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Sex at Workplace - Using Sex to get a Job, to get Promotions, to get exponential increase in salary package, to get onsite-posting, favorite assignment and projects

Sex – A three letter word and most used word in the world. This can be used in different context.

In this forum and in this question I like to ask and share the usage to “sex” in corporate world. It is not only in movies and in fashion industry (where the route to your success passes through the bed-room of your director, producer and actor) but even in the corporate world, practical usage of this three letter word is in rise, particularly in last 10-15 years or so.

It is not only male-bosses asking their female subordinates to pass through this route but in last 5 years, there were many incidents where females-bosses have asked their male subordinates for such un-warranted favors. It is give and take. It is as if asking, “You give me your weekends and free time and I will give you growth, success and money”.

Now, the questions are:

1) Have you heard about any such incident in your friend circle?

2) Have you received such proposals from your bosses?

3) Do you think it is ethical?

4) If given a choice, will you walk the similar roads? (Recently we also discussed about “thinking through head and thinking through heart”) in this case, how will you think?

Looking forward to your comments


Sanjeev Himachali

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From India, Mumbai
A very touchy issue. But nevertheless true.
It happens in the corporate world. A decade back this was probably more prevalent in the mfg industry.
IT too has now been affected. I have come across people blatantly using this route to grow up the ladder. It is not only the ones in the lower rung of the ladder but this practice has seeped into the higher echeleons of the ladder too.
People using this route flaunt it too and seem to see it as a success story which in short in nothing but disgusting. People lacking skills use this route and the sufferers are the hardworking honest employees who after putting in hard work do not get thier dues because of such people.

From India, Pune

A bold topic is brought into discussion..

Yes I have heard many times, infact i have seen people asking diplomatically for a dinner/night.

May be ten years back i was quite inclined to modelling, while on a photo shoot one day, i had an offer for a movie...( infact a big banner) but he directly asked whether if iam flexibe for so called dinners....i had no word to say, i was not bold enuff to slap him that time... left with no option..... changed my career. Otherwise, i was ranked 5 top model at Ap that time..

I still rememebr one female who was with me from the same in movies now, very famous.........i came to know that she has accepted for the deal and she is successful now....... i was shocked to know that. Because i know her she is very innocent belle from a small village, i spoke to her many times......

Infact there is one in my friend circle who is a fashion designer, and won filmfare awards manier times, very famous .... he is a womenizer, and a strict business men, he gave me an offer for a saree Ad, but later in the eleventh hour he gave it to someone else, because itseems she is broadminded, and very open minded....

the funny part is i have seen him one day in mall recently, he started calling me..... he gives blank day i went straight to him asking what does he want, he spoke shit..... even after knowing that i am married, with a kid...........i was shocked how can one be so stupid.. i slapped him on the road, he threatened me saying he is BIGSHOT he can do anything......... i care a damn....

But astonishingly i have heard the same situation from my friend....this time it is not in afashion world but in a engineering college........ a lecturer threatened my friend to accept him or he would fail her..... she changed the college, and lost one year......

OK ok i think thats so lengthy.......... there are many such instances.... i feel pity for the one who lose everything to achieve something in the life


From India, Hyderabad
Dear Richa ans Sari
Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts.
We all know that such "favors" and "Give-Take" deals happens in entertainment and media industries.
But even in "structured" corporate world such "favors" are in rise. If think in a proper and logical such deal can give you one inefficient manager (there by a team of unhappy members)...couple of unhappy and frustrated deserving employees, which are in a look-out for a change and there by increase in attrition rate. Not only that, because of one such "deal" you will loose your key and important employees.
Sanjeev Sharma
(E-mail: )

From India, Mumbai
Hi Sanjeev,

A very bold topic indeed but is true whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Fortunately I have personally never faced it to these limits but trust me 'sleeping around' has become the norm of the day. Unlike popular belief that it happens in hi-fi corporate sector and in metro cities but the fact is it happens evrywhr n i personally feel that females/ males who are not so confident abt their skills and qualities are a major party to it since its an easy way out. I agree that at times there may be a trap but most often such things happen with mutual consent and lets grow up and not blame it totally on womanisers...females who agree to compromise are equally responsible..

hats off to sari...she knew her mind and was not ready to relent and took an alternative. But the girl who compromised is more 'successful' in that industry again its a matter of personal priorioties and values...

But the fact is it does happen and is very much a part and parcel of the place whr we all are working...however the choice is ours...


From India, New Delhi
Hello Friends,
Very keen issue and true also. This is vary by person to person & perhaps I am one of them who dont feel it bad. The funda is simple just give and take & its continue since very long culture.
Tought its not happend with me till now but I would like to opt it and there is nothing wrong.

From India, Mumbai
It is not only females who receive such advances from male bosses. These days even males also get such advances and proposals from female bosses and female candidates. I remember, I was interviewing one lady and at the end of the interview, when I said that I will be making final list by end of the day, she said, "Sir, give me this job and I will give you anything that you will ask for". She was good candidate, she could have got job...without making such offer...however, we decided, not to select her and she lost an opportunity.
In big corporate is very common that female bosses ask their male sub-ordinates for "such favors" particularly at the time of appraisals.

From India, Mumbai
Dear ssehgal
You might not feel it bad does not mean it is right.
What logic you give to this? Should skills and qualification be the right criteria or the extent of compromise should decide whether u get the job/ promotion?
Plus it also leaves many deserving candidate out because they are not ready to relent. Its no give n take ...its a compromise by both parties with responsibilities and ethics respectively.

From India, New Delhi
Hi Sanjeev,
The topic is bold and touchy, infact these days we have seen such instances in corporate world , but if you are true ,determined and values for life and work you will win one day, may be the road is long to drive but surely win. ...
Sometimes we may feel that the other way (Sex and Buttering ) is a shortcut to success and money.
Our Karma will be with us .

From India, Delhi
Dear Rolly,
I never mean to go for sexual relation with your boss/employee for promotions or get job. I prefer to take it otherwise which might not be dilute with professional ethics.
It must be totally personal which must not be bother at both end for professional relations.

From India, Mumbai

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