hi all,
i'm 22 yrs and have newly joined a web developing company as an hr admin. Well i have worked for 4 months before this in a recruiting consultancy also. I have to report to the director of branch(bachelor) being my boss in a small company. Don't know why but i have noticed my boss taking more interest in my life, like; making me sit in front of himself and disscussing irrelevant issues of the time for upto 2 hrs, asking me to drop home, taking me along for any shopping of the firm just to get my opinion and choice and many others alike. i'm already engaged and its not known to him.
What i want to ask is, is there anything to get worried of or not, as i don't want any mess to be created in the office atmosphere for i have to work with them for atleast an year as per my contract.
14th July 2011 From India, Chandigarh

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pon1965 577
Keep distance, discuss only related to job. politely refuse to accompany him outside the office. You have to express your disliking in bold way. otherwise such creatures may advance further taking advantage of your silence.
14th July 2011 From India, Lucknow

Dear Sonia
During some discussion, you need to tell your boss about your boy friend. Probably you can ask him what gift you should buy for your boy friend for his birth day. Secondly, start expressing your discomfort to him about sitting and chatting for 2 hours. Please tell this atleast to 2 another collegues in your office as a future precaution. If things doesnt improve, tell your boss specifically about your disliking of such behaviour. With this, situation should be under control but no guarantee. One thing is a must that do not tolerate the non sense but also dont confront unless becomes must.
I am not aware about your contract but no law can force you to work for a specific time with a company. The right to choose the profession of your choice is a fundamental right given by the Indian Constitution and any agreement contradicting it is invalid.
14th July 2011 From India, Mumbai

thankyou so much for your suggestions......... even i was thinking of applying such a thing, but then started thinking may be it could be my mis thinking or i'm getting overcautious. wasn't able to decide what to start with.
14th July 2011 From India, Chandigarh

hi5 7
Dear Sonia,
Please let your boss know indirectly that you are engaged and getting married soon. You love your bf lot and can do anything for him. Hope all this divert his mind.
when he talk all about shopping , long drive - tell about your bf - Like you only enjoy shopping with yr bf.
how far i think , its the best solution
Regards ,
14th July 2011 From United Kingdom, London

thanks rajiv sir for your suggestion, but want to ask one question, how should i start conversating with him about my fiancee, i mean there should be some related issue that we would be discussing already that i'll come to the point of introducing my fiancee.
14th July 2011 From India, Chandigarh

hi5 7
when he ask you for going shopping - start , i need to go to movie with my bf.
when he ask about going long drive - tell need to go for shopping with my bf.
whenever he ask you for something different related to job - talk about yr bf.
Ya, how far i concern - make good experience from this company and look for some other firm with good salary.
The negative Impact may arises like - he will scold u for job/ he will give more pressure or tasks.
keep touch with me if you face all this challenges in latter stages. I will try to help you out.
regards ,

14th July 2011 From United Kingdom, London

Dear Soina,
I agree with Rajiv.
Almost you try to avoid going out with him, if you went whenever he calls you then it shows you really like his company.
Some situation you can never avoid , at that time ask your hubby to join in your trip.
So that he try to keep distance with you. I hope your Bf know about this.
Don't worry, all these will happen in corporate world.
14th July 2011 From India, Madras

Hi Sonia

No need to discuss your personal life in office or with colleagues be it your boss your supervisor. You fiance / BF talks or whatever are personal.

If you share such information with your colleauges, its not advisable, if you happen to strike a healthy friendship at work and then share some relevant or basic information then its ok, but no need to discuss too much details. where you go and things like that,

Also, be bold and straightforward, you are at office to work, work with dedication, you are not at your supervisor's descretion. Maintain highest quality of your work, keep records, at same time, be professionally polite and cooperate for any team work

Refuse with polite "NO" for any personal favours you are not comfortable with.

Maintain your composure and present yourself tough and strighforward, No need to fear anything, know you job, know your work, if you are good you will be required in the company, if your bachelor boss is making you really really uncomfortable and you cannot amend his behavior then request for a transfer or seek another opportunity.
14th July 2011 From Kuwait, Salmiya

Also I wanted to tell you, learn to fight this world, dont hide behind excuses such as you are engaged or have a BF, I understand in your case you are engaged, but even if you were not, you dont need this reasons to ward off such pest (bachelor boss) around.
Niether make excuses to escape out of situations when your bachelor boss makes you sit with him for long hours. just be straightforward not to entertain such behavior.
If he is trying to be with you at excuse of office work, refuse once, boldly and politely. Show your disinterest in him and if he is self respected man, he shall not bother you. At same time, maintain your quality of work. Because if his ego is hurt then he will look for mistakes and humiliate you. So this is a tricky situation you are in, deal with smartly and come out victorious. never ever get impolite unless unreasonably harassed.
14th July 2011 From Kuwait, Salmiya

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