done and the proposed "cure" ends up worsening the disease because it builds more cynicism.

In almost every instance I have seen, if people say junior levels need leadership training, I know it is not true. Junior levels simply "copy" what they observe from higher levels. Leadership training always starts from the top. Leadership-in-action also starts from the top. A mistaken diagnosis can leave the patient disfigured for life or sometimes, can lead to the death of the patient. I have seen enough of this in big, medium and small organisations.

Please don't allow yourself to get carried away by a few training activities, games, pep-talks, and "team building" exercises. They do not work in the real world. They may work in the "should" world, but if we lived in the "should" world, your organisation would probably would not need this kind of training in the first place.


25th August 2011 From India, Palakkad
Dear Fatima
We are a training and development company from jalandhar.Our trainers have already conducted fifty plus training programs all over the country.
Kindly go through our proposal and contact us at-09815850241or .
Thanks and regards
Ajay Sharma
Mind Tone
25th August 2011 From India, Gurgaon

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File Type: ppt CORPORATEPPPT (2).ppt (1.00 MB, 90 views)

Here is a great one we did, they have trainers all over Asia
25th August 2011 From Indonesia, Jakarta

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File Type: pdf TheHerosWay.pdf (1.77 MB, 97 views)

i have 20 lakh rupees. actually i wanted to construct a house. but due to the high land rates, iam unable to build a house. BUT I want to improve my financial status with this amount. in this regard, i request all of you to suggest me what to do ? how to improve my status?
26th August 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Sir,
I am 39 years old veterinary professional with a master degree in sociology and a certificate in general management from IIMB, having experience in both NGO and business sectors for 15 years and have a passion to mould employees through behaviour, soft skill, motivation and leadership training. I have been doing it for a lot of companies at Coimbatore.
Please find attached the details on “Advanced Working Skill Empowerment Programme” for your perusal.
Our programme is a pragmatic approach to make a new practice and culture in the company by way of self realization.
I am ready to take up the programme in your esteemed organization.
Please reply positively.
With Thanks and Regards,
Yours Sincerely,
Mo: 09842133301,09629430129
26th August 2011 From India, Hyderabad

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File Type: pdf Behaviour Soft Skill Motivation And Leadership Training Module.pdf (4.56 MB, 421 views)

Dear Fatima,
I am interested,and have conducted similar modules on Leadership earlier, both inhouse and outbound.
Pls. have a look at my website Spice Adventures and my profile on Linkedin.
If there is is synergy between my offering and your requirements, then pls. revert with details.
Best wishes,
Major Deepak Mehra
26th August 2011 From India, New Delhi
Dear Ms. Siddiqui,
Greetings! I, the undersigned, have experience as a trainer for more than five years. I have recently started out on my own as a freelance trainer and shall be glad to be associated with you. We can discuss more about the various training programs conducted by me over the e-mail or phone.
Mentioned below are my e-mail and mobile number. Would gladly call you if you can provide a contact number or e-mail.
Jerry Pardiwala
3rd September 2011 From India, Ahmadabad
hi , you can reach me at vv72 at rediffmail dot com with the details i am located at new delhi and can conduct training programme for you at delhi NCR . kINDLY SEND ME THE DETAILS , Regards, Vivek
5th September 2011 From India, Delhi
Bangalore and Beyond.

L.E.A.P.S Management Consultancy- Leadership,Performance and Thought Processes

LEAPS Consulting is a budding and nurturing center for identifying potentials and facilitating growth in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, academic excellence, peak performance and spiritual maturity. Our primary focus is in providing resources and tools in the form of consultancy, training, and coaching interventions for learning acquisition and application.

Visit website: romeohaokip

We use the scientific method of mental and behavioral modification of NLP to translate principles, philosophies and values to outward performance and change. Our forte lies in the process for evolution of personal change and mastery, interpersonal competence, team leadership, culture creation, peak performance, ethics and spiritual development.

Our Domain and Service of Expertise:

Having worked with more than 30 corporate clients, from frontline executive to business leaders, Senior Executives and having gained experience of the science of human behaviors and motivation, LEAPS Consulting possesses expertise in providing training, coaching & consulting in the following areas:

Organisational Development,

NLP for Personal Change and Leadership Development

Ethics and Spiritual based Leadership

MBTI for Team Building and Conflict Resolutions

Change & Performance Management,

Talent Development,

Managerial Development,

Customer/Client Management,

Culture Creation/Building,

Building High Performance Team,

Building Coaching Systems,

Effective Sales Models,

Communication Skill Package,

Building Trainers & L&D personnels.

Programs are designed around these recurring needs that an organisation faces. Survival is not an option for organisations who want to invest in their most valuable assets-their employees. Managing people around a vision takes more than just technologies, special products/services, knowledge or money. It requires a well trained, motivated employees who are willing to invest their future with the organisation.

We also run open house programs on Train the Trainer, Coaching Skills for managers, NLP programs, Psychology of Highly effective sales people, and other Leadership and communication related workshops too.

Corporate houses can contact for in-house consulting, coaching or training requirements.

Please write us a mail to or call me at 99876149749


MBTI and NLP Tools for Managerial Effectiveness (Coaching and Training)[LIST][*]Handling Different Personalities[*] Conflict Resolution[*] Self Awareness and Self leadership[*] Team Building and motivation[*] Ethics and Spiritual Based Leadership Training[*] Leading Smartly with NLP.[*] NLP Foundation for 2 days.[*] NLP Practitioner Basic.[*] NLP for Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness.[*] Sales, Persuasion and Negotiation Template with NLP.[*] Understanding MBTI and Types[*] MBTI assessments and Personal Feedback on your Type.

Organizational Development Interventions

Culture building through vision, mission and values alignment of employees.

Building a Coaching Culture for higher productivity, retention and stronger relationships.

Leadership Development Plan.

Motivational and Performance Programs

Moving your department and team to ethical platform.

Coaching programs for Executives.

Building Coaching System

Train the Trainer Certification (Training)Basic Facilitation skill and Any module for certification.

Personal, Interpersonal Effectiveness & Professional Excellence Programs.[LIST][*]Language Coaching for Professionals.[*] Master Presentation and Public Speaking for effectively influencing others.[*] Business Communication and Corporate Etiquette.[*] Leading a Team or teams of diverse culture and personalities.[*] Family Leadership the Biblical Way.[*] The 5th Level of Leadership the John Maxwell Way.[*] Time Management the Covey’s Way.[*] Emotional Intelligence for Self awareness and Interpersonal Excellence.[*] The 7 Habits Application Covey’s Way.[*] Internalizing Ethical Values for value deficit team and organization.[*] Building Leaders Around You who are self motivated and self led.

Programs for BPOs and Call centers ( Training)Voice and Accent, Spoken English, Cultural Sensitization, Customer Service

Training for Frontline ExecutiveCustomer Service, Leadership skill, Selling skill, Interpersonal skill

Programs for Colleges ( Training)[LIST][*]GD, Interview, Presentation skill,[*] Life Skills, Language Enhancement
15th September 2011 From India, Bangalore
Please leave a contact number as i would like to have a direct conversation with reference to your requirement as it is a matter to be spoken keenly. You can also contact me on . Thank you
15th September 2011 From India, New Delhi
Dear Fatima,
I am located in Delhi and I would bid for a meeting with you at your convenience please.
I am the National Head for DC India. Directive Communication Psychology is the complete solution for Human Capital Learnings.
I am on LinkedIn as Aalok Sood
With Warm Regards
15th February 2012 From India, Khopoli
Dear Fatima,
We at Wilson learning have been working with over 2500 clients from 50 countries globally on leadership effectiveness. It would be great if we can work on this opportunity with you.
Please find attached the approach of Wilson Learning towards Leadership and check our website.
Karan Gauba
17th February 2012 From India, Gurgaon

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File Type: pdf leadership_en.pdf (335.0 KB, 84 views)

Dear Fatima,
I would recommend you to go for HTS India.
HTS (Holistic Training Solutions) is a ‘Talent Development’ company specializing in Building skills and capability’. We enhance capability at all employee levels; helping you achieve your business goals.
They don’t just offer soft skills training, their expertise is Talent Management, Leadership development and other HR Interventions. They have been running for 18 years now and have worked with the best of companies such as Airtel, Nokia, Vodafone, MTS, BSES, Fiserv, Hughes, Caterpillar, Jindal Steel, Escorts, JK Tyres, Honeywell, Maruti, Mitsubishi, GE and Wal-Mart both in India and globally.
17th July 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Ms. Siddiqui,
Greetings! I, Jerry Pardiwala, have more than 4 years of experience in Training & Development and have conducted training on various soft skills including Leadership Skills for clients like Chemoil Adani and Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. If you are willing to consider trainers from places other than Delhi/NCR, I\'ll be glad to assist you. You can reach me on +919601261027
18th July 2012 From India, Ahmadabad
You may get in touch with Prof Kingshuk Bhadury at 09923017290 for Leadership and Team Building Programs,he is very effective. Regards Avantika
18th July 2012 From India, Pune
Dear Fatima Please contact Mr.Ikbal Singh Rana as he has more than 18yrs of experience in Leadership training. You can call him at 9810033941, he is based out of Saket, Delhi. Regards
19th July 2012 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Fathima,
Greetings From Morpho Thinkers.
We are specialized into soft skills training & also doing long term projects in various companies on the leadership for first time managers.We clearly identify the skills were the employee is lagging behind and train them to become an effective leader.The training can be shortened to 2 days also.For further discussions you can reach me @ 9611217977
Best Regards...
20th July 2012 From India, Bangalore
Dear Fatima,
Oscar Murphy Life Strategists is a very mature organization in conducting Leadership Development programmes. With rich experience in behavioural sciences like sociology and psychology, trainers in Oscar Murphy have deep expertise in conducting behavioural programmes for organizations in India and abroad resulting in bringing about implemented positive change among the participants.
Some of our clients include Volvo, Bosch, Toyota, Nitesh Estates, Mercedes Benz, Avaya, Atlas Copco, Buhler, Titan, Yokogawa, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Resil Chemical, TVS Tyres etc.
Please feel free to contact us for any further details.
Warm Regards,
30th July 2012 From India, Bangalore
Hi Fatima Greetings You shd get in touch with Mr.Ashutosh Sharma #9811514450 as he has done leadership training for companies like L&T, Citibank,Wyenth India with excellant feedback.
4th August 2012 From India, Gurgaon
one of your prerequisites is that the trainer be NCR-based,
Right ?
If so,
Try Mr AMARJIT SINGH - 9810103171.

Otherwise, I am a proven hand myself ! I can be reached at 0-9674207945.
All the very best for the intervention. Regards.
5th August 2012 From India, New Delhi
Dear Fatima,
Please get in touch with Mr.Ikbal Rana #09810033941. He has over 18yrs of experience in leadership training modules. He has worked on this with Ciibank, Jindal Steel, Airtel, Amul and many more.
7th August 2012 From India, Gurgaon
No certificates but having served in a fortune 500 company for 23 years and interacting/leading various teams and motivating large group of dealer network ,channel partners and giving lectures to them in group larger than 500 people and having read a lot on meditation, mind power etc . have given me enough belief to motivate and prepare leaders in a spell bound lectures .May please contact at shreyanshd2000@yahoo.com.
I would be happy to give something to the Organizations and society at large which will definitely bear fruit!!
23rd July 2015 From India, Delhi
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