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"Add to this discussion. Keep your conduct professional & polite".
Yes Mr Simhan, we are losing sight of the basics! The above tag-line is posted above every posting window. Yet in our hurry to display our knowledge we fail to read and implement it.
Your advice is appropriate, valuable and noteworthy.
Colonel Gahlot

Dear Sheik,
It was your post "why you people are reacting in a foolish way", which sparked off the row and you tried to give further air when you posted your another scornful message addressing me while I only wanted to know what foolishness you could find in my original reply so that I might avoid that in future. But, you are still silent on that.
About my research you can also access official statistical figures of your country from the official websites of your country, which is not secret. You may also try to make research about your own country to find the facts. A non-native lady also posted even on this forum about her concern for not getting promotion or enhancement in salary due to discrimination by her bosses in a Gulf country.

Dear Psdhingra
Its time for me to make you understand the facts..

In your first post you wrote "In fact, the question was to check your knowledge about company law. So, it was not so simple to answer as suggested by some members." -------------->There is nothing like simple or difficult but its all about how "we handle it, when we handle it and why we handle it". As such there is NO SINGLE FIXED METHOD TO HANDLE XZY THING. PROCEDURE and PROCESS are two different words and has different meaning.

Its not the knowledge that comes first in our life, the ability to do anything or xyz thing i.e. our WILL POWER. Whether we are capable of doing it or not, its secondary but, "are we ready to do it or not" it matters a lot and demonstrates our SELF CONFIDENCE LEVELS.

Current generation is surviving on CONFIDENCE LEVELS and TECHNOLOGY, that is helping them to gain information and acquire knowledge for survival reason. LOGIC is given more importance because many people are are lacking CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, DECISION MAKING SKILLS, LEADERSHIP SKILLS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS and much more besides SOFT SKILLS.

In you second post you wrote "In fact none of the questions of the interviewers are irrelevant. Some object is always hidden behind that to test the knowledge of the candidate to judge whether on appointment he or she would prove to be helpful or not in some complex situations" -------------> can you prove that, during the interview process every query raised by HR is RELEVANT. Do you thing how many HR professionals including SENIOR/TOP MANAGEMENT is trying their best to appoint a candidate by identifying the RIGHT CANDIDATE WITH RIGHT TALENT, RIGHT ATTITUDE and LOT MORE RELEVANT SKILLS NEEDED TO GET ALONG WITH THE KIND OF ASSIGNMENT EXPECTED TO BE ASSIGNED?

This made me to quote "why you people are reacting in a foolish way". Most of the individuals are underestimating this world. Instead of the understanding the reality they just love to imagine something or whatever comes to their mind. But, being STRAIGHT FORWARD in life has a value and being KNOWLEDGEABLE has more value.

Henceforth i even wrote to you stating, kindly study and understand the current HRM industry, professional involved in it and their capabilities.

If an interviewee fails to respond to a query, raised by HR, HR has a responsibility to make him understand for what reason such query was asked to answer.
2) Can INTERVIEWEE ask questions to HR to understand how capable he is for holding XYZ POSITION in HRD? Because its not just the HR who has to understand the INTERVIEWEE, but INTERVIEWEE needs to understand the whole organisation culture and lot more before he even dreams to apply for a concern position/job.

Allow applicants to learn during the interview process rather just making them frustrated. I know TIME is a BIG CONSTRAINT but, don't hold knowledge to yourself, the more you share the more its grows.

Regarding EXPATRIATES, i would be glad if you do more research and find out how INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS ARE FUNCTIONING while comparing it with those in INDIA. If you haven't any difference, kindly do approach me, will make you understand indept.

I don't like nor wish to hurting anyone's feelings but i always love to be straight forward in nature.

By the way, i always consider myself as FOOL, LOVE TO EXPLORE MORE THAN MY LIMITS and i had written this in many post.

Have a nice day..........

With profound regards

Dear Mr. Shaik,

When you consider yourself as fool, I wonder why you consider others also as fools?

Still I find a lot of evasiveness in your reply. I wonder how you consider the interview process for selection as a knowledge delivery class or forum for the candidates and the interviewer as their individual tutor separately for each of the candidates?

Interview is not held to disseminate any knowledge amongst the vaiety of participating candidates, rather is held for a specific purpose of selection of some candidate out of the entire lot of candidates. About relevance of questions during any interview, only a few of the interviewers like to depend purely on questions prepared by HR, as the questions depend upon the problems that the company is facing or to get rid of some candidates out of the huge lot, who are simpletons or have no presence of mind. So, purpose of any question is always there, whether positive or negative.

Functioning of a few of the international organizations in your country cannot be the criteria or example, as they follow their own culture, rules and traditions. Better make a review of the native organizations, including the Government organizations. I have not just shot in the air without any evidence, but may not be in your own interest to mention here. It is based on my more than two years of recent research about the gulf/Arabic countries.

About straight forwardedness, had you seen all of my replies, you could well have known about my straight forwardedness from my answers.

I haven't called you "a fooool" and did i ever addressed you as "fool"?. Moreover, I never considered you or anyone as "fool", but, why are assuming that, i am considering others as fool when you wrote this statement...ISNT?

Onething is evident here, according to you "reacting in a foolish way" does it means that, its a job of fools or only fools react foolish way? its not the same according to me. Henceforth, kindly do re-align your PERCEPTION and INTERPRETATION LEVEL. Please remember that, a wiseman can also react or behave like "A FOOL" and VICE VERSA because we all are humans and nothing can be predicted nor it can't be controlled.

Research can't be concluded as a constructive one, by just gathering information from various resources unless you had experienced it in reality and practical way. If you haven't worked abroad and tasted local countries work culture, living style, operational strategies and lot more, i would love to say, kindly do refrain commenting just based on information gathered. For your kind information, i had worked in MALAYSIA, SAUDI ARABIA and now in QATAR besides my home country.

I don't know, whether you have succeed in gathering this information through your 2years of recent research but, let me reveal you this. Please do pay attention. GCC WORK CULTURE is destroyed by *****************, they are none other than INDIANS. NO ONE CAN DENY THIS FACT AND I AM NOT SHOOTING IN AIR. There are many other communities from INDIA too. LOCAL ARABS are doing their BEST BUSINESS and infact they are doing better than INDIA. Kindly do research about INDIAN OPERATIONAL STRATEGIES(on the whole and compare with GCC), as how you can change INDIAN MENTALITY and MAKE INDIA MUCH BETTER NATION OR THE BEST NATION THAN THESE GCC WHO ARE THE BEST IN EVERYTHING, AS ON DATE..

Have a nice time and please carry on with your research....Current HR INDUSTRY is changing and we have to fine tune ourself based on the current market trends...

Last but not the least, you love underestimating others and you had underestimated NATIONS........

With profound regards

Kindly refrain from using foul language on a public forum. Your level of professionalism will be gauged by the words you choose - so choose wisely.
I would suggest everyone to debate on the discussion at hand instead of calling each other names.


I am making a few assumptions and within these parameters I will respond.
  1. We are talking about a company registered under Indian Companies Act 1956 and is bound by compliances under the act.
  2. There are more than two Directors and if the number is even, the chairman will have the casting vote on resolutiions.
  3. The organization is making good business.
  4. There are more reasons to his exit than his misbehaviour with employees and his political connections.
Having set out the premises let us look at other facts:
  1. The organization is an economic organization being propelled by bottom line compulsions.
  2. Employee grievances cannot be the sole or primary cause leading to his removal.
Procedural part of the removal will have to be stipulated by a good and competent Company Secretary and none of are upto advising the procedure.

Removing a Director (and especially such a one) is tricky business as it will entail "costs and calamities" that cannot be fully estimated. My concern will be to take a good and as accurate as is possible, a stock of these factors before proceeding with terminal action.

If the organization is a Private limited one the Articles of Association will have provisions to by him out on the basis of "fair value" of his shareholding (which a good CA and/or CS can provide). If it is not possible for existing remaining Directors, it is possible to bring in an outsider and settle a "negotiated price" for his shares.

If the organization is a "Partnership Firm", similar provisions will exist in the registered partnership deed.

But whatever the matter the question asked to you in the interview and shared by you is an involved question that demands deep scrutiny, legally and operationally. It is impossible to provide "the" answer on this forum.

Even I have shared just a few pointers. The ultimate answer is, "Yes, by following a stipulated procedure only he can be removed." But more important that this aspect is the aspect of "costs and calamities" need near accurate assessment and the necessary willingnes and ability to face these. Such removal decisions cannot be taken or implemented in an unholy haste.

I suppose the interviewers were not expecting "the" answer but wanted look at your general knowledge, approach and maturity! And this comes by experience.

July 05, 2011

Dear Shaik,
When your native organisations don't prefer to take the Indians on management levels, how you can blame Indians to have destroyed work culture? If work culture at lower levels is destroyed that indicates incapability and incapacity of the incumbents at managerial levels and leadership. So, better review your own systems.

Dear Psdhingra
Again you are mistaken...There are many expats(Indian nationals) serving at TOP MANAGEMENT LEVEL in various nations and please do understand that, the upper hand in any international organisations belong to the locals because its their COUNTRY and they RULE.

Now, compare the same with India, you will find FOREIGNERS having upper hand in our country though they just hold stake in that organisation....Now let me know "what is the value of an Indian in his OWN HOME LAND?

1) Regarding LEADERSHIP which you are relating with INCAPABILITY and INCAPACITY in Indians it is due to the BRITISH RULE and they made us "JUST LISTEN & DO WHATEVER THEY SAID".

2) How many CEO'S/MD's in India are able to prove their EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP?


4) Kindly teach and educate INDIANS "what is TRUE LEADERSHIP". You know very well in which direction our country is heading..........

Please get in touch with Mr. Dinesh, if you want to have more information about LEADERSHIP and i feel he is the BEST to throw light on this subject...

With profound regards

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