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From Now onwards we can get our PF Settlement credited in our account within 30 working days

This news was published in Financial Chronicle e news paper, for which I am giving the link below

http://mydigitalfc.com <link updated to site home>

27th June 2011 From India, Kumbakonam

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Bhaskar, It sounds encouraging, but Do you believe our PF officials will comply with the directives and settle within 30 days? I doubt. Pon
27th June 2011 From India, Lucknow
Yes Mr. Ponraj
Everything depends on the officials. For our officials, needless to say that there are so many other ways for just to delay or deny. They will give some comments or observation on the application and keep pending untill unless the applicant approaches for that.
But let us hope, the only thing we can do, which is in our hands.
27th June 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
As per EPF Act Sec 2 (f), definition for Employee, means any person who is employed for wages in any kind of work, manual or otherwise, in or in connection with the work and gets his wages directly or indirectly from the employer, and includes,

1, employed by or through a contractor in or in connection with the work of the establishment.

2, engaged as an apprentice (other than apprentice engaged under the Apprentices Act)

As per definition of excluded employee under the EPF Scheme,

Sec 2 (f) Excluded employee means,

(i) An employee who, having been the member of the fund, withdrew the full amount of his accumulations in the Fund under clause 69 of the scheme.

(ii) an employee whose pay at the time he is otherwise entitled to become a member of the fund, exceeds Rs.6500/- per month;

Explanation:- Pay includes basic wages with (dearness allowance, retaining allowance (if any)), and cash value of food concession admissible.)

My question is as to these definitions, can any employee whose salary excludes 6500/- per month - can he be excluded from the EPF scheme as excluded employee and no EPF dedcution to be made from him.
27th June 2011 From India, Madras
All the employees / workers (direct or through Sub contractors) are to be deducted with PF and it should be deposited with PF Commissionerate everymonth within 15 days from the wage/salary month end, without any deviation.
Only Retired employees those who are re-employed can be exempted, but for them also it can be deducted.
27th June 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Since Last 2 years the SSN (Social Security Number) is not made compulsory for withdrawal of PF. The SSN Card can be used as Identity Card.
27th June 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
I have submitted my epf claim settlement form and the same accepted in delhi south epf office on 01/04/2011.after that when ever i checked the online status its showing under process only, and filed a complaint in grievances cell also they replied me due to annual account updation and software updation it's being delay, can anyone tel me how to know my balance and when it will be clear...???
EPF NO: DL/28730/1922
27th June 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Soumik1570
If a person leave the job on January, then his January PF will be submitted to PF Office by 15 February, then Government will take 1 month to credit in appropriate account. That's the reason we used to tell the workers to apply after 2 months time. You will submit the application in April in your office PF Desk. Then it will be processed there by checking the correctness of details, This Financial Year Contribution Details, Form 5 date and Form 10 Details. Hence It will reach and acknowledged at PF Office by end of April. From the date of acknowledgement only the count down of 30 days starts (as mentioned by the Government). Then also they will have 1000 reasons for delay.
Note : I have given the details in this thread is whatever I have received in my email and it is not compulsorily be followed by our officials.
28th June 2011 From India, Kumbakonam
Hello all. please help me to come out from the frustration of loosing my epf.

Actually i worked in xyz limited in Delhi from Nov.2004. I have signed on offer letter that all terms and conditions are accepted to me. Although this offer letter was printed on a plain A4 paper. I joined as junior engineer. As per this offer letter, i was required to execute a bond of Rs. 50.000 for serving the company for three years, although company never got this bond executed. EPF contribution started to be deducted. The training and probation period was for two years and it was not allowed to apply any job for the same period. i had higher qualification of B.tech and thus i applied for better jobs without informing the company as they would not forward my application as per the offer terms. I got a better job and i resigned in nov. 2005. My immediate two bosses have signed that resignation out of which my immediate boss made remark 'suitable reliever may be arranged if resignation accepted'. Meanwhile i joined new job and a new epf account has been created in this job. Now after more than 3 years my old company informed me that i have been terminated due to unauthorised absence. i want to seek your help as how can i withdraw my old epf amount without consent of the old employer as obviously they will not co-operate with me. Also i have not informed my new company about my previous employment. As per the offer terms of old employment three months notice period was required from my side and one month from employer side which i have not served as i had to join my new job immediately.
28th June 2011 From India, Delhi
hi.. can anyone tell me is there any way you can get your PF money if the comapny has not paid the penalty charged..i have worked for an organisation for 2 years n have filled the form etc n its been almost 3 years i have been following up bt i get the same response that it takes time..is there any way i can get my money back or i will have to loose hope...
Pls help
28th June 2011 From India, Mumbai

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