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Candidate Rejecting Job offer is not a new subject for us. Every candidate has the right to accept or reject a job offer after analyzing the pros & cons of the offering company. We are not going to discuss about this scenario. True debate comes when a candidate is accepting a job offer & use it as a negotiating tool with other companies. As we all agree, this is not a healthy practice. We can debate on this subject a whole day but coming to a logical solution on what can we do about this makes all difference.

So what can we do to stop this?
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15th July 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Daljeet,
Pls share your thoughts in the article's comment section RecruitAwesome: Candidate Is Not Joining After Accepting Offer. What To Do About That?
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15th July 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Ashleasha,
Do you mean to say you have faced this problem 5 times? Pls make us understand your point.
RecruitAwesome: Candidate Is Not Joining After Accepting Offer. What To Do About That?
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15th July 2011 From India, Pune
It is not that all candidates who take offer letters decline to join. It depends on the candidates. When you do not spell out the salary and if the candidate says (after joining) that he was promised some other figure during the interview, how are you going to prove that he was offered only such and such salary only. The candidate if not satisfied with your justification, he might even quit on the same day So what is the purpose of the whole process?

As HR people we must be open and transparent to the candidates as to what is the salary he would be getting with all benefits and perks, and what would be his take home salary. This information is only more interesting to the candidate to take decision apart from the role that would be playing in the company.

Probably, instead of putting it on company's letter head or an authorized paper, a manuscript with the details of salary may be shared. He would not be able to use this as an authentic tool to negotiate with another employer.

Even if you do all these, there is no guarantee that the candidate would join you till he joined you. You will not be able to predict during the interview. Many candidates look interested in the interview and in spite of many advantages joining your organization, still they can take different decision due to various reasons best known to them.


16th July 2011 From India, Madras
Lavanya, even after accepting the offer, 5 candidates backed off at the last moment - few on the day of joining; few a day before joining..... saying that they will not be joining and have already joined some other place.

16th July 2011 From India, Mumbai

We are agreed for few suggestions:

1. Do Not Specify Salary Details: of course we are offering and employment opportunity and hence the subject matter must contain the offer an opportunity with the employer including the position, joining date and time.

2. Follow up: This is also required and try to insist the candidate to join in 7-10 Days or even can be offered to compensate the candidate for the payment done to the current employer for the early relieving. It may be done in deserving cases.

3. The important thing that can be done is to sign the offer document by both the parties and make it binding to exercise this on both the parties. That is, if the offer to provide the employment denied by the employer, “the employer will compensate the candidate to the extent <specific month’s salary>, similarly the vice-versa candidate will compensate the company or the company having an opportunity to file the civil suit”.

This can be done on the law principle contract (an offer which has been accepted becomes a contract and legal binding on both the parties for the matter contained therein.

We believe that to a large extent the problem we may control by exercising the above.

Though it’s time and money consuming activity but if this practice becomes common, it may stop the activity to denying the offer to a maximum extent.

4. Companies are making consortium to stop the tendencies of pouching the candidates. If some of the companies within the industry can formulate a group or consortium, may be useful to control over the activity of job hoppers and benefit reflected in control of attrition and cost of production also.

Dear Experts please suggest inline of the above.
16th July 2011 From India, Jaipur
possibly, i am not in agreement to not mention the salary details. there should be nothing hidden between the employer and the job seeker. how is it going to help by not stating the salary ? i know candidates do go out and negotiate with the salary offered. but the candidate has to feel comfortable before joining you.

i have faced this sitaution 5 times of candidate not joining after accepting the offer. we still follow the practice of mentioning the salary only if we think we want to take him and he wants to join. despite that at times people do not join still salary needs to be communicated at the last stage.

i feel salary is not the only criteria for candidate not joining. we need to sell our company to the candidate in ways that he feels that this is what he wants to do. in simple terms, position urself strongly. no matter big or small company. speak about ur company, your work, growth stages u can offer and the time period for that on an average, what can your company give that others cannot (more advantageous if its a small company).
16th July 2011 From India, Mumbai
Good morning, sasriakal, and hello to all my friends and learned respected HR members and managers, very simple problem we have isnt it? lots of senior and respected members have given their views and i was reading it on my mobile phone then considering my long view im on PC now ;) let me tell you my 1000 years of experience and what it says.

TO lavanyaajayakumar

Hi how are you,read your article but it would be better if we keep discussion here , so lets continue this thread here instead of replying as comment to your thread in some other website. REgarding your point of not mentioning salary in offer letter i dont agree why? mr balaji has already explained it... that candidate will tell another amount.. ok

I agree with your point of mentioning salary details but dont agree with this

Probably, instead of putting it on company's letter head or an authorized paper, a manuscript with the details of salary may be shared. He would not be able to use this as an authentic tool to negotiate with another employer.

Now i feel salary should be put on letter head and with signature only, because just as you told lavanya that tomorrow candidate can change amount as nothing is communicated in written , the candidate also can show the manuscript to other employer, for negotiating, because a manuscript is nothing but ctc written on piece of paper as per your info, then tomorrow if the candidate changes manuscript and tells you that you mentioned 8 l instead of 4l package would you agree n, ? no? so its mandatory to mention salary details in offer letter, whether candidate misuse or not, and salary is very important part, what is painful is that now you HR become machines, salary is for what employee works and if its not mentioned in offer letter its as good as nill, imagine someone giving you a blank cheque with nothing mentioned on it,, is it valid no, same with offer letters they should contain all details about salary, beneftis perks ;etc..


1. Do Not Specify Salary Details: of course we are offering and employment opportunity and hence the subject matter must contain the offer an opportunity with the employer including the position, joining date and time.

what you mean you are offering employment opportunity, does it not include salary details? and that too you agreed to that point of lavanya? your post is not clear, pls explain.. because after joining if you give me 1 re per month salary what will i do? :cry: hence lets be practical..


i feel you are doing wrong by not mentioning the salaryyyy ,, pls correct it,

last if that candidate is not in ur KISMET then nothing can help you to make him join
17th July 2011 From India, Madras
Better solution would be to issue offer letter in stages till you get required no of candidates. Have a list of candidates & waiting list continue the process till you get the required nos. You cannot stop candidates not joining after accepting the offer.
17th July 2011 From India, Bangalore
Hi Lavanya,
I have faced such a situation many times. The reason for the candidates not taking up the job was either their current employer gave a hike to retain them or they got better offer from others. These cannot be controlled. To tackle such a situation, its better to have a backup plan. The plan should be depending upon the urgency of the candidates.
17th July 2011 From India, Hyderabad
i am working in one outsourcing company as Hr executive here i am the concerned person for joining formalities .How to receiving the employees,how to talk to employees while collecting offer letter and how to deal this situation can you explain clearly .
17th July 2011 From India, Bangalore
Yes there is no stop for this menace…I strongly feel the increased notice period by most of the organizations has given way to this menace… the job onlookers will accept one offer, resign from the current organization, and as he/she has ample time to before they join the new employer… will start negotiating with other organizations, will collect at least 3 offers before they decide on the organization they would like to join…
May be the companies should re-think on lengthy notice periods…
18th July 2011 From India, Bangalore
Please refer to the interview had with us on _____________, the Management is pleased to offer appointment with us as _____________ and you will be posted you at _________________ Dist.
Please also note that a detailed appointment order will be given to you at the time of joining, mentioning particulars of monthly salary and other terms & conditions of service as agreed to in the interview.

We look forward to you to join us at the earliest, before one month.
For Sri Chakra Cement Limited.
Joint Managing Director

CC to concerned
21st July 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Hello all,
Would you please guide me whether we can take any action on the candidate who accepted to join with us but not joined and we have waited for the same candidate for more than 2 months to serve his notice without recruiting any other candidate?
9th May 2016 From India, Hyderabad
if candidate accept offer letter ask him to submeet his orignal documet till joining.
5th December 2017
I hope below mentioned solutions prove to be a good help, Best of luck :)
1)The simple solution for this is to analyze and measure the candidate's level of interest and passion towards your job during interviews and then issue an offer letter.
2)I recommend that along with offer letter (if you are not having other candidate options on the list) there must be a conditional statement signed by candidate ensuring his join and stay for an agreed period of time by both parties.
3) If you really want that candidate to join and stay then offer him a salary package that will surely attract him .
4)Keep the contract signing date close enough to reduce the risk.
Remember smart organizations always are ready with a backup and do not rely on someone
24th May 2019 From Pakistan, Islamabad
Hello all,
This thread is very rich with contributions and comments on members' opinions. We add a few points which integrate three perspectives: (1) Features of a valid offer (b) Management values concerning employees and (3) Talent policy
Features of any valid offer provide useful clues. In the course of business, we make offers to other parties (non-HR departments). You would agree that employment is also a contract. Some of the generally accepted features of a valid offer are:
1. The offer must be communicated to the other party - you have done this, of course.
2. The offer must be made with a view to obtain the consent of the offeree: Are you including all content based on which the offeree can decide whether to accept or reject your offer? Missing information creates a 'smoke screen', which also creates trust issues.
3. The offer must have its terms definite and clear: I can comment better on this if I read your offer document.
To this, let's add the perspective of management values and philosophy. How do you view your employees? Do you really believe that they are stakeholders that matter, and the source of your organization's capability, which will give your organization a competitive advantage?
This question can be answered better when in sync with your talent attraction and retention policy. Do you really want talented people?
If not, then you have to make do with whoever will take the chance of first joining and then discovering (sometimes against their better judgment) the salary they will receive. In which case, there is statistically, 50% chance that they will leave. So, anyway, you do not get to retain them for longer, or even if they are there, they may not be committed, involved or engaged. In that case, whatever on-boarding effort you make, may not meet your expected performance milestones. All these elements are relevant, only if your organization is a tightly-knit system geared for performance without slacking.
But a commonsense concern is, if you place yourself in their position, would you act on an offer with missing crucial information in it, if you had a better offer in hand?
Best wishes!
22nd June 2019 From India, Raurkela
Hi All,
I can suggest 2 recruitment strategies first is bond if personnel is crucial for organisation and second option is recruitment team of organisation should have back up for that position, so that time and cost can be minimized. Nowadays we have many options to hire personnel - social media recruitment. Hiring team can understand personality of personnel and do online/ manual assessment on the basis of position.
24th June 2019 From India, Delhi
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