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Hi All,
I am going to start my own placement agency in Ahmedabad but I do not know what incentive structure should I keep for HR executives and BDOs.
I would appriciate if you can furnish me with the structure of incentive.
Waiting for your reply.

From India, Ahmadabad
I am also working in a Recruitment Firm.Generally incentives are based upon billings made by the employee.
For e.g.
Suppose anybody is doing 60,000 billing then only they get incentives (5%,10% etc.) on billing amount.
Then Salary of that Person is
Fixed Salary+Incentives.
Incentives may be increase if the billing amount go beyond 60,000 p.m.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Joy, Thanks for the reply. I would like to know weather it would be same for both HR executive and BDO or it will differ? Waiting for your reply. Kamal
From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Kamal,
First you need to set the targets for the recruiters. If they reach the targest then you can give incentives. You cant give incentives to performer and as well as non-performers. If you give the incentives to non-perfomers there is not scope for improvement.
You can set the targets monthly or quartely wise.
For BDO it depends upon the business they will get and also closures.

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Satya,
Thanks for the reply.
I have a query in my mind. How can we set the targets for HR executives? Because the business aquisition will be done by BDO only. HR executive will do only searching and validation, right?
Searching and validation will depands on the aquisition only. The more requirements we will have, searching and validation will be more. At that time how can we set the targets for HR executives ?
Waiting for your reply.

From India, Ahmadabad
bankim doshi

Dear Kamal,
You need to set target for her executive, if you are looking for good sucess, becuase in recruitment agency, person who earn for you is recruitment executive, not BDO.
One executive need to generate minimum billing amount of Rs. 25,000/- to get breck even becuase what normally we fail to count is the amount which we put in for data base, office administration, internet connection, telephone cost , comuter and rent all this work to minimum 25,000/- which can go more if you have small team.
mu expirance as a consultant , manu time executive do not reach to this taqrget.
incentive very on company policy

From India, Mumbai
Narendra C.
Hello Mr. Kamal, Incentives structure should on the basis of performance , so kindly consider his performance & give them 25-28% incentives to employee. Narendra C. :icon1:
From India, Jaipur

What is the current scenario of incentive structure in Recruitment agencies?
From India, Ahmadabad
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