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Hi All,
I was just a fresher having a good job of 6 months i loved, den i got an offer from a good company whc wer impressed by me n gave a offer in oct 2010,i had to join the company on nov 2010 where a bond was kept front of me of 18 months named as a "TRAINING AGREEMENT" dey provided me the same training(which i had already completed after my graduaion) n den put me onto a project dat was a L2 level support stating
1) i had just 15 year of education,
while dey had promised me sumting else, i was mentally depressed coz i thought it was a end of my carrier. i quit my job now dey send me letters to pay the bill for training....
i dont wan to pay dem a penny for ruining my life i need help????
pls could u help me out wid sum legal tips

Dear Mystic Rose
Pay attention to my queries before you burst out of control.......Better you stop blaming others for your own mistakes.
1) Do you have any evidence that your ex-company had ruined your LIFE?
2) Why did you change your job within 6months of your FIRST EMPLOYMENT?
3) Whatever they had promised, do you have the same in BLACK & WHITE?
4) What made you quit your job?
5) What do you think about yourself as.........?
With profound regards

dont u feel sumting fishy when 5 fresher abscond in a period of 2 months after the training... n by the way all r from the the same project ?????
tell me 1 ting y would 5 fresher abscond within a span of 2 months(all were doing the same job as i did) ... r we not humans .. by the way the freshers who absconded were BE's ? could u ans this ???
Hello mystic_rose,

Khadir has asked you the right queries....which if answered sincerely could help you find the correct direction.

Coming to your queries: "y would 5 fresher abscond within a span of 2 months" & "sumting fishy when 5 fresher abscond in a period of 2 months after the training".

This is like saying: there are road accidents everyday on this road--so this road is BAD & to be avoided. Would you conclude this way? Point-1 is: the reason for each accident INVARIABLY WOULD BE DIFFERENT & Point-2 is: NOT ALL who travel on this road get involved in accidents--why or why not? Invariably the ones who were not involved avoided any such mishaps by some better/careful driving sense/habits.

The same applies to your situation. First & foremost, pl learn to do justice to whichever situation you are into--in this case your First Job that you quit in 6 months, that too when you were liking it. Let's face got greedy with the offer of the Second company. There's a saying: the other side of the mountain is always green.

You had choices to make @ different stages:

FIRST when you just got 'attracted' to this second company, even though you worked for only 6 months in the first company....points to a professional/ethical issue. You were able to leave the first company ONLY BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE A BOND....right? The first company TRUSTED you by not asking for a bond...but what was your action/response to that trust? Then why blame others for the consequences of YOUR CHOICE? Like the saying goes: As you Sow, so you Reap.

SECOND when the second company did a sales pitch--you had a choice here to be impressed or NOT to be impressed--which would depend on the sort of analysis you do at that point of time about what is being said/mentioned/offered. You made your choice then...looking back, obviously a wrong one. Pl don't blame the company for the sales pitch: they were doing THEIR job. It's upto YOU to take it or not AND make YOUR choice. They wouldn't have hung you to the building if you said: Sorry. Right?

THIRD was when you realized there's a Bond that wasn't mentioned during the Selection process--you could have called it quits even then & gone back to the earlier company--whether they would have taken you back or not would have depended on how your 'exit' was--hot or normal. But you made your choice then: TO CONTINUE.

YOU ALLOWED them to 'ruin' your career.....I would not use the same word 'ruined' if I were you, but that's beside the point...... AND YOU WANT OTHERS TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS?

Pl understand that NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING UNLESS YOU WANT TO DO IT. And when the result isn't what you expected, pl don't blame others. Would you give credit to others IF YOUR CHOICE TURNED OUT TO BE GOOD? No way I would have said: I DID IT.

In a way, I think the second company is better than many other companies.....going by the postings in this very Forum........they are only asking for the Training costs--NOT THE FULL BOND MONEY.

Next, you seem to think that the legal way is very simple & fast. Forget it: it could drag for years in ADDITION to the costs you would incur for the lawyer [obviously he/she wouldn't argue your case for free], the time, effort & attention YOU would have to spend on the case--do you think it's worth it from your end? And at the end of the whole exercise, if the court decides against you, you MIGHT have to pay them the trainings costs + legal fees + penalty--it totally depends on how the court views the whole issue. So here's ANOTHER DECISION POINT FOR YOU....once you decide to go legal, then don't blame the lawyer or the court for whatever happens subsequently.

There's a saying: Think BEFORE you act & once the action begins, stop thinking.

All the Best.



Dear Mystic Rose,
Mr. Taj had posted his best views in your favour and i sincerely hope you got answers for all your queries. Now you have decide in which boat are you travelling and in which direction your are heading.
You need to learn a lot in your life and moreover, you are very poor in REASONING and DECISION MAKING SKILLS that can set your career as you are carried away by your GREEDINESS - TO EARN MORE AND MORE IN SHORT PERIOD.
Learn to consult someone either in your family or your senior before you take a FINAL CALL. Kindly avoid comparing yourself with others. YOU ARE ALWAYS YOU ONLY BUT NEVER YOU CAN BECOME LIKE THEM OR OTHERS....
Kindly do avoid using TEXT LANGUAGE while submitting your queries because its not a professional approach.
With profound regards

Dear Mystic Rose,
I hope u got a clear answer from Mr. Satheesh for all your quarries. When u ask for suggestion, you can not blame or argue the person one who is suggesting you.
Be cool and win the life.....

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