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What a Project Report means to A Student?

Today i wanna discuss this bcz I have seen numbers of threads on this place and on many place that students are used to ask for the MBA ready project report instead of doing their job. They thinks that this is the simple way to get this "MAKING OF PROJECT REPORT" work done and always look for the help in this regard ..and my question is WHY?

What are the objectivs of this Project Report and what it means to a student. Why Institues/Collages/University's asking for student to work on PROJECTS??

-To expose students to the working of any organization and managers.

-To relate the concepts learnt by the students to the working of the organization.

-To work on a problem identified by the organization / student and thus understand the practical aspects of the working of an organization

See this project work are assignning a student for a special purpose and objectives and I think student must show some repect to it.

The worst thing is that I have never seen any post here by which anyone have had suggested any student (s) to not to look for project reports/ready projects. Maybe im wrong, but we must not execute projects/ready projects but yes one can guide the students, can help in understanding the concept of MBA PROJECT REPORT. One can provide the necessary assistance for MBA projects topics choice so that every student gets the desired attention with intellect support...

Hope to get the inputs by other peoples here....
18th June 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Anil,
Glad to know that I have some support. I have been raising this issue with students for the past 3 years+. May be you have not see my posts. For example, please see , and
Have a nice day.
Learning and Teaching Fellow (Retd.)
The University of Bolton, UK.
"It is never too late to learn or improve oneself"
19th June 2011 From United Kingdom

I agree and support this cause. Here are my points:

Most of the students lack guidance. They barely receive any project guidelines from their institute. They neither have resources or leaders around them. Its evident from their questions.

In such a situation which way would they go? I am not supporting laziness or tardiness. These students would soon be a part of our workforce , with such little preparation. If they are not guided rightly, it would create a grave danger for all of us.

Simhan's contribution towards helping them, will remain matchless. I thank everyone who have been contributing for them. I request everyone who reads this discussion, please consider helping those students with your guidance.

Here's one the discussion where Simhan and I tried working it out for the student. Project-ING Vyasa

An article by Archna , which I loved and I am sure many would agree with me Search, Read & Learn <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

I am voting this post for the spotight page, hoping to see more contributions with thoughts and ideas in this direction.
19th June 2011 From India, Mumbai
Whatever the seniors above has said is correct.I agree with them.
But in today's environment and particularly abroad, students are doing MBA'S along woth their jobs.Coz many jobs criteria is once they done with MBA they can shift to better and better paid jobs.Their work is so hectic that they cant take out time to meet their deadlines given by the universities.Though they r the fast learners and doers along with their work experience they dont have time.
19th June 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear lingua123,
How do you define abroad? I did my post graduate degrees by part-time studies and attended evening classes. Hence, I understand the time constraints. I also have taught on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses for nearly 20 years. Universities in the UK give enough time to complete the project.
Time constraint is no excuse for finding a short cut. Students who do "cut and paste or copy and paste" jobs are thrown out of the course in the worst case. Even in the best cases they are asked to repeat the modules, when found guilty of plagiarising.
Have a nice day.
19th June 2011 From United Kingdom
Hi Mr.Simhan,
I am particularly talking about the students of UK/US Universities and operating in UAE.
The work schedule what i have noticed among them is very hectic. They got to travel, they got to stay extra hours in the office. They have to take care of their families. So tied up. They don’t even get the time to even attend evening classes.
So,I must say not everyone is as lucky as Mr.Simhan
So, some out of their busy schedule and some to understand difficult guidelines,some when failed, r rejected and some when their degrees r at stake,and opt for guides and help.
cut and paste thing is a passé with many universities. some universities are rejecting even with 1% plagiarism work.
I don’t know much about here. But one thing I can say that exposure level is different(so here I agree with the seniors that students should do their projects to get the exposure.
19th June 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Lingua123,
I admit my ignorance about the situation in UAE. I know that the University of Bolton has a base there and they follow the same syallabii and rules as in UK.
Also, students from the East who are not used to the rigour of the Western education will find it hard, especially when they do not have time to attend classes.
Yet, my advice is for students to work on their own and seek specific help to improve their work.
Have a nice day.
19th June 2011 From United Kingdom
Hi All.

I must appreciate Mr. Anil's effort to start this thread.but not without mentioning Mr.Simhan's far he has been involved with many of the students/members asking for such free reports or guidance...He was doing it almost single-handededly which is such an appreciable and substantial thing....

Project reports are not just projects actually these are the doors that is the entry to corporate world for students.

Not giving or having enough time to complete your studies (practical exposure) is like not grabbing the opportunity at right time.

While working if we have decided to study further, why not do it with complete honesty, why buy, cheat, copy and paste when the knowledge is all around us... in fact why not do your project with the company you are working..that will solve dual purpose.

Guidance on this forum is available in just have to knock the doors professionally. Here in India, most of the colleges,institutes provide 8 weeks time to complete these project reports while doing your summer training in a company... and still the demand for READY MADE projects are there...One thing could be that they don't want to work diligently towards their goals and so they suffer in the end asking for many things even when they land a job....

on the other hand, we have students, as mentioned by (Cite Contribution), who are not getting right direction and guidance...and yes that is very much the case....

As mentioned in the article <link updated to site home> if we give 2 sincere hours daily to our projects...we will be able to achieve desired results...
19th June 2011 From India, Delhi
Even I agree with you Mr. Simhan "Time constraint is no excuse for finding a short cut" and also in addition to that I wanna say that we should not forget that a graduate/undergraduate student is able to do work on Project without asking for any help from other peoples and also there are numbers of things are available on GOOGLE by which a student can get the required help, guideline for their Project work also they can get the idea and more by their mates, senior students, Professors and other peoples for their project works. I dont think that one can deny this…

See I have raise this question bcz I want the students to not seek for any kind of help and must do work on their Project at their own. IM NOT SAYING THAT THEY CANT GET THE ADVICE ON THAT BUT THE STUDENTS WHO ARE ALWAYS IN SEARCH FOR READY PROJECTS OR SOMETHING LIKE, ARE AT WRONG PATH and by this they are going cheat themselves, even are not judging their capabilities itself…BUT CUT, COPY, PASTE is not the right way to get this work done.

@(Cite Contribution) : Yes maybe there are something like you said and most of the students who are in need for some guidance and barely receive guidelines from their institute but it doesn’t mean they don’t need to work hard or to look for ready project by other way. Also we must not forget that a MBA student is a mature person and have the abilities to work on that. Its not like that they cant work on project work themselves without asking for any help and understand the things better, concept and value of project but still students try to get these kind of help and this they need to understand

Yes (Cite Contribution), you are right that these students would soon be a part of our workforce and we must help them out but with Advice, Suggestion, Direction, Guideline only not in having a READY PROJECTS and I believe this is the main issue here….and just bcz of this I and Mr. Simhan have raise this issue and want the right and good resource for our future team…

Basically our question is …Why MBA students be assigned for theoretical projects? See these projects leads to a student in his/her career and life and this adds to the body of knowledge, provides networking opportunities and opens the eyes to new ideas is ideal. MBA projects often give students experience working in groups and assigned a project that requires them to work at a company on a specific problem for a time and to have this experience there is really important for a student to work on projects sincerely.

19th June 2011 From India, Gurgaon
It's not just about eastern people.Mostly they are expatriates working and living in UAE.
wE PROVIDE guidance and help to the ones who are NOT in the same category of an MBA student with zero experience... These executives have substantial knowledge of Business and its only that they dont have time to research and write and few other things which i specified above.
As Anil has pointed out above, the purpose of the Projects etc...The Purpose is to gain a greater understanding of the functioning of an activity within an Organisation...This is more appropriate for Students who have NO WORK EXPERIENCE and does not apply to others.
So what Mr.simhan ,doing is the good work.we should appreciate.
19th June 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Dear All,
Before i play my part, i would like to ask one question "What a Project Report means to A FACULTY?

Here we are, discussing about the most awaited topic. Nice to see members submitting their best opinions and i agree to an extent while appreciating all those who had pointed out the faults in our education system. Today is Mr. Simhan's day.........

Instead of blaming the Education System, lets blame and point out those from the education industry so called "EDUCATIONIST", holding HIGHEST DEGREES, DECADES OF EXPERIENCE, because they are the one who created the WRONG SYSTEM and making students to follow the SAME. Moreover, the funny thing is that, they themselves do not possess relevant Knowledge/Skills/Talent etc.

1) Why are we blaming students when they haven't received PROPER GUIDELINES/SUPPORT to carryout their project work?


Lets consider this example

Mr. Dev, an employee of MANAGEMENT INSTITUTION, coordinating activities under the banner "Center for Excellence and Personality Development" sought guidance from members of this forum, for creating curriculum for PG STUDENTS. I raised my query stating "whether faculty members of his institution are aware of such programmes, do they have any exposure or have got any information, did you approach your faculty seeking inputs, etc"............But i haven't received any reply........WHAT SHALL I CONCLUDE FROM THIS POST?

I would love to blame the "FATHER OF THE FAMILY" for all FAILURES. In one of my thread,, Mr. Dinesh had clearly pointed out the INABILITY, LACK OF PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE, MISSING IN FACULTY MEMBERS, made students TO FOLLOW AND PRACTICE - FALSE SYSTEM.

Another example...... .....Mr. Saleem had posted his case studies seeking inputs. I found really funny when he said "All these case studies, were part of my examination which I submitted in December, 2010. I received my marks list too, but the case studies what I have submitted on this site, I received very less marks, I requested the university to give me a reason for the same, but you know, that they dont give such suggestions. As this site is full of experts like you, I wanted to check, where I have gone wrong.

I think the base for your question is now-a-days there are many individuals who have come in HR field without proper qualificiations or experience and seek support from experts and proceed with their problems.

If Mr. Saleem's opt for TEACHING PROFESSION, he will also follow the same methodology because he was guided in the wrong direction.

Lets educate TEACHING PROFESSIONALS to correct themselves. TEACHING PROFESSIONALS has to strictly educate their students ON THE SAME GUIDELINES. If TEACHING PROFESSIONALS, starts IGNORING the RIGHT METHODOLOGY, end result will be........."i hope you members can imagine what it will be"......

Most of the students are smart enough to outsource their assignments/projects.....because a group of teaching professionals explored one of means for making money....

1) "One who works hard, will succeed in his career and life". PRACTICAL EXPOSURE during COURSE OF STUDY, may be for limited period, is must for a student to understand his subject naturally/practically.

2) PROJECT REPORT FORMATS SHOULD NOT BE FIXED and students should be allowed to submit their reports in their own HAND WRITING, while meeting the criteria for qualifying to the next level.

3) RESOURCES required to carry out PROJECT, should be provided by the INSTITUTION.






Kindly correct me, if i am wrong.....

With profound regards
19th June 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear Khadir,

Thank you for the contribution. It's not students that do not know, even the staff do not know; for example see

However, that should not be an excuse in the present internet age. If one takes tha pains to search the web rather than rely on members to provide answers on-a-plate, they can find guidelines published by universities elsewhere. For example see <link updated to site home> found at Google

Even in the UK, when I was a student in the 70s and websites were not there, the guidelines for students' projects were sketchy. So were the assessment guidelines. However, things have changed.

By the time I retired from service in 2008, we had started to implement Assessment guidelines for every assignment and project reports. A model grid is attached for the members' information. Some faculty members in Indian institutions, where I have conducted Research Methodology seminars and Authorworkshops, agree that it's a good idea. However, they have not seen fit to incorporate.

Institutions do not have firm policies on PLAGIARSM either and I have known cases where students have submitted project reports written by someone else 2 years ago. No doubt, the management and faculty have deficiencies. However, that should not be the sole reason for students taking a short cut.

Have a nice day.

19th June 2011 From United Kingdom

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File Type: doc MBADissertationsRubric_rev 2.doc (45.0 KB, 85 views)

Dear Mr. Simhan
I agree with you as everyone has DEFICIENCIES but, to what extent?
It is the responsibility of the TEACHING PROFESSIONALS to look into the matter and stop students applying SHORT CUT METHODS. PLAGIARISM can be controlled to an extent as the same information can be re-written in different way but, PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE, RESEARCH METHODS, TOOLS USED will vary student to student as it depends upon the INTEREST OF THE STUDENT.
Just downloading information from the NET will not make sense. INVOLVEMENT OF FACULTY - DEEP ROOT LEVELS will make huge difference. FACULTY is again responsible for inculcating GOOD HABITS IN STUDENTS, this will help to a greater extent. Even we members of this forum had supported student queries to some extent only.
With profound regards
19th June 2011 From India, Chennai
Thanks Khadir,
I forgot to mention. I had instituted a system whereby I would see all the students that I supervised once a month, as a group. Also, students had to give written brief every two weeks how they were progressing. They also had to show their draft report at different stages; if they did not, they ran the risk of the project report not being approved for submission. However, the university regulations permitte them to submit. I am told that all students in a certain university have to submit their work to TURNITIN and confirm that their work is not copied.
Have a nice day.
19th June 2011 From United Kingdom
Cut and paste job is more than plagiarism. It may involve copyright violations in addition to plagiarism. Have you come across Marking Grids like the one I have attached? Have a nice day. Simhan
19th June 2011 From United Kingdom
Thats is really appreciating Mr. Simhan, and wanna offer my sincere thanks to Mr Khadir for their valuble points and to all of you my mates for your inputs.

And Yes Mr. Khadir, I agree with you that this is the responsibility of the TEACHING PROFESSIONALS to look into the matter and stop students applying SHORT CUT METHODS but just blaming the EDUCATION SYSTEM and EDUCATIONIST for this, we cant be succeeded in our motive bcz it’s a STUDENT who are doing this job actually and also we need to make him/her realize the value of PROJECT REPORT. See It’s Student's Time and let him/her decided what he/she want. Our duty is to let them know what is wrong and right. Because we just can advice and guide them on this but cant stop them for doing this actually, so basically the question remain the same, how can we make them realize this, which is a really important thing for their career and life.

But im not completely agree with, that students are not getting PROPER GUIDELINES/SUPPORT to carryout their project work. See its not like that every School/Institution /Collage/University are on the same track but there are numbers of institution who are helping their students properly in this regard but still students are searching for the easy way to get the PROEJECT WORK done.

I have done my project work in my time with proper guideline and support provided by my esteem University and know the numbers of peoples from many other university. Please correct if im wrong but my main motive is to say that a student must realize the value of PROJECT REPORT while our today’s student are more mature and advance (with technology and many things) then the past.

Mr. Khadir, It is a valid point that this is the responsibility of Educationist and Education System too, they need to do something to stop this COPY_PASTE JOB and need to create a system like Mr. Simhan has done.

And what I think is that we must do something against this "COPY-PASTE and Project Report" work of students and need to take steps so that we can develop a system at global level and can be succeed in our motive..

Basically there are two things we need to consider:
-A student need to know the value of PROJECT WORK/REPORT so, How can we make them realize this?
-Lack of Support /Guideline by Education System (Educationist) so, how can we raise this issue in front of them and make them realise the seriousness of this problem so that they can make a system against this COPY-PASTE of Project work by students

I have done this by writing to our Education Ministry , Few of big Education Institution, and other Education peoples with examples and more and also have asked them to make a system of VERIFICATION (by a separate Verification Department) in this regard so that student can take their project work seriously. This is what I have done and will go long…….bcz the target have fixed, journey have started and need to reach my destination…

Would like to offer my thanks to all of you for your inputs…
19th June 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Mr. Anil Arora
Infact, the credit goes to you for posting a NEW THREAD and HUGE CREDIT, much more than lands in the court of MR. SIMHAN, as he had initiated the process by raising his queries seeking more information from students. Initially, i was feeling quite different when i was reading Mr. SIMHAN's queries but, later i had realize his intention being EDUCATIONIST. Not every educationist can be blamed but to my knowledge MAJORITY of the EDUCATIONIST are just for the name sake.

1) STUDENTS MENTALITY is directly proportional to his TEACHER'S MENTALITY.

2) For a student, his TEACHER is the EYE through which he perceives the WORLD, his TEACHER is the BRAIN through which he INTERPRETS MOST OF THE INFORMATION, his TEACHER is the HEART through which he FEELS/LOVES HIS SUBJECT and moreover TEACHER IS EVERYTHING FOR A STUDENT. infact, MORE THAN A PARENT...

Henceforth a student calls his teacher as GURU because, that GURU had TAUGHT him BASIC/INITIAL/TECHNICAL INFORMATION which NO ONE ELSE HAD TAUGHT HIM. Therefore, a student relies on his GURU. This is the CONCEPT, which made me blame TEACHING PROFESSIONALS/EDUCATIONIST.

A) Only a PERFECT GURU can MOLD his student into a MATURED PROFESSIONAL.

B) EDUCATIONIST dealing with MANAGEMENT RELATED SUBJECTS, need to be more creative, dynamic, optimistic, willing to take any amount of risk, etc., than those dealing with TECHNICAL SUBJECTS as most of the TECHNICAL SUBJECTS REMAIN THE SAME FOR DECADES TOGETHER but MANAGEMENT IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO CURRENT TRENDS AND KEEP CHANGING DAY-BY-DAY


I prefer if the EDUCATION PATTERN/SYSTEM could be MORE SIMPLIFIED and allow STUDENTS to chose "HOW TO BECOME SUBJECT EXPERTS" based on their INTEREST, rather concentrating on everything "JACK OF ALL, MASTER OF NONE"

Lets hope for the best and keep continuing our responsibilities because we had earned a reputation in the market. I believe, "RETAINING REPUTATION" is the MOST CHALLENGING ASSIGNMENT for any one in this world...

Good luck to you all.........

With profound regards
19th June 2011 From India, Chennai
Dear Khadir,
Please see which proves your point 1.
Kindly also see and which are examples of students seeking projects or off-the-shelf questionnaires with scant information about the course, the place where the questionnaire will be used and how, etc.
Have a nice day.
20th June 2011 From United Kingdom
Hello everyone.. I am not a great HR or something but I am a student and I think it is unethical to ask projects directly.. I am no saint here but then we should do our projects on our own with some help from the great contributors on this website..this is place to learn n i urge people who ask for projects atleast give it shot on your own and then if nothing works..(No Offense people)
27th June 2011 From India, Pune
This discussion made an important point, ie, effort over convenience. Here comes a request. We have Simhan guiding students for Research and Project. Ankit Chaturvedi and Anil have been doing it. May we please request others, who are willing to guide the student to share their interest in this thread.
We would put their names on the Scholar thread marked on the Research and Assignment section. This would help the students to contact these guides directly in case they require any further consultation.
28th June 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear (Cite Contribution),
I am tired of responding to one line requests such as the one at
by Shilpa Kannoth. So, I have stopped answering. Is there no way that CiteHR can be programmed to post a standard message in response to such requests?
Have a nice day.
28th June 2011 From United Kingdom
Dear Sir,
I agree we require to understand the queries which remain inconspicuous through the one line request. Sid asked us to make a set of questions that can be designed into a questionnaire for the students. This would enable them to seek a focused guidance. Here are few standard questions which we require to know from the students before we can guide them.
Educational Background : The name of the course that they are studying and the subject for which they require to work on this project.
Institutional guidelines : Any project or research guidelines which have been issued to them.
Project background: What the are intending to arrive at.
Efforts made so far : This is vital to avoid reinventing the wheel for them.
Please suggest the ones that are necessary. Thanking you in anticipation
29th June 2011 From India, Mumbai
This discussion is open for everyone who believes in this topic. Please contribute with your ideas on how to frame the set of questions that can guide the students.
The questions raised so far, must have made you think about a little background that is required to answer them. Please share those thoughts.
I thank everyone in anticipation of their support.
(Cite Contribution)
29th June 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. (Cite Contribution)
1) We need to understand the students mentality and the questionnaire should be based on the same else we won't be able to succeed in retrieving relevant information, that would help them to qualify for getting access to this site. Its a systematic dynamic process.

2) Besides acquiring basic information, we have to find out what are they exactly looking for?

3) This is going to be bit time consuming task because the QUESTIONNAIRE designed should aim to capture relevant details targeting STUDENTS PROJECT REQUIREMENTS only, rather making students frustrated and develop a negative opinion about CITEHR.

Below are the questions that can be asked to students.

A) Are you looking for PROJECT Guidance?
B) If YES, SELECT the PROJECT TITLE, if not available in the DROP DOWN LIST, kindly enter in the TEXT BOX provided below
C) Regarding your PROJECT, what are you expecting from members of citehr? LINKS or REFERENCE MATERIAL/BOOKS or NOTES or CASE STUDIES etc..........A student has to provide relevant details rather just expecting us to provide references to the projects done by some one else
D) If you have gathered information relevant to your project, provide details
E) If you have SPECIFIC QUERIES pertaining to your project, please submit point wise.

Details captured should create a NEW THREAD posted for review.

We may add more queries making students understand the objectives of CITEHR and limitations as well.

I would be glad if you can provide feedback about my views.

With profound regards
29th June 2011 From India, Chennai
Hey guys,
After reading through all the discussions above I would like to tel u that I am pursuing Executive Post Graduate Diploma In Human Resource Management from TISS.I have my fieldwork now and the subject is Strategic Human Resource Management for which I have been told to visit some organization and get the information.But,why will any organization give me so much of information about their HR and if that is so then what am I suppose to do???Please kindly help me with this.......
Thanks & Regards
21st August 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hello people.....
Repected Anil Sir....
> I am a student of MHRM last year. I agree with you & all those who say the training projects are Important.
> i have been through internships & i have experienced that true knowledge comes from experience only.......
> Experience is very much need to shape up anyone's character Or personality.
> I appreciate Your thoughts......
samarth vyas
1st September 2011 From India, Rajkot
Thanks Samarth and wishing you a very best of luck for your bright future..well we never say that we cant help the students but we dont wanna steal a chance from the students to do hard work and get acquire the knowledge themselves which is matter alot and really important for them and for their career..You students are our Future and we want a strong Future..also please do spread this to all other students and support me in my mission to convey this massage.
1st September 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Samarth,
Thankyou for sharing the learning that you gained from your experience. This acknowledges the concern that Anil had voiced.
As a student, I struggled a lot to work on my projects, yet barely scored. However, when I started working, there is one learning from working on those projects, which empowered me was the process to figure a way out each time I was being given an assignment. My capability to deliver amplified beyond my understanding.
Let alone the knowledge and understanding gained, I credit my capability to work at complex tasks at higher levels, even when my experience did not directly include the projects that I worked upon.
Appreciate your effort to share, keep sharing your understanding.
1st September 2011 From India, Mumbai
hmmm Corporate Finance...

Well I wud say it is not an easy job and a really interesting and valuable subject. Corporate Finance is that division of a company which is concerned with the financial operation of the company and seeks to ensure that the organization has enough resources to fund its own business plans. Without corporate finance the organization comes to a standstill therefore one have to take all aspects of finance and need to take care of every little thing related to MONEY/FINANCE.

As you already belongs to this, you may knows much things related to this but I would like to give you some understanding on it direct from my project if you allow. Well I was also Economic Honors-student and an MIS expect and have done a project work on the same in the past...

It is related to the corporations and the financial decisions that are taken by the corporations. There are several important concepts of corporate finance and several other financial tools that are behind all these corporate decisions. All these important concepts of corporate finance are used to minimize the financial risks to which the corporate sector is exposed. At the same time, these corporate finance concepts are used to increase the profitability of the corporations. These important concepts of corporate finance can be used to identify, analyze and solve the financial problems of almost every firm.

And Binoth one more thing which is matter alot is that Global Environment, we also take it very seriously. It is really important. GE may not just be understood in terms of multinational companies. It is much more because governments and international bodies have in influence and are affected by the processes that happen in what we call the global business environment.

You have to touch everything related to Finance and Management at corporate level

What I have done in my project, you can start with this...

Section A: Capital I

-Course Objectives



-Class rights

-Time Value of Money, Principles of Valuation

-Valuing Projects and Investment Decisions

-Company Valuation & Performance Measurement and Incentives

-Presentations of Company Valuation Assignment

Section B: Capital II

-Raising capital: Shares

-Raising capital: Debentures

-Valuation of Stocks and Bonds

-Risk & Return

-CAPM & Market Efficiency

Section C: Corporate Management I

-The management of the company

-Directors' duties

-Liquidation (in outline only)

-Effective Investment Decisions

Section D: Corporate Management II

-Management theory

-Corporate governance


Section A 1.

-Tutorial Classes

-Course Notes

-Textbooks and References

Binoth, for your project you need to take help of articles laying on web and also the amount of material are available on here this place...start from this place ...also you can get related post at side bar of this page under "Similar Topics", Start visiting them.

I have enclosed few articles for you which are as follows and hope this will help you in your this job

Corporate finance course outline <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

Corporate Finance, Corporate Finance Law Outline, Associates, Global, India, London <link updated to site home>
11th December 2011 From India, Gurgaon
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