Company has started demanding sales volumes, which make a day's work

seem like participating in some well-known championship. Accountants

inside and outside the boardroom are calling the shots. Your

capabilities are being challenged like never before. The general

feeling is, "Only STARS will survive! ". You don't know if you are

one. You are constantly contemplating the question, "How to turn this

tide in my favour ?"............Of course by being a STAR OF SELLING.

Good selling is a practiced drill and not prerogative of so called

BORN SALESMAN. Actually the legend of born salesmen usually thrives

on their ability to sell effortlessly. You too can be a STAR OF

SELLING....all you need to do is to make a beginning.

Begin by knowing that- you can be one of the best or you can be with

the rest! After convincing yourself about it, set out to work on it,

on daily basis. Remember, the conditions out side contribute only 1%

and your own reaction to those conditions make up for the rest 99% in

the results.

Try to recall, what happened when you took up a new job or

assignment. You were full of enthusiasm and had a burning desire to

go for the moon, right? You had every thing except the operating

knowledge of the job, your enthusiasm covered up for it. After a

while, when you mastered your offering, learnt your territory,

techniques of prospecting and presentation. This way you gained on

the job experience. Then what happened to your enthusiasm?

Predictably it dwindled a little, because your offering was not fresh

any more. But, for whom! For you only! For a new probable customer,

a prospect, it is still fresh. Slowly your dwindling enthusiasm was

compensated by the knowledge you gained. These two things had such an

impact on your sales that you could show relatively much slower

growth. What else happened? You became aware of the intrinsic

negative aspects of your offering and probably had the opportunity to

use those to cover any lack of results. Who could have benefited from

such an attitude? Obviously, the Competition!

How can you possibly reverse such a trend?

Firstly, restore your enthusiasm to same high level by talking to

yourself often about it. Trust me it's easy.

Secondly, do not let the negatives of the proposition come in your

way of conducting business. Do this by questioning your self each

time you feel like withdrawing from some action. This too is easy.

Thirdly, start using effective selling techniques, some of which are

given here. Working on these would lead you to other useful


You have known for a long time, the mechanics of a routine first time

sales call- ensuring preparedness in all respects; opening the call;

making a presentation; obtaining a commitment etc. You have known it

all, like the back of your hand, so has every STAR OF SELLING thus

what is the essential difference? It is in their superior

preparations and the perfect handling of the show.

Good selling often begins with the understanding of the buying

process and what is being bought. The understanding of the buying

process will give you an insight into the buyer's decision-making

mechanism. Make sure the people you meet are the ones who take

decisions. Find out why and what are they currently using. Do not

spend your time with people who want what your proposition can't

deliver. Once you will know whose opinions or what factors are likely

to influence the purchase decision you will improve chances of

achieving a successful sale.

The understanding of "what is being bought" will tell what benefits

of your offering will appeal to the prospects. You might be offering

the latest and best piece of equipment well known for its modern

design and high productivity, but your prospect might want to buy

what he had seen when he was learning the ropes of the business or

studying in college. The central idea being, the prospect usually

looks forward to some emotional experience of his/her choosing with

in your proposition. So, you have to make it possible for the

prospect to over come his previous emotional ties and experience the

use your product.

Whenever you are able to arouse positive emotions in prospects you

will lead them to favorable decisions. During a sales call, your

perfect performance shall arouse in the prospect, the desired

emotional response like nothing else will. So, when you meet your

very next prospect, be mindful of delivering a flawless performance.

Power of your performance shall not only determine your income but

also shall open new selling opportunities for you.

The emotional process that leads to a purchase decision usually

begins with a new development in prospect's self image. The prospect

secretly starts behaving as a user of your offering and having

spotted such a change in his self-image; you should immediately

reinforce it and keep the prospect in the same frame of mind


Develop your interest in the subject of your offering. To learn the

details fast, try and visualize the edge you will come to possess

after you have mastered even the smallest of the details about the

offering. Your buyers are also an important source of learning more

about the subject.

Whenever you are face to face with a prospect, shut yourself from

past worries and future exigencies. Concentrate fully on the prospect

before you, his needs and attitudes. Remember, the prospects have the

unusual ability to be completely oblivious to your persuasion. See or

hear what they want to see or hear. Do what you have to do in order

to make prospects see or hear what is favorable for your deal.

Therefore, when you give a presentation or demonstration, make sure

it ultimately develops into a two-way communication. Make use of the

words, which will have leading effect on the prospect. You can even

be bold and take a few risks by saying striking things which will

seize audience attention and if that makes them ask some questions

you will know they have been listening. Answer in a manner that will

improve involvement of others who are present.

If you know any statements, which have worked well with prospects,

half of your job is done. All you have to do is to master the use of

all the possible variations of those statements tailoring the

variations for various situations usually encountered. This may be

time consuming but the results shall justify the effort.

Don't hate prospects' objections, actually a prospect airing ob

jections is inviting you to book his/her order and coming in disguise

it should be very stimulating for you. Begin by believing that an

objection is an announcement of buying intentions. Learning,

observation and drill will show you the way through such situaons,

starting point being prospects' own fear of unknown, which is

required to be handled with a certain degree of deftness. The key to

objection handling being, seeking out all the possible objections in

advance and to be well prepared instead of trying to avoid those

during a sales call.

Prospects have always demanded more than what their money can ever

get them in a fair transaction. Therefore don't get perplexed by

their attempts to squeeze more from you. Usually in every deal a

compromise is reached between the buyer and the seller, which seals

the deal. You will discover the process of arriving at such a

compromise is a very healthy exercise, as this will expose you to the

prospect's current as well as future frame of mind.

In practice, each sale becomes a unique bond between the buyer and

the seller. Common feature of these bonds being that in each the

seller has given to the buyer the comfort that his decision has been

a correct one and seller will live up to the expectations. Also, the

volume of supplies/services so contracted is optimum for his money.

This bond is an important source of future orders and referred leads.

Pay good attention to leads so received as they are going to improve

the looks of your order book. Exercise some caution; ask for such

leads only after completing the transaction with the original


Learn to over come fear of refusal by understanding the refusal in

its correct perspective. All salespersons, at some time or the other

have been refused/rejected by their prospects. Do not expect

prospects to show fairness only by accepting your offering, actually

they are being quite fair in giving you a chance to make a

presentation, a chance to practice your skills, a chance to develop

superior performance. Remember as long as the sales profession

exists, refusals will take place and someone has to bear its burden,

so bear it with a smile and don't let a previous refusal affect the

outcome of the next call. Never take a refusal personally. It's after

all a free market.

And finally, pay good attention to the following and reap rich


· Don't let events take charge of your day; instead you take

charge of events and remain highly sensitive towards avoidable


· Believe in the benefits of your proposition and remember your

proposition always comes before you.

· Make good use of telephone, it is the second most important

selling tool available, first one being your own mouth.

· Create your visit/call in your mind before you approach the


· Every day, be the first person to begin customer contact work.

· After every call analyze your performance and record the

prospect's attitude and the mutual commitments.

· Focus on doing the most rewarding thing at any given time.

Now, to be A STAR OF SELLING will be very easy for you. All you need

to do- Master the techniques described here, pick the easy ones and

try them today and for the rest fix a time bound schedule.

Yes! That's the way STARS work. They set up the timetable of their

own success!

Contributed by:

Navendu Mahodaya


Navyug School of Selling Pvt. Ltd.


Profile: Navendu Mahodaya: Motivator, Trainer, Speaker; Consultant

and Principal Promoter of NSOS. As a consultant and trainer, he has

served large number of clients including BSNL (Indore Telephones),

Dainik Bhaskar, Eveready Industries, Globus, ITL Industries, Kriti

Industries, Microtek International, Nivo Controls, Panjon Pharma,

Pensol Industries, Ruchi Soya, and Scientific Mes-Technik. He has

lead more than 135 Executive Learning Programmes; Sales Conferences;

Training Programmes & Workshops; Seminars, which were attended by

more than three thousand persons. His latest venture NSOS Retail

Academy offers In-house Workshops and regular courses in the field of

Organised Retail.

From India, Coimbatore
HR Consultant
the article didnt have any examples. have you read about the SPIN selling (Neil Rackham) technique: It elevates a seller (by that i mean who uses benefit model) to become a consultant for the client.
a brief explanation of the technique is given at:

From United States, Ann Arbor
Navendu Mahodaya
:) This article was written in 1994 for a magazine to make the readers little excited about their sales work. This comparision with a book only serves undeserved praise to the writer of this article, which is me.
Navendu Mahodaya

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