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Dear All,
Can any one let me know how to generate the spy in organisation to get relevant messages on what is happening in each dept and with in staff also, in all levels.
Please suggest me in this regard as my reporting authority needs me to do this ASAP and get meesages from shop floor.
Hope any one will understand and do the needful.
Thanks with Regards,

From India, Bangalore
First of all I would like to say that you should not do this kind of activity but in case this is the question of your survival then
you can take somebody of each department in confidence.................................
Basic funda in each and every organization..............
I mean to say this is India and everything is possible here........... you have to spend something to get something..........
Thanks and regards,

From India, Mumbai
Kavitha, This is bad practice. If the management does not believe their employees and resort to such spying practices, it will prove to be counter-productive in the long term. pon
From India, Lucknow
Dear Kabitha,
This will create lot of problem in your organization and also among employees.
The best way is you be in the shop floor interact with employees from all levels. This will enhance your employee relation and employee will start trusting you and will share their problems. Employee will also feel motivated.
You will definitely get good result and will also help you to know what is happening in your organization.

From India, Bhubaneswar
Hello kavithabajaj,

Shaikh Abedeen is right.

Prima facie, looks like your boss is still in the stone-age. Those days are gone when you could resort to such things & get away easily.

The very fact that your boss wants something like this done points to something very drastically wrong with the culture in your company. Suggest focus on how to correct this aspect rather than allowing it to continue & search for ways to get the feedback secretly.

I am not sure if your boss has given you those instructions IN WRITING or just verbally.

Also, pl ask him to bear in mind that today there are very stringent Privacy Laws. Even if any employee gets suspicious, he/she can file a case under that law & things will just blow-up. In most organizations, employees keep discussing personal matters too along with the official issues.

In such a worst-case scenario, it's YOU who will be made the scapegoat rather than him. Just recollect the currently on-going case in the Supreme Court w.r.t. the Nira Radia Tapes. You will know what I mean. The onus of proving or disproving will be ON THE COMPANY--NOT on the individual.

Suggest wait for others in this Forum also to give their suggestions.



From India, Hyderabad
Dear Kavitha,
This is very bad idea, its like saying "Hitting on own leg"
Let me elucidate one incident which I witness, One of my Friends open 2 branch of 2star restaurant, in same city, and he indulged two spy each in Restaurant, the restaurants where running very well. until the other emplyees known about Spy's. Once they got the info that there is spy in between them, then they started hidding every single thing, where the teamwork broke down, and the result, restaurant got closed in 7th Month since start.
So,I suggest to keep Open door policy, instead of spy, which will benefit you, Employees as well as organisation.

From Kuwait, Hawalli
Dear Kavitha,

There are scores of opinions already. Generating organisational intelligence is not bad per se. However, it has to be done very carefully lest it will do more harm than good.

By the way, why do you require insight to know what employees do? What they do and do not do will be so obvious through the business performance. Business performance is a result of individual performance.

What you need to do is to set sound performance management system and give performance goals for every department. This way each department will start focusing on their goals rather than wasting their time and energy in non-productive activities.

Spying on own employees is quite bad idea. If you indulge in these activities there will be adverse repercussions and you and your boss will end up in spending time in handling the issues arising out of spying. Please remember time is quite precious and every moment that you spend should be for productive purposes.


Dinesh V Divekar


From India, Bangalore
Dear Ms. Kavitha,
Distinguished members of this community had submitted their BEST VIEWS and i suggest you "NOT TO GIVE BIRTH TO HYPOCRISY".
Forgive me for writing this in a very straight forward manner "your reporting authority is not a matured professional"
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Hello kavithabajaj,
I would second Dinesh V Divekar's comments:"Generating organisational intelligence is not bad per se", BUT WITH A RIDER.
There sometimes will be situations when you suspect someone or a group sabotaging the organizational goals/secrets--NOT individual goals/secrets MIND YOU. That's when you would be right in carrying out such a discrete exercise. As an analogy, you can take the country's secret/intelligence/spy services.
But A BIG NO NO for any such thing as a matter of standard practice.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Kavitha,
This might sound alien, but before initiating a spy-program , have you considered transparency and encouraging people to speak fearlessly for what it matters ?
To each their own, we cannot help if others conspire. At the same time, no one is anyone's fool! All what you can do, is to ensure that trust on the management gets strengthen with every effort you make.
In short, I echo Pon1965 , Shaikh Abedeen, Dinesh, M. Sayeed, skhadir and Sateesh. Wish you all the best !
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From India, Mumbai

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