I have done my project in stress management from Reliance Human Resource Management recently. Now I am suppose to submit my project in college but in the end i am finding little difficult to make a questionnaire as i do not had a chance make one while on project.
Can anyone please upload a questionnaire of Stress management...
Will be awaiting for response...
Thanks ,

20th July 2011 From India, Hyderabad

Learning & Teaching Fellow (retired)
Vivek Surve
Student Looking For Opportunity

Dear Vivek.
I am a bit surprised. What do you mean by you have done a project on Stress Management but you are finding it difficult to make a questionnaire? What exactly did you do at Reliance HRM?
At this stage of submitting your project what will you be doing with a questionnaire?
Have a nice day.
20th July 2011 From United Kingdom
Hello Simhan,
Greetings of the day,,

Firstly I apologize for the late reply. And really appreciate for the response.

And a little correction, Its supposed to be Reliance Human Resource Services (RHRS) not management as i miss typed in my last message. I apologize for that error.

As I said i have done my project in Stress management, as a part of my project i was suppose to understand the comfort levels of the employees, any difficulties they are facing at their work place, if any then factors for such difficulties, and other such areas which are related to there performance at job.

But My project guide had to recruit a large team during my project period. so he asked me to help him in conducting interviews, in which i assisted him. Because of which i cannot complete my to-do list on my project. But i have gathered enough information on the topic on basis of which i can call it as a project on stress. When I had to make an questionnaire, my project guide got some assignment and he had to move to Banglore.
And i could not able to complete that part of my project. If i get a questionnaire on stress related topics then i can make up my own questionnaire from the helped material, and i can complete my remaining part also.

And When we submit the project of our final semester, we need to put in all the things, Introduction of the Company where we had done the project, Conclusions of the topic, challenges to the company, and questionnaire and many more.

Hope this time i have made myself clear, if not, will be awaiting for response.

Have a good day!!!!!!


21st July 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Vivek,
I am at a loss. You have given a good account of what you did away from your real project and why. But you have not answered my question as to how a questionnaire at this stage will help. Are you not supposed to use the questionnaire, conduct a survey, analyse the results, etc?
Have you done any literature survey on the topic? If you have did you not come across any works that has used a questionnaire?
I do not have questionnaires to send.
Have a nice day.
21st July 2011 From United Kingdom
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