I joined my company about 45 days ago. In the project I've been assigned to, there is one another employee, who is evil. Quite a few incidents happened that demonstrated this:

1. He had been asked to help me with the project workspace setup on my computer. But he kept me waiting when I faced some issues. As in most software companies we used to communicate over instant messenger instead of having to walk to to one another's desk. He did not used to respond properly over the messenger. So I actually walked over to his desk and told about the problem. He listened to it, then continued his work ignoring me. I waited for 10 more minutes standing by him, and he kept ignoring me. Then he looked at his watch and said, 'We have a team meeting now' and walked away to the meeting room.

Then I only got the project workspace setup asking help from the manager.

2. The manager asked him to give me a code walkthrough of the project, and he readily agreed to do so. But he never once called me to do it. Twice when I asked him, he said, 'Yeah, we shall do it soon'. Then another day I once again asked him over messenger and he ignored my message. I thought probably he was busy, and pinged him on messenger the next day, and again he ignored it.

I informed the manager in a passive tense that 'The code walkthrough still hasn't happened'. He said the guy might be busy with some bug fixes. Then I got the code walkthrough only from the manager though he is a much busier man.

3. Last week, the manager asked the guy to explain me some of the features he had been working on, so I can handle any issues that may come up in his absence, as he was going on vacation. I was standing by the evil guy's desk when the manager said this. He said he had some checkins to do and he will explain after that. So I went back to my desk and was waiting for him to call me. I did not bother to ping him or ask him, considering his irresponsible behaviour in the past. He silently left for the day without bothering to explain me a word.

Today I have a one-on-one with my manager's manager. I'm going to complain about the XXXX to him. I'm planning to nicely state, "Some weird things have been happening in the team. Whenever <manager's name> asks <evil guy's name> to help me with some setup or give a code walkthrough, it never happens. I thought I should bring it to your notice". Any thoughts?

From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar
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Dinesh Divekar

Hello friend,

First and foremost what your colleague is doing is non-cooperation. You cannot call it as "evil". Evil is too stronger word to describe his behaviour.

Secondly, going on leave/vacation without proper handing over is a matter of indiscipline. You bring this point to your manager.

Thirdly, tone down your anger. Keep away your feelings from the actual problem. You are becoming victim of your emotions. I know it is very difficult to do that but then we had to show restraint and maturity as well.

Your feelings have taken over you completely and here in public forum you have used some unparliamentary language as well. Please don't do this. Emotion is always responded with emotion and this is more applicable to negative emotion.

List out the problems that you face and discuss with your manager one by one. Ask his advice on how to work without your colleague's non-cooperation.

Gentleman, because of your colleague's non-cooperation, don't jeopardise your career. You need to exercise discretion and assertiveness at this stage.


Dinesh V Divekar


From India, Bangalore

It is really quite obvious of you to behave like this because from your post it seems you are a fresher joined an organization for the first time.
First of all,just remember you are here to learn therefore you need to have patience as learning is a gradual process that comes with time.
And moreover try to put on the shoe of te evil man may be he is insecure after you joined the organization for his own post.It is a common psychology so you need not worry you just need to talk to your manager in a amicable way that will definitely sort out your problem to a greater extent..

From India, Delhi
Yes, I will tell facts only to the manager without showing any emotions or anger.
This guy is behaving this way, even though I had once helped him fix a bug in the code sitting with him for half an hour, for which he had been stuggling sitting on a whole Sunday at office. He has no moral sense.
One more thing, I'm not a fresher, I'm an experienced person, at Project leader level. The coworker is at a lower designation than me, and my time is costlier to the company than his.

From India, Bangalore

Hi About to be caught,

This is affective communication if you show your name whenever you ask for suggestion from seniors, ok pal.

after taking a glance of your thread, got understand that your communication channel is not affective, see whenever we put our thought, consideration, decision, working talks with some one, we use strong channel for communication so that we may convince people in right direction.

we can't use unparliamentary words, whatever situation arises in-front of us.

Now your case, you have only 45 days experience in this company and you have analyzed that your colleague is not supporting you.

your colleague is trapped with two emotional conditions

1. Job insecurity

2. Personality insecurity

And you also trapped with two emotional behavior

1. Infamous

2. super ego

these above para you have to rectify and no one can help you on this, only guide you.

merely you do one thing , you start written communication with your senior or your colleague you will enjoy the work and performance will definitely increase.

and also follow the suggestion given by Mr. Dinesh and MK

From India

Dear Caught,
In case if your co-worker is not having moral sense then you must help him make realize the same.And expecting favour in return of a help done by you is just like expecting from the lion to not eat you because you are a vegetarian,just be patient and make note of all the points you need to discuss with your manager.He will certainly understand your point of view and will provide with a solution once he discusses the point with both of you.
And yes do not compare yourself with anybody,always compete with yourself.

From India, Delhi

Dear about_to_be_caught
There are certain points which I think you being the Project Leader may think and apply for these types of problems:
1. There is no place for emotion in this service world.
2. Why you should behave in such a indiscipline manner which others wants you to?
3. Alwyas try to apply Emotional Inteligence to handle this type of problems.
4. Instead of being frustrated by others negative behaviour, you may concentrate on your work and let the time and your work speak for yourself.
5. Try not to be reactive in those situations, rather insitigate them to be reactive and watch the HD Film.
6. the above points are very hard to maintain but to remain competetive in this world of dragons we need to follow these for us only.
Jawed Alam.

From India, Dhanbad

Distinguished members has submitted their best inputs. Let me say few words in favour of your best future.............
2) Most probably, you may be scanned or being examined to study your PATIENCE LEVEL, ATTITUDE, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, TEAM BUILDING SKILLS, COORDINATION SKILLS, EQ and lot more...
I advice you to REMAIN CALM, do your job IN-TIME and wait for the RIGHT TIME to present whatever you feel like about your CO-WORKER.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Friend,
I just tell u one thing,
to handle these kind of situation always drop a mail to the person first, den wait for his respose. If he didn't just ask again with forwarding that particular mail with cc to the manager...

From India, Mumbai
vikash, XXX. You accused me of being egoistic with no evidence at all. I've been dealing with that person with the utmost patience despite his repeated offenses towards a person senior than himself, and when he was explicitly instructed to do the tutorial sessions to me. I helped him, and never spoke or behaved in a harsh way to him. You are just another jealous person like him, so you call the good people as egoistic.
Others, thanks for the replies. I did complain in a factual way to the boss about him being non-cooperative, and he said he will talk to the person about this and get back to me.

From India, Bangalore

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