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is this possible..? my senior harldy contact me 2-3 time within 6 month who is working in diffrent city and m alone handling my branch..his rating on performance Appraisal..to me for that m not satisy..because whatever job responsibilty i have m doing that very well and regarding that m contacting his Assistant. here i have my General manager whatever work he give m doing that very well..so m getting depress by m doing perfectly my job still the rating like this...it will affect my growth..kindly suggest..what should i do?
15th July 2011 From India, Pune
ok sir.....
sir I just want to know about in my probation period my Senior giving me rating on performance Appraisal for that am not satified.
Because the reason behind that my senior working in another city and m handling diffrent branch. within 6 month they contact me only 2-3 time on phone.
as i know m doing my work on time and here My general manager also satisfy with my job 80%.
Yet our Main boss not give Rating for my performance Appraisal till then i have to wait for they going to give me hike in salary or not..
15th July 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Pragati,
You need to give more details for people to comment. How large is your organisation? How large is your branch? It appears that you are in a similar situation to the one I was working. You are in a function where your functional boss give you the appraisal but the local manager is there only to handle disciplinary issues.
Does your company appraisal system have self-apprisal form which you have to fill? How long have you been with the company? Have you spoken to your local GM about how he feels about your work?
I am sure that there will be other HR experts that can give you answers without questioning like I do.
Have a nice day.
15th July 2011 From United Kingdom
Dear Pragrati,

I can understand your frustration because of low rating in Performance Appraisal however, we need to put it in professional manner.

You have not mentioned how the performance appraisal was conducted? What were the deliverables? What you were told to increase or decrease?

If your boss did not tell you anything of above then before performance appraisal took place you should have put across to him your deliverables based on:

a) quality
b) quantity
c) timeliness
d) consistency
e) responsiveness
f) accuracy
g) customer satisfaction
h) innovation

You should have mentioned revenue saving because of all the above points.

"Fairness" is very important organisational value. In few companies it is followed and in few it is not. Try to find out why your boss who works in some different city has given you poor rating. What were his/her expectations? How did you meet them? While meeting the performance target, have you committed major goof up that has caused embarrassment to that level?


Dinesh V Divekar

15th July 2011 From India, Bangalore
I am handling (50 staff ) i am working with the current organisation from 6 month. We have perforamnce Appraisal Form in that marks are allready categories in good n excellent. job knowlede, quanityt of work, many more detail are there in performance Appraisal my senior have to just make circle on marks then overall total of rating will incluse in the grade like..if 70-79 rating then (B) grade like that and i got the same. if 79-90 then its(A )90 ABOVE (A+). MY local Gm also satidfy with my job because m working under him.
15th July 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Pragati,
These exchanges clearly indicate that if we give the complete picture at the outset we get better responses than if we do not.
How many branches has your organisation got. I know of a similar case in a large multi-branch FMCG. Getting a B grade after 6-months work is no mean achievement. Some companies have a policy based on normalised ratings whereby not more than a certain percentage can be given A+ and A grades. Sometimes, the A+ grades have already been given to people at the head Quarters; thus people in branches are limited to B's and A's. Even the A's are already given to longer serving and more productive for the year members.
Hence, kindly follow Dinesh Divekar's advice. You have not said whether you were given an opportunity to complete a self-appraisal form and whether you had the chance to discuss the differences with your boss.
Have a nice day.
15th July 2011 From United Kingdom
ya...i am working with MNC company. and i got your point about those person working in headquatar they are getting A+ because they have much more responsibilty. but sir i am getting 70% its not mean na they Extent my probation period for 3 months. i am depress for whatever i have job Responsibilty i am following 100%(Like 1st std children can not be compare with 10th Std student.) step by step i also have to learn more things. i have objection on my senior rating for they not just give me 70%. i have objection on they do not know my ability because they have talk with me only 2-3 time on phone within 2-3 call we can not judge others ability.
15th July 2011 From India, Pune
Hello pragati1986kolte,
While I do empathize with your situation, can you do everyone a favour pl?
Pl give ALL THE DETAILS in a single shot rather than releasing the background of your situation in bits & pieces--in the latest posting you mention that your probation is increased by 3 months--which wasn't there earlier?
Just as you value your time, pl VALUE OTHERS' TIME ALSO.
If there are any other details you haven't mentioned so far, pl do so NOW--so that you get a well-informed advice from the members.
Else, pl be ready to accept half-baked solutions/suggestions/advice from the members--THANKS TO YOUR INCOMPLETE INPUTS.
Sorry for being so blunt, but this is better than going around the bush--where none, including you, gain.
15th July 2011 From India, Hyderabad
sir from 6 month m on probation now in june my Appraisal done n i got 70% by senior which include in(B ) Grade ok. now my senior given that Performance Appraisal Form to MY local General manager to take sign from me on perfromance Aapraisal so after getting n reading the comments i talk to my General Manager my senior hardly contact me 2 time on phone within 6 month its mean my general Manager know me well than my senior. on my this statement mylocal General manager said wait till your main boss come. our main boss of hr not here in india. they are comeing in next month that time there decision will e final yet its not fix that k your probation period is extent.i have been solved many issues which is till now not solved by my senior. after giving my best still the rating like this mean what else i should do na. and the comment also given general like u hv to learn more about hr.
16th July 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Pragati,
Forget about poor rating in performance appraisal, however it appears that your No 1 problem is understanding concept of communication. It took five posts to explain your viewpoint. Still the last post that you have given is quite clumsy and not comprehensible easily. You have not answered all my questions. No manager will accept information in instalments or on piecemeal basis from his subordinate.
Your priority at this stage should be learning how to convey information to others. Probably this very maladroitness has fall back on your PA. If you address at this stage the better, else you will have still serious problems in future.
16th July 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Pragati,

As TS and Dinesh Divekar have pointed out, we are still not clear as to what you do and how large your company is and it's nature of operations. From what I can gather from your successive posts, you are a fresher. What qualifications do you have? What was the medium of instruction when you took your Secondary School Certificate? I raise this question, as your command of the English language could be causing you problems.

You say that you are dealing with 50 people. What exactly do you do? The managers do not have to interact with you to assess your performance at work. They can ask the people with whom you deal with, etc. The mere fact that they have extended your probation by 3 months indicates that you have not come up to their expectations. As Dinesh Divekar has pointed out, it may be that the deficiencies in your communication has caused it.

You have also said that your GM is 80% satisfied with your performance. In a workplace, that means not fully work-ready. The expectation is 100% satisfaction.

If seniors, at CiteHR, have criticised, they have criticised your approach and not you as a person.

Have a nice day.

16th July 2011 From United Kingdom
Dear Ms. Pragati
In addition to your inputs, with your permission I would like to obtain certain information from your end

1) Whats your current DESIGNATION? What are your major roles and responsibilities as per your KPA
2) How many years of experience do you have in your DOMAIN?
4) Have you got the right job which you were expecting?
5) Are you getting the salary which you had requested or as per your expectations?
6) How many employees are you heading?
7) How many teams are reporting to you?
8) Is there anything new, you had learned from your staff, during your probation period?
9) Is there anything you taught your teams that made your teams to be more productive or learn something in favour of your organisation?
11) Did you ever tried to prove yourself that YOU ARE THE BEST AND YOU DID THE BEST?
12) How did you measure your SELF PERFORMANCE?
13) Can you list down your achievements during your PROBATION PERIOD?
14) Did you associate your achievements with your SELF PERFORMANCE while evaluating yourself
16) How old are you?
17) How many sisters and brother do you have? ELDER or YOUNGER
18) What do your parents do?
19) Are you married? If yes then, where your husband is employed?
21) Do you have children?

Kindly take your time and do provide me precise inputs in a formal way, as i am not able to understand your language. Try to understand each and every question before you start replying to it.

Kindly help yourself to receive help from deserved resources/channel....If you fail to answer, i am sure you will never receive any response from this forum as i want you to be more transparent with us, else we will never be able to decipher your current situation associated with performance appraisal issue.

with profound regards
16th July 2011 From India, Chennai
Hi Pragati,
I had also been through this situation. The one of my college said " 10% growth is for work and remaining 90% for relation with higher management" for this many people do many funny things like appreciating the new car of the boss, some help to boss etc. I really find it quite helpful. The suggestions I found written above are bookish may sound good but hardly works.
16th July 2011 From India, Bhubaneswar
Dear Mr. Deepak
If you love buttering up your boss, you are welcome to do it. You may also teach the same to your colleagues in your organisation but kindly avoid doing the same in this forum as we all are professionals and love to deal in the professional way.
If you don't know the difference between DIPLOMATIC WAY OF DEALING and the other way of getting things done, which you had noticed and even it sounds productive to you, i would love to call it as "Unprofessional approach, Its better you learn the reality and biter facts of life. I am not sure how long you would love to keep doing unprofessional things in your life to climb the success ladder... If you continue the same, i am sure you won't be able to identify yourself or explore talents inside you or it can be something more than that.
I believe in my true identity which is created by my own hard work but not the one achieved by buttering up bosses. Learn to live the PRACTICAL LIFE.
With profound regards
16th July 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear Pragati,

Though I am not from HR dept. but I never ever miss going through the daily mails from this forum. Many mebers exclussively working in HR or head of HR already tried to understand your problem but my only suggestion to you to avoid SMS language in briefing something. It is ok in our freind circle but any correspondence with SMS language displays negative image of the person.

I personally feel your immediate boss is just to look after operations of your branch and the real decisions maker is your boss who is in other city. Though he may have contacted you only twice or thrice in last 6 months, it does not mean he is not in touch with your branch. As per organisational structure already you have a boss in capacity of GM. If you are leading a team of 50 people in your branch then there must be some other departments and dept. heads like you who must be reporting to the GM of your branch. If you are handling complete branch of 50 people what exact role GM is playing then?

My only advise not to be upset and carry on your good work. Though it may not pay in current organisation but will give chance to come up in life with another company with responsible position.

Best regards,


Service Manager

National Taxi LLC

17th July 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah
TO, All My Respected Seniors, I Read each and every suggestions and opinions and i come to know more things i vl definately provide the required information which will help me to solve this problem.
18th July 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Ms. Pragati,
We all want you to understand yourself better, rather getting demotivated for those reasons which are quite common in every company.
Try to evaluate the whole situation before you come to conclusion. Perhaps you can discuss with those whom you trust and seek their views or suggestions. This will give you peace of mind.
If we are wrong, We have to accept our mistakes and correct ourself for better future. This will help you keep learning new things that will benefit us.
Have a nice future and Good luck...
With profound regards

18th July 2011 From India, Chennai
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