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We thank you for the time and effort that you invest in this community. We look forward to make your experience better and ensure you find the best solution not just through the repository, but the words of wisdom from the wise, who practice it. This community is unique in terms of maintaining the anonymity which matters the most when raising critical questions. We seek your feedback, with a view to the talent communities and appreciative knowledge management, as written in the recent times.

We look forward to address the tangible and intangible areas of our community. The look of the website, software used, download features, ease of following and connecting with peers and mentors, overall usability and other areas of the site, that you access on a daily basis, would account for the tangible areas. The intangible would comprise of the professional learning, interaction with cohorts and language orientation that you may gain from this community.
Talent Communities: Here are few thoughts shared on what the 'Talent Communities' are and how best can they serve. This was recently blogged on Organization2.0
  • Talent communities are where people go to connect with fellow professionals and learn. Hence they are more “communities of practice” than anything else.
  • Talent communities are places one goes to find experts and also to build their own personal career brand.
  • Companies must engage in talent communities by letting their internal experts connect with and build their own networks.
  • The best Talent Community Facilitator would be an expert in the roles – not necessarily a recruiter.
  • The Talent community is a place to discuss, solve other's problems, share war stories and visions of the future, to look at where the field is headed and what are the skills needed tomorrow.
  • The focus on jobs/recruiting has to be secondary to the above.
  • The skills a Talent Community Facilitator would be a combination of facilitation, teaching, guiding, triggering conversations, mapping the skills of community members and of course skills in the domain of the community.

Source:Talent Communities
Appreciative Knowledge Sharing: The process of appreciative knowledge sharing is ideal. Few challenges as shared in the paper Chaordic Knowledge Management –

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) Frank Habermann, Jörg Fehlinger, Karen Schmidt
  1. Use the power of individual goals
  2. Do not try to extract knowledge
  3. Do not rely on codified knowledge
  4. Focus on the best knowledge sharers
  5. Activate the waiting assets of passive members
  6. Abandon the myth of comprehensive control
  7. Enable emerging processes

Please share your thoughts, about what you like or don't like about this community. Let it be any feature or any behaviour that you may have come across in this community. We look forward to hear from you.
8th August 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear (Cite Contribution),

I am avid user of this forum. I would like to say the following:

What I Like: -

a) Good forum for discussion
b) updates about various laws
c) help/guidance to junior members

What I don't Like: -

d) Copycats have field day in this forum. In the zeal of sharing knowledge, members often forget the value of the originality. Therefore, moderators must impose some rule like "for every ____ number of 'copy and paste' post, there must be ___ number of participation in the discussion.
e) Members are allowed to post one line messages which do not have head or tail. Following post is case in point:

<link outdated-removed>

f) Members are reluctant to share their experiences. They get so much of knowledge in this forum but then do they implement it? Therefore, moderators should impose some rule for copycats on sharing the experience on implementation of knowledge also.

I have given the above feedback since you have asked for it.


Dinesh V Divekar

8th August 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Ms. (Cite Contribution),
I second to Mr. Dinesh. Besides, i would like to add my point
1) Its a knowledge sharing platform about professional life. I got an opportunity to study different types of attitudes(behaviours) and meet various personalities as i don't spend much time in blogging.
2) Also i gathered information about "WHAT LIFE(personal & professional) IS ALL ABOUT".
About my dislikes, i believe its common and part of our life else we wouldn't have been HUMAN's at all. Henceforth, None is perfect in this world but everyone is/may be trying to MASTER PERFECTION.
With profound regards
8th August 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear Ms. (Cite Contribution)

The CiteHR is a wonderful knowledge sharing platform from where we can gain knowledge and share what we have and we want.

It is as like giving counselling to the needy persons at their needy hours. As I did not get any advise /counseling during my needy hours, I want to give to others. But I cannot go in search of people, who is inneed. Here we get people of all types and my wishes are getting fulfilled. (I feel I am giving the practical suggestions eventhough it may be wrong https://www.citehr.com/308677-labour...and-bribe.html).

I am giving correct guidance whatever I know about the subject https://www.citehr.com/344521-buildi...lrker-law.html and in general https://www.citehr.com/324541-usage-...age-forum.html

Wherever I am lagging in any subject, I seek guidance from our learned members https://www.citehr.com/306483-interv...ification.html and I shared my experiences with our forum members which I feel it may be useful for them https://www.citehr.com/343566-cause-country-liquor.html and https://www.citehr.com/354365-what-can-remedy.html

The Major Dislike in this Site is the search option is not having more clarity. As a matter of fact, the threads searching must be made easy, like subject heading, name of initiator, date/month of discussion started or similar to that there must be advanced search option, so that the desired search may give fruitful result.

I really appreciate and sincerely thanking Ms. (Cite Contribution), for initiating such useful thread, which will be helpful to explain everyone's feeling about CiteHR.
8th August 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Good for getting knowledge and also helps to connect to corporate world. also good for beginners.
Bad in terms of Log-in. Dont know what the problem.. password dont work suddenly. password having his mood - when he permit us to login we can else - just see the comments and threats of others.

8th August 2011 From United Kingdom, London
Dear Mr. Rajiv Please understand the log-in problem is of temporary nature and it will be resolved in due course.
8th August 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Good day Alcon,

Thanks for the Survey Topic, its really needed for many Members here.


• This site is one of the best I came across, its resolve professional problems in a Min/Hours/Day.

• Moderators, Sr.Members & Members efficiently assist all and keep an Eagle Eye on all discussion, which is really good.

• Easy to Download Attachments.

• We use to receive “Updates “ on new method of business process, Laws, Systems, Software, Trainings etc.


• I Second to Mr. Bhasker, The research of this sites disparately needs attention, as whenever we search any concern topic its come with old one like 2008, 2009 etc.

• Repeats of the same Topics again and again.

• Rules of Moderators “Not to Response Pvt Messages” , if messages not responded then atleast send email or open discussion regarding same.


• We Request site Admin to develop one line on each new post as “Before Posting any Topic, Kindly use research as May be you get an Answer by Old discussion”.

• We request Moderators to Make one Section for MBA Projects and allow Students to post in same section and it also assist to get answers as well.

Thanks to each of the Moderators, Members for cooperation and support.
9th August 2011 From Kuwait, Hawalli
Dear (Cite Contribution),

I ve been a member of Cite HR since 2009.It has been a useful site for me since my college days helping me a lot out in my projects, updating my knowledge,etc which has been such a tremendous advantage.

What I like:

1. Its a repository of tons of knowledge and resources which can be useful for HR professionals.

2. Humour section although it not been that updated every now and then.

What I dont like:

1.Some people post some queries here in the form of questions, suggestions etc which may be relevant or sometime may be irrelevant. Atleast relevant queries can be answered either people here can guide them towards the solution. Some posts are left un answered inspite of viewed by thousands of users. This may leave the impression in the people the site is not useful.

2. Some people replies to the queries stating that " You may google it , you may find number of reviews in cite HR, like that. I agree in order to avoid repetitive discussions people may say this way. But the discussions should always be updated time to time as the topics of discussion and it scope maynt be the same every time.


12th February 2013 From India, Madras
Dear Ms. (Cite Contribution),

At the outset, we need to understand "why an individual or any professional tends to visit CITEHR". He/she must be looking for help/support/advice related to his problem/query/issue. There are members who are getting/securing BUSINESS DEALS through CITEHR.

The objective of CITEHR must be clear as this forum had succeeded in providing basic solution to all those members seeking inputs/solution to their queries. Now, moving on to the next level, with little more professional approach, we need to take care of repository(knowledge base) wherein huge INFORMATION/KNOWLEDGE is stored need to be categorised for easy access. THE FUTURE WILL BE RULED BY THOSE HOLDING ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF INFORMATION/DATABASE. HENCE, WE NEED TO MAINTAIN IT FOR FURTHER USAGE RATHER CREATING SIMILAR INFORMATION AGAIN AND AGAIN

I request you to come up with FAQ'S - TOPIC BASED. We can categorize it. For example,

1) LABOR LAWS, STATUTORY LAW, PF, ESI, LICENSING ISSUES, etc which are required for smooth functioning of various industries/organisation.

2) Even MBA Students are in need of advise for their Projects.

3) LEADERSHIP associated information, PPT, CASE STUDIES, etc













16) KRA, KPI, JD associated information





21) OD



24) ISO


26) RESPECTIVE SERVICES OFFERED BY RESPECTIVE PROFESSIONALS - DOMAIN/INDUSTRY/STATE/LOCATION WISE - as we have outstanding professionals registered in this forum.

I may have missed many topics, i am sure technical team can categorize these topics and associate it with relevant information, thus meeting members requirement. I strongly believing in "SIMPLIFYING THE WHOLE PROCESS RATHER COMPLICATING IT". Providing first hand information must be the goal for CITEHR. If members need more information, they can post their thread supporting it with adequate information. This will help new members to locate their requirement rather posting new thread.


With profound regards
12th February 2013 From India, Chennai
Hi Cite Team...
Good Job!!! Excellent Service to the society through Knowledge sharing.
Sharing Knowledge is the Biggest Helps in this world! So you are all helping the world of people in all the aspect!!!
I like everthing in this community
Only One Suggestion: Little changes in the outlook of this weebsite design,font and look compete with the international standars, then i am sure this website will be the Greatest website like facebook and google!
you have the opportunity to make the world aware of this and make use of it!!!
Once again my hearty wishes for the whole team of Cite HR
Thank you!!!!
12th February 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear Seniors
One of my friend suggested for this cite.I have gain a lot from this form.This is a cite where one gets latest updates on law,policies,rules etc.
even while going through various other posts one get the insight of the topic and get the idea how to tackle or handle the things or issue of same nature.it is basically like a online school where the proffessional/students can ask their query and the senior/contributing memebers
answer their query.
Such help is appriciated and beginners like me are benefited the most.
13th February 2013 From India, Raniganj
if you can have some broucher only PDF copy which helps a new member how to post and comment, may help new people feel it motivated.
Rest all rockz.
even though am from sales back ground am too good Hr policies ,
Thanks for all people's shares .
Wishing you a very good luck for future CiteHR
19th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear HR Team Font size is not at all plaeasing to eye specially the question that’s posted or shared seems in bold font. Regards parul Sharma
11th March 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Sir, For very interesting and innovative ideas,new latest updates one single forum is required. It’s very difficult search new & latest thing among all. Many Thanks, mili
11th March 2013 From India, Vadodara
Hi (Cite Contribution),

My views:


1. Suggestion from industry experts add both the knowledge as per the books and self experience which is rare when you need sincere guidance

2. Lot of inputs on employee engagement , motivation and other employee related information

3. Huge database of HR relevant data. One point of information source

4. Appreciation link instead of "good ones and nice ones". Adds lot of credibility too :)


1. Every mail/thread has its life. There are threads on the home page for months.this disrupts the chances of viewing recent queries. People keeping adding their views which may not be needed. At times you see 100+ replies on one thread and 0 on others. The moderators should remind the thread owner to close it once he/she is satisfied with the query.

2. The search is very generic. Gives lot of junk. If that be made more specific.

3. Online chat for immediate professional access is missing.

4. The look should be more dynamic and appealing. There is lot of links, written material on the home page.

11th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi (Cite Contribution),

First of all "Thanks much for the Opportunity" for making us to share our own thoughts over here. It not only enhance the quality of this group but also takes this community to reach Greater heights...

I am really proud to say that I am one of the Contributing Member of this very Successful "HR Community"

Various people shared their own views here and I would like to share my own view here...


Cite HR acts as a great platform to get explore more related to HR

No matter whether I am a student or a Professional or a Director everyone is treated equally without any Bias which is a BIG+ for a big community like this

Everyone loves to help others in this community

Major + is its accepting everyone's views and it acts as a basement where most of us get a Solution for our annoyance

The wide area of coverage is welcome one

Dis Likes:

Many people told about this i don't want to repeat on the repetition which happens here.

Not getting replies when we send a private messages. I understand people are busy enough but if they could spend a bit time in responding it would be great

Getting confused when i see so many results on searches and to which one to go ahead with


Please add a note whenever anyone is replying or posting stating "DO NOT SHARE THEIR PHONE NUMBER" over here

When anyone is searching for an information its difficult to find the exact one which they are looking for

Separate forum can be maintained if they want to view the older one which was posted way back(For Eg: Something like getting into Archive and get what they need) which has separate topics in it. In that way people can segregate old one with the new one.

If possible you can rate the reply so that people may get an apt solution

Irrelevant posting should be avoided ( Eg: Business proposals in knowledge sharing and asking doubts on Job Search postings)

I would highly appreciate if you could conduct more surveys on a particular topic(on an individual basis) and reveal/publish a report based on that. In that way we could get updated periodically on current trends and happenings.

Finally if you could pave a way to improve professional contact list it really helps most of us..

Once again i thank you all for giving this nice opportunity to carve up my thoughts...

Look to contribute and gain more here..

Have a great day :)
13th March 2013 From India, Tiruchchirappalli
hi (Cite Contribution),
I Like the way citehr has grown up from the inception to till date.
What i dont like is:
The Advertising of there consulting firm, or promotions which will be posted when there is a serious response to the query like job opening for senior members or query regarding a training.
All the Agencies/consulting firms ends up posting their ad. This is really annoying. Can we have a quick action on this.?
I'm not saying advertising is wrong , absolutely no offences to anyone but my only intention is to keep those advertising in separate section.
i would definitely see this should be taken care off?
Can we have this kind of seregation ?
Ajay Kulkarni.
15th March 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hi (Cite Contribution) ,
Earlier to this i have already thanked CiteHr.com .This site
has helped me a lot in the advancement of my career.
I have been posting queries , also replying for the few.
What i have realized in the resent time is many questions or
topics are repetitive in nature Eg : which stream should i opt ?
OR which is the best distance learning B-school etc etc .
Such questions are always posted and such questions
receive lot of responses too.Whereas if any one posting a
serious and urgent query relating to legal aspect pertaining
to regular working or so this question does not get responses at all.
Even i have come across many times that queries are Not replied
at all....
This is a very perfect platform to upgrade knowledge , for interaction
with professional .It has helped me a LOT . At the same time there
is lot of scope for the improvement of this site.......
Rajeev Dixit
16th March 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hi ,
Cite HR is a good website for sharing the information/ getting the solutions etc. I appreciate all the efforts of the people using the website.
But wanna suggest to focus on the training part. We donot have much training modules on Cite HR. Please start the same.
16th March 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Upasana Instead of expecting someone to start for giving the training modules, you can start a new thread with some training module, so that others also can take a lead of yours.
16th March 2013 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear (Cite Contribution),
As per this discussion if you could let all of us know what are all the things which got tailored in "CITE HR" it would be really great. In case if you need inputs from my side i am readily available to contribute a part as well..
21st June 2013 From India, Tiruchchirappalli
Hi (Cite Contribution), I meant to ask, if you would have implemented any new policy or modified anything in existing rule or something like that Tailoring - Modify/Alter
21st June 2013 From India, Tiruchchirappalli
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